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  1. jeffmolnar

    Best Reprise Closer?

    It's Phantom 2003.
  2. jeffmolnar

    2019 Show Ideas

    Yeah. The 2009 show that was announced in 2006 but then never made.
  3. jeffmolnar

    2019 Show Ideas

  4. It includes WW parts, but you can't hear those parts unless the brass stops playing. Woodwinds simply don't have much utility on the football field. Again, they exist in scholastic marching bands because the instruments are needed in concert band. They're not needed in marching band. They're accommodated out of necessity. DCI is a field activity designed for the outdoors. Unless that changes, there's no reason to include woodwinds. They'd put even more financial strain on the member corps and the show designs would be less entertaining for spectators. There's just no place for them.
  5. eh. Marching full woodwind sections never made sense. You only see it in high school bands because the instruments are needed for concert band. For an activity designed for the football field, woodwind sections make no sense. This isn't exclusive to drum corps. Most professional orchestras don't have a dedicated euphonium section, because most symphonies don't have euphonium parts. It is what it is.
  6. Oh, one thing I would propose: corps can only perform music that they have the rights to include in the Blu-rays. This modern trend of full minutes of silence in the world championship production is ridiculous. DCI needs to figure that out.
  7. jeffmolnar

    Medal Count

    Count on it.
  8. jeffmolnar

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    If someone places “their rights” above common sense prevention measures in a youth activity, they can seek employment elsewhere.
  9. jeffmolnar

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    In a court of law? Sure. We’re talking about potential rule enforcement in DCI though. A private organization. “Innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t have to apply here. Nor should it. These are kids, man.
  10. I really wish they did video bundles too. Such a hassle having to make my own rips from the Blu-rays. Just sell me the Finals lineup for the same price, DCI.
  11. jeffmolnar

    2019 Predictions!

    2019: BD wins, Boston contends for a medal. Beyond that it's all up in the air.
  12. jeffmolnar

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Oh make no mistake, there was another BD one with the 2018 uniform locked and loaded as well. lol
  13. jeffmolnar

    2019 what corps will wear

    A corps wearing their classic uniform would almost be innovative at this point.