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  1. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth. Read a little too fast and rattled that off. Both (and the rest) of the DM’s this season did a great job. Didnt realize this would spiral out of control, I hadn’t even had coffee at work yet when this started.
  2. Amazing, no doubt. He was just as enjoyable as the marching members on the field. He also didn’t have the unenviable position of leading and keeping together a corps who went through what the Cadets did, and still manage to defy all expectations of what their corps could do. She earned the award.
  3. Tears of excitement in my eyes still... that was electrifying SCV, thank you.
  4. This drumline is determined to drag Cadets up a slot! What a break
  5. Idk, ‘09 - ‘12 was nuts to watch and listen to, nearly got tendinitis just seeing them in the lot. Their writing is finally getting back on track lately.
  6. Cadets battery has been so much fun to watch this season, those snares are really selling what Aungst is writing
  7. Spirit... I can’t believe they were in 21st place just two years ago. What a difference! This is a completely different corps on the field.
  8. Top 3: 2005 - the year I was introduced to DCI; never saw the actual video until a month ago, but the power and pacing of that show is what sold me on the magic of drum corps. 2009 - I'm always surprised that a fan base constantly asking for more melodic shows and a music program that allows the music to naturally progress would place this show in their least favorites. It is so not drum corps - except for a few 'aha' moments, there's no classic "peel your face off" moments until the company front at the tail end of the production. Just a gorgeous program through and through. 2016 - White and red uniforms + pure class. What more could you want.
  9. I think only 12(?) members are mic'd throughout the show, although they do have mics along the front sideline. But having sat inside their horn circle at Pasadena, that brass line can peel paint off a wall. The sound you hear from the stands is almost entirely unadultered brass, and same goes for BD
  10. Much better crowd out here for the lots than last year. The lower scoring open and world class lines getting some well deserved attention.