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  1. Again, this isn't an issue where you get to just agree to disagree. This is a serious, somber matter that should have been handled with understanding and respect. Jeff Ream's dog whistles are deafening at this point, it's pretty obvious what he really thinks about the whole thing. Vile.
  2. "because we did not cave" Yes, that is where you went wrong. This was the appropriate time to "cave." That you view temporarily allowing the Facebook group to be used as a platform to spread such an important and humane message as "running hog wild" speaks volumes about your character. edit: also, "some folks ideas of what social justice should be" is absolutely abhorrent in this context. This isn't some cutesy debate with 2 equally valid sides. You have no business being in a position of authority on a public discussion board. None of you do.
  3. Actually it is. Nobody cares about your little rules. At this precise moment in time, the appropriate action was to forget about drum corps for a little while and let your platform (small as it may be) be used for something good. Instead you decided to go on a power trip in the name or "order" or whatever. Look at the world around you right now. Is that how you want to look? You made the wrong choice. Hopefully you've learned from it.
  4. That’s suppression. Trying to keep uncomfortable discussion in a neat little side topic that is easy to ignore. The entire point of the BLM movement is to force white people to confront the reality of modern white supremacy. To make it impossible to ignore. Any action to restrict or police that message is wrong. Particularly at this moment in time.
  5. Glad more corps are making these statements. I know I've also seen updates from SCV and BD using much of the same language. Heartwarming to see.
  6. Sell your semis tickets and hang out in the lot that night. You get to see every corps perform on the field at least once, and you get to experience an even better “show” on Friday night.
  7. wow, Tom Blair edited out Brandt's embarrassing "Blue..... coats" in the retreat on the Blu-ray. He just says "The Bluecoats," must have been sampled in from the GE announcement or something. Not sure how I feel about that.
  8. Yeah, I got a shipment confirmation with tracking number. Should arrive on Tuesday.
  9. Gonna need my earrasers for the commercials
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