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  1. Blue Devils 2018

    19 in 18. Half way to the fourpeat.
  2. Can anyone translate?
  3. Bad guess. Lol @ defensible.
  4. Blue Devils 2018

    Echoes in eternity actually.
  5. Great post. Welcome to the family.
  6. Current plot lines !

    How many tears will be shed when they don't fall at all and complete their deserved perfect season?
  7. Battle of the classic uniforms (costumes).
  8. Official counter-thread. Keep listening - better than 14 or 15.
  9. No disrespect to any other corps intended. Just seems like people don't want to give them their due. Nailed it this year.
  10. Well for this one, you should certainly be standing. Arguably the best BD horn line ever. Time to give it up my friend.