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  1. Anyone headed to the theaters today?
  2. Amping the brass line

    I think only 12(?) members are mic'd throughout the show, although they do have mics along the front sideline. But having sat inside their horn circle at Pasadena, that brass line can peel paint off a wall. The sound you hear from the stands is almost entirely unadultered brass, and same goes for BD
  3. Much better crowd out here for the lots than last year. The lower scoring open and world class lines getting some well deserved attention.
  4. They are and it's definitely noticeable, especially when snares are crabbing by them and they're magnified x1000 (unless that's part of the show, not sure yet) At the Santa Barbara show, every corps had mics arranged across the front of the field and the amplification is pretty clear.
  5. He read it with conviction too! You think someone in the press box would maybe double check while the show was going. But it was good to see the members loosen up and have a laugh, they had a great show!
  6. "Presenting their 2017 program, 'Metamorph' under the direction of David Gibbs, the Blue Knights!" MM's got a solid laugh out of that one
  7. Took my seat at the 50 in the blast zone. Just in time to be left confused by Blue Knights!
  8. Just arrived, Mandarins sounding great as they finish their rehearsal before the show!
  9. Making the long drive down from Santa Barbara. Can't decide whether to scope out the lots or see what PC and Mandarins are bringing this year...
  10. Having seen their show in-person 3 times within the last 24 hours, I could barely hear any soloist throughout the show. Now, that was all fine and dandy for me because there was a wall of sound coming my way, but at the moment the entire corps' projection and volume is just too good to allow the solos to come through. So you know, silver linings? I'm sure they'll dial in the mic situation.
  11. Great first run from Phantom. Although the hornline is visibly smaller thanks to the massive guard taking the field, they have great presence and volume. Also a solid performance from the percussion; drumline is clearly into their product. and now for elsas procession
  12. Starting to notice how similar SCV and Phantom look from a distance. Also sounds like the corps will be performing standstills of their shows after their field performance. Going to be a great night in SoCal!
  13. One of the few shows out that I haven't seen this year! Really looking forward to seeing those new uni's, they consistently look fantastic year to year.
  14. Didn't know that! The notes seem a little out of place and the reverb somewhat muddies up the backfield horn entrance. However it's the Blue Devils and I trust their process. Meehan was workshopping their entrances for a while today.