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  1. I wonder if the Rules committee discussed THIS?

    I don't even know what to say to this! Yikes!
  2. I wonder if the Rules committee discussed THIS?

    Nope...I have it on good authority that those players were actually flesh and blood ( and quite talented...) :-)
  3. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Yeah. He wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Being on the field is the goal... soloing would be a cherry on top.
  4. Cavalier January Camp 2018

    I’ve loved watching this!
  5. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Just heard the Donor videos from this camp. Cavaliers have upgraded their horn line. Got to see my kid stand in a solo slot in the arc, but that doesn't mean a thing yet, because they haven't auditioned for solos yet. If he earns one, I'll probably just go ahead and pass out of pure pride. Gonna be a GREAT summer for the Cavaliers!
  6. Cavaliers v.s. Bluecoats

    I recorded a vote in the poll, but after further review, I should have recused myself. :-)
  7. I just round out that they mysteriously billed me $49.99 for November and December. I DID turn my account on in October to watch BOA and cancelled on 11/6/2017. But they just kept right on charging me! I've obviously already emailed their customer service. Any of you seasoned folks know how to cut through with an actual phone number to call them?
  8. 2018 Prediction Thread

    I'd sign up for this right here and now! :-)
  9. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Cool! He said there was a good turnout! He would have probably rather gone to Rosemont for the 2nd "Initial" camp, but his college band is still tied up in the FCS playoffs. But I'm thrilled that he's already "checked his box" for a contract with the Cavs for 2018.
  10. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    This is blasphemy! You must say 14 "Splooies", sing "Rainbow" twice, and then watch the 2006 Production of "The Machine" to cleanse yourself. :-)
  11. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Well...I'm definitely a Cavaliers "homer"...no doubt. But with new brass staff infusion from Carolina Crown, Blue Stars, etc. my son felt like he had to "prove it all over again" and kindly asked me to fund a trip to Dallas rather than doing a video audition so he could "look them in the eye". Evidently they liked what they saw. Contracts weren't very abundant, as would be expected at a season opening audition. So...never a doubt in MY mind...but HE's the one that has to do the playing and marching. :-)
  12. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    Well...found out on Thanksgiving day that my Cavalier earned a contract at the Texas audition. Year 2 of Cavaliers coming up this summer, and I can't wait!
  13. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    My son had an amazing first year in 2017 with The Cavaliers. These announcements have him looking forward to another. Big buzz in Rosemont!