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  1. What is your reasoning for thinking that, not that I don't want that to happen but IPv4 is working against him being so young I am not too sure? I would be more inclined to think that about Fred he is in the same boat but he jumped into the mix with his hands dirty Mr. Lotz did not. Fred still has the IPv4 issue. The lesson I learned from this is folks in authority need to use their power wisely in this case not only for Mr Lotz. Dan himself has the IPv4 issue, (it's the least of his problems). IP does what IP does it's not always accurate like in Mr Lotz case what is he to do?
  2. Dream much? Had a good one the other night and I can't say for sure it was BRASSO. Because I never seen a pix but I was being chased around LOS by an old Whitehaired Madman because I was wearing my Alleged Fred & The Perversions Tour shirt, then my cat woke me up.
  3. I am not worried about that either. The only one that has a real vetting issue is Mr Lotz. is he "the victim or the crime", you choose but in any event, he's the one that will have this following him around. Unfortunately for Mr. Lotz, he does not have the luxury of simple reading comprehension. His fate is determined way above the comprehension IP layer 3. His fate lies in the application layers 5, 6, & 7 where they talk binary. He is electronically screwed. Also, the same layers of the internet refer to us but we are way under the surface it does not affect us but still exists. .
  4. Unfortunately, his metadata will be associated with the Philly piece, The Reddit post, and any future articles that mention the Arsenal situation forever. Without questions his intentions were pure, a good guy that is now electronically tagged with the worst of the worst. It's like your personal data is breached by your employer. Your employer feels bad and offers to pay for LifeLock. For Mr. Lotz his LifeLock is altering his metadata. I don't know Mr Lotz using his situation as an example. I personally would alter in his situation and not bank on not needing a well deserved clean vetting report sometime down the road.
  5. This thread may be about Crossmen. However, if you found yourself in Mr. Lotz's position would you have your metadata altered?
  6. Now if Dan would have thought of that I would be drinking my Blue Moons on a happy thread.
  7. The internet today is what @IPv4 but still, IP that you can trip up, fool, wear a mask. The latest breach was hacking timestamps in photos, making them overnight not admissible in court. You can alter search results, MikeD I grew up in NJ, back then everything was legal till you get caught. IP is still living in Jersey. BitCoin would not be a thing if it used IPv4. It uses blockchain hand-offs and everything is on lockdown except very narrowly defined routing tables that don't enable duplication or altering of any kind. Banks using IPv4 actually shutoff online access when performing a transaction for us it's a millisecond here and there for the banks it takes rows of servers. Using blockchain settles down the network full access. The funny thing when GH landed on the Medium it was new to me. Wanted to find out what kind of site it was. Up comes up an article about "blockchain & climate change" my favorite band along with Alleged Fred. According to The Medium article the best use for "blockchange" to occur is in a very naturally challenged place tax us of course and make their lives better?
  8. correct the magic is in on the client side, the association of personal data to how metadata is ordered. Put your name on google and google sets its sites on your metadata that has a bot in binary that changes your name to STU and the worst thing that comes up is an association to The Bluzes and posting in church. And STU gets rejected rejected because the two just don't mesh must be BS.
  9. Good question it goes back to the original FOR EXAMPLE DCPs blank message routing tables are sitting somewhere below the surface of the users. We can't access deleted threads but outside search engines can access IP routing tables that indicates DCP has info your looking for. Click the link it brings a blank DCP page up. So DCPs routing tables were not altered when the content was deleted. If I were looking after a web server and was concerned the stuff I didn't want on my site is still pointing back at me on searches places I didn't want to be associated with in the first place even if it's blank I would address that. A.I. put to you where you don't want your TRON to be so you need a smarter TRON. I did not mean to upset anyone when I said it was a good policy, I still do.
  10. Not well versed on the legality but the technology exists. From what I been told by a friend who runs a data forensics team. It is a moral issue, his company does not go there if the keywords point to something illegal. They capture all metadata on a particular liability. They are provided/create keywords pertinent to the issue at hand. They release their sniffers on both the public and the company network and present their findings to the client. They are then directed to alter the metadata on certain files.
  11. Almost got me pegged when I am around there are no silent moments but it is all awkward.
  12. Bluzes

    2019 CORPS NEWS.

    The Company 2019
  13. Not anymore just got my medical marijuana prescription. It was easy told them I had PTSD because I listen to a lot of "Alleged Fred & the Perversions"