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  1. The California bingo operations really are something else. Most corps don’t have access to that gravy train.
  2. Just caught that video. I dunno if it's better than last year's, but yeah, it's pretty good. I'm pretty disappointed by how they handled the Metallica though. I spent the whole show waiting for the big, sustained hit that never came.
  3. They usually march a decent amount of it though, very cleanly. Not that SCV '19 isn't clean. It's "messy" but not in that sense of the word. Just so much fluttering around and dancing. I like that stuff in the appropriate quantity, but this show just seems... distracting.
  4. How is that stuff judged though if it's usually done by individuals, or at most a small pod which isn't even lined up to be properly read from the press box. Like how can you tell if it's together? Unless the idea of visual demand has changed so thoroughly that it no longer matters for individual members to perform as a unit. I dunno. Just looks like a bunch of visual noise punctuated by some big booming brass hits.
  5. More cringe voiceover stuff than I remember from the potato cam video I saw on YouTube. Really detracts from what would otherwise be a show I adore. Really nice to see actual cool drill from a top group these days, and the hornline is sublime as usual. Just man. I've learned to live with just about every "evolution" we've seen -- but voiceovers I just can't enjoy. Singing, woodwinds, flutter step, dance, space force uniforms, hip hop dance battle? Bring it on. But spoken narration... ugh.
  6. Yeah let's give people more reason to be on their phones at drum corps shows. Great idea.
  7. nah, BOA bands were doing cringey voiceover back when DCI corps were still doing impressive design. So far this year I like Bluecoats and Crown. Luckily I really like them, because man. These SCV and BD shows are really weak.
  8. Gonna go ahead and need like 400% less synth there, synth guy.
  9. It’s tough because they’re fully exposed for the entire show. No prop moves to kill time and distract the judges. Just marching the whole time. Like a drum corps...
  10. This is some spicy bent-leg marching technique. Love it!