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  1. Crown Phan

    Need 3 tickets for DCI Finals

    In need of 3 tickets for DCI finals preferably mid to lower half of the bowl. Will act quickly! Thank you! Chris
  2. Crown Phan

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    From Cleveland. When the Browns were gone is when I remember actively starting to notice the NFL (I was born in '92). I latched on to Green Bay but the Browns are still home to me (even if the team is a joke.) Anyway, can confirm I hate Baltimore and anything even slightly attached to the Ravens. Don't test it in Cleveland. It won't end well.
  3. Crown Phan

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    True. There are a number of corps much worse off.
  4. Crown Phan

    Carolina Crown 2018

    What do you people know?!?!? Please inform us!!!
  5. Crown Phan

    2018 Blue Stars

    I love this corps so much. They are so cute and enjoyable to watch.
  6. Crown Phan

    Blue Devils 2018

    That's just factually incorrect.
  7. Crown Phan

    2018 Blue Stars

    During the show last night?
  8. Crown Phan

    2018 Blue Stars

    Blue stars have become the new Phantom Regiment without the killing. I love it.
  9. Crown Phan

    Cadets 2017

    No I haven't. Being honest. Good for them I'm so sick and tired of hearing this every time the Cadets do something religious. Probably best. Odd touching might just be the most catholic thing about this show. And I know how many people I saw leaving the stands with me before they took the field.
  10. Crown Phan

    Blue Devils 2018

    So hollow it echoes longer than Lucas Oil.
  11. Crown Phan

    Blue Devils 2018

    now that wouldn't be fun would it.
  12. Crown Phan

    Blue Devils 2018

    Your picture is incredibly accurate. I just want them to play SOMETHING technically demanding while moving.
  13. Crown Phan

    Cadets 2017

    Yeah, the kids do great work and all that jazz. But I cannot and will not support the staff putting that kind of noise out there. Those kids deserve something that isn't covered with a metric ton of cheese whiz.
  14. Crown Phan

    Blue Devils 2018

    I did from Row 12 tonight. I flipping time it out with a stop watch. They do a brilliant job making it seem like they're doing more work than they are.
  15. Crown Phan

    Blue Knights 2018

    Cant wait. Next year will be ballin'.