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  1. And this Stu, is yet another different Stu.
  2. Minneapolis Musings

    That not a man bun SHE is a #### good drummer
  3. I&E Schedule

    Still looking for a post on the I&E schedule. Anyone?
  4. Thursday at the Theater

    CInemark in Mankato, MN Sound and video were great til the thunderstorm moved in. Missed 1/2 of Phantom, the Blue Knights and Santa Clara. Signal was back for part of BLue Coats, but missed Crown and first half of Cadets. They gave us a free pass for another show during the first signal loss and then offered our money back and free refills after the second one. Personally, would have rather seen Crown.
  5. C'mon DCA it's a small pdf how long can it take to upload.
  6. I don't get it, Niagra Falls will be there tomorrow.
  7. Colts - They left the monkey in charge of Oz. Seems like music from the Planet of the Apes would be appropriate.
  8. Forest City 8/1

    Anyone know the Govenaires MBI scores from tonight.
  9. Pufpaff, Ronald "Puff" age 67, Minneapolis, MN, died 5/26/14. Survived by wife, Marie; daughter, Monika (Ernest) Lampe; son, Kelley (Josephine); and four grandchildren. Preceded in death by parents, Erwin and Alvena Pufpaff; and brother and sister, Erwin Pufpaff and Donna Kuchenbecker. A celebration of his life will be held at the Cremation Society of Minnesota, 4343 Nicollet Ave S., Mpls. on Saturday, June 7 at 10:00 am, with visitation one half hour before. Interment to be held at Fort Snelling National Cemetery on Tuesday, June 10th at 10:15 am. Pat Byrne best described Ron as one of the fellow dinosaurs of drum corps in Minnesota, having marched in the Jr Corps of St. Peter, Govenaires, Jesse James Gang of Northfield and MBI. A good life long friend, I'm gonna miss not having that old time drum corps chat with him at the Mankato DCI and Govie home show this year. RIP Puff.
  10. DCA Acronyms

    You have the basic Govenaire Growl- GRRRRRRRRR!
  11. I know! I know! Those are G Sousaphones.
  12. I was there, I personally observed them having soda. I know this because there were many people out on the sidewalk with liquid refreshments and a sign at the door was very clear to not take your drinks outside. It was a good time, it could be better if we could get a corps with a zip code less than 30000 to show up.