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  1. Anyone else getting the "pause circle of death" from FloMarching?
  2. Okay...I DID literally laugh out loud. My wife is worried about my sanity.
  3. I mean...I'm going to be on the road with the Cavaliers for a week next week, where I might also accidentally hit my Periscope button....I'd gladly trade you Tuesday for a Periscope today ( if you aren't old enough to have watched the Popeye cartoon, that will make no sense at all. )
  4. If you did happen to accidentally do that, you would be my new best friend. :-)
  5. You're so right! Last week I drove up a couple of hours from my house to "take Gatorade to the Baritones". Well, after I got there and realized that the other sections weren't covered for Gatorade, I went to the Walmart nearby and bought Gatorade for the whole Corps. The appreciation of those young men was amazing. That said, most of this decision centers around the fact that after finals on Saturday at Lucas Oil, he will be at band camp at Jacksonville State the following Monday morning and we probably won't see him again until Thanksgiving with his fall marching and academic schedule. This is a chance to serve but to selfishly catch a 5-minute conversation with my kid every now and then. I'll take it. Oh...and the free entry into several shows was the cherry on top....I might even become "Periscope Guy" for DCP for a week!
  6. Thanks so much! I can't wait!
  7. I'd probably need to start back from the beginning...with Roland and the "lobstrosities".
  8. Now THIS could be a winner! I read the first three in the late 80's and then my career and travel distracted me and I've never picked it back up!
  9. Okay...back in 1986 I read that book...and just CAN'T go back there again. I was 23 and slept with the light on for 3-4 days.
  10. Driver picks the audio content!
  11. You better believe it...at 10 and 2...with a Stephen King novel on audiobook and a 40 ounce coffee in the cupholder.
  12. I'm going to drive the Cavalier's van from San Antonio ( actually co-pilot on this leg) to Lafayette, LA. Then I'll be the "pilot" from Lafayette to Hattiesburg to Nashville back to my home in Atlanta. I'm like a kid at Christmas!
  13. Have to admit I was shaking my head on why they would flip Baritones to Trombones if they weren't going to do any "sliding" with the Trombones. Now I'm wondering if more is coming.
  14. Blue Devils- Only seen them on Flo, not live yet. Love their show. Love their excellence. Unsure how they'll generate the highest GE score, but perhaps they won't need it to win. Bluecoats - Saw them live in Indy on opening day...and on Flo a couple of times since. Love the show. It's NOT last year's show to me, but why should it be? They are very entertaining, their horn line sounds great...the GE is there...I have them pegged at least top 2. Crown - Love the horn line ( duh). Gonna sound like a broken record to a million other posters, but there's simply too much singing in this show. And yet, everything else is executed so well that they are definitely in the medal hunt if not more. Santa Clara - Love it , love it, love it. Haven't seen them live yet...can't wait to get to San Antonio to do just that. Clearly a medal contender. Cadets - I've seen Cadets live twice...on opening night and last Wednesday night in Atlanta. Of course their brass line is top tier. I just feel ( and this will really truly come off as PopCornEater-ish as it sounds ) that there's just not enough "audience moments" in the show for the general popcorn eater corps fan to respond to. I noticed their director on the track appropriately pumping up his corps at certain moments in the show by visibly clapping his hands, etc. and then turned to look at the audience all sitting on theirs. All of that said, the Cadets have been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I know they are agile enough to keep modifying the show. Boston Crusaders - I LOVE their show! Engaging theme...lots to LOOK at as a "Popcorn Eater" ...people getting hanged, people getting burned. But the one thing I LOVE the most about this show is the "Wicked Game" female vocal at the beginning. So well done...pitch perfect...sultry...mysterious. Sets the table really well for an engaging show. And if volume matters to you, they peeled the paint off the pressbox in Atlanta. Colts - Saw them live in Atlanta, REALLY liked this show, too...If i'm not mistaken that open music line was the "background" music from the movie "We Are Marshall" ...their use of electronics, voice overs, music clips, etc. was well done. Cavaliers - I have to recuse myself. My son is a CAVALIER and I'm a FREAKING PROUD DAD! That said, I like this production better than Propaganda from 2016. I'm looking forward to Broken Arrow to get alot of these corps on the field at the same time, followed by our impromptu trip to San Antonio to see the same. I also look forward to the Atlanta Regional when I will have the chance to serve the Corps with 16 ounce hand grenades of cold gatorade again. Ever want to feel appreciated? Take a drum corps a supply of gatorade when it's 100 degrees in the shade and just watch their faces. I know this summer is becoming a life changing one for my son...regardless of placement in Indy in a month. And it's been an energizer for my wife and myself as well. Have I mentioned lately that I love Drum Corps?