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  1. Disrespecting Cavies 2000 should be a bannable offense.
  2. wow, Tom Blair edited out Brandt's embarrassing "Blue..... coats" in the retreat on the Blu-ray. He just says "The Bluecoats," must have been sampled in from the GE announcement or something. Not sure how I feel about that.
  3. Yeah, I got a shipment confirmation with tracking number. Should arrive on Tuesday.
  4. Gonna need my earrasers for the commercials
  5. What’s notable about this? Guys have been going from Madison to Cavies just about every single year. For decades now.
  6. McKinney show this year too, almost literally right in my back yard. Love it.
  7. This available on traditional podcast outlets? I refuse to support Spotify podcasts.
  8. Can't they already do that? I thought any instrument was legal from the sidelines.
  9. The ironic thing is the two proposals could be mutually exclusive. You’ll need field mics if you march woodwinds. DCI groups thankfully don’t follow the “concert band on the field” methodology anymore. Today’s brasslines are playing loud. Where do marching woodwinds fit in to that?
  10. Didn’t Hop propose it multiple times? It always gets voted down. Hopefully it does again here. As for the others, seeing amplification limits being proposed is heartening. New DCI rules have been out of control for a while now. Sometimes limitations are good.
  11. The rest of the country isn’t terribly significant when it comes to the marching arts.