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  1. More proof someone at PR reads DCP! Today the post a clip from 10 for the recruitment video! 😁😁
  2. Because of there recruitment clips, I just went and watched my 3 favorite "recent" seasons, 07, 08, and 10. I still think Into the Light was so underrated. Also watching 10 again, I see it as being the show that could stand the test of time and be the most competitive in today's drum corps activity. Definitely more than most of their shows since 2013. I hope Shaw doesn't do the more recent SCV short burst of music and let's Phantom sound like Phantom.
  3. I am considered skinny by most people, and still always buy an extra seat at Allentown. Love J Birney, but most adults can't fit in between those 12 inch lines and there is no leg room either.
  4. The tickets finally arrived in the mail yesterday, and now all is good. Though it is getting harder and harder to get the same seats every year, no matter how long I sit and hit that refresh button waiting for the sale to start.
  5. So, I am in the process of moving, and realized I didn't see my Allentown tickets where I normally put them. Being and old fogey, I also can't remember if they have even been mailed yet this year. I know they usually arrive by April at the latest. Has anyone received theirs yet this year, or am I panicking over nothing?
  6. Same thing happened in Columbia, Maryland. Luckily I had gotten a periscope notification and was able to play top 6 scores for the people sitting around me.
  7. Yes. Heard it in the theater in Maryland. You could clearly hear a "hello" at one point. I was a bit confused if it was the feed, the theater, or what was happening.
  8. Snowden Square in Columbia, Maryland. If I am sitting for 5 hours in a theater, I need a recliner! Also, usually a half empty theater, and most of the people there are middle age or older. Much better experience than a theater packed full of high school kids.
  9. I have always taken a small cooler with canned soda and energy drinks. Never had a problem so far. Hopefully things haven't changed.
  10. Fairgrounds farmer market is a must. Pickles on a stick! On the other hand, weather still isn't looking promising for Friday night. Ugh. Would they delay it, since according to accuweather it may clear out by 7pm some? Saturday night looks great though. Whatever happened to the guy that use to give us his inside forecast? Straight up and honest.
  11. Signed and shared! The NOVA area doesn't get much exposure to drum corps, and as a person who grew up there, and dedicated their high school years to marching band, this would have been great.
  12. Thank you for the update! I hope things work out that the corps can continue to use these facilities in the future. Looking forward to Friday (please weather, cooperate this year!), and to BD on the 31st (fingers crossed!)
  13. Someone posted in a Facebook group that a school board has made a last minute decision to not allow any drum corps to use their facilities. They listed corps that were supposed to stay at these schools over the next few weeks as Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Crown and Cadets. Sounds like the Loudon County schools. Anyone know if there is any validity to This? Depending on the weather, I was planning on making the hour drive to watch Crown on Friday.
  14. Just outside the Allentown area, to the west, and it is a monsoon here. Please let it get it all out of it's system before this evening.
  15. Anyone know where their rehearsal site is today? The calendar still says TBD