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  1. Wishful thinking I guess if you ever see that a door may open there, let them know it would be helpful for them to have some friends over at Reddit. Even if someone just sends important occurrences to you to email to them. Nipping things in the bud, a fair assessment of what's up over there. No promises that we are shills, just concerned posters that love the activity. Right now I feel so sad for the Reddit young lady that says she was a victim, the hatred, scorn in her posts. Nothing any of us can post to help her. That just needs to run its course. If Genesis did release that staff member a little post over there may take the fight elsewhere. If Reddit scares them ignoring Reddit is not the answer. l
  2. Mini Corps were great box 5 feed was perfect, juries still out had issues with Peckville feed but really impressed tonight
  3. Always made a point to see Pioneer at finals. Love the Les Miz show. If anyone's interested Allentown that year was the last time their soundboard worked and we heard them wonderful vocals. Think inside the Muncie Gym was the only other time (on flo) the board didn't cut out. Pioneer always had fans and still do, but all this now it is hard to speak favorability.
  4. It will come, KC proves that even if it only happens every 30 years. Their small budget team was quite successful for 2 years running. That is what smart drafting can do, after that its greener pastures, a lot greener for the players.
  5. At mini-corps he acted like he didn't know past volunteers that helped the corps and DCM for years sat right across from them and didn't even acknowledge. He would not have recognized me but the others he spent summers with. Everyone has a game piece his is/was quite large.
  6. There's a well-known and studied psychological phenomenon called the mere-Govie effect (also called a small drum corps). It means people develop a preference for things merely because they like them Govies. Put more simply, if you listen to 18 horns long enough, you'll start thinking it's good. (Them Govies) It's clear that DCA audiences are suffering from not being at dci. Witness DCA and their pinnacle of shows in 2018 by awarding the Govies with love apperication and applause in all its glory' It was not hard for one not to notice a group of very astute individuals wearing all the same green tinted tee-shirts - "Julliard Grads that just love their Govies" all sitting together, Don't mind the megaphones they have two puposes. 1) The Julliard Grads use them to shout/screem & holler for them Govies' 2) Then they use them to get the attenton of the man in the streets reaction to the Govies performance. It's what they do them Julliard Grads they never miss out on a learning experience and the wonderful/happy Govies are no exception. Now I get that drum corps is more than just the Govies—it's "art" Drill, choreography, difficulty, etc. are all part of the activity that comes to a pinnacle. The Govies play their role. But the emotional underpinnings of the show is Proud Mary. You aren't going to be swept to emotional highs by any thing less and them Govies always deliver.
  7. All dci needs to do that I am pretty sure we will see soon is provide positive reinforcement. That lays the correct ground work out. Then the hard cores who seem to have all the time in the world anyway on DCP. So they have some confidence that they will not loose credibility in initiatives/progress/PR the direction of dci. They can keep an eye on things on Reddit. Since Reddit placed their message board under a retreat it should make us all comfortable posting over there, heck some of our old shoes may be there in the picture. Righting the ship bring info back, work with dci as volunteers as such. Contributing to a brighter future. I am new here but am certain if they listened to DCP back when things were Rosy we may not be where we are today.
  8. BRASSO you and everyone I interacted with on this site are great, life is a learning experience on how to make good lemonade (had enough lemons sent my way to be an expert) . However if I didn't come here and graced my presence and interacted with YOU FINE FOLKS. I would be doing something I love but can't seem to do much of anymore and that is the sad part for me. Others experience deeper sadness. Feelings, worse than anything most of us could image something that haunts you for life. That's what we are fighting to avoid. to insure it never gets to that level. I WOULD BE IN MY GARGAGE LISTENING TO GREAT MUSICAL FAILURES DRINKING BLUE MOONS W/ORANGE SLICES. STILL UPSETTING PEOPLE THAT LIVE AROUND ME WITH BLOOS FLOWING IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. Now one only needs a keyboard and they can upset all the folks they want. Lets use that power where it counts.
  9. Agree, my post was shock jock bait to get the true intentions of having a zero tolerance policy heard. Pointing out that we seem to be far from zero tolerance even if its in writing or not. The fact that posters on here do not need to be experts on the new rules to have an opinion. That PR (cover your butt) statements need to come to fruition be felt, have teeth. We are experiencing the opposite now. Potential parents, MMs and all parents in general need comfort that their children are going to be safe, no confusion, no shock jocks. It's the way things need to be unwritten/ written/ implied / not implied. The last thing on my mind is to minimalize parenting, the love for our children. Sometimes adults need to be slapped around to be woken up to not having their priorities straight. Tell me how to get to the correct individuals so we stop doubting each others intentions here and together we can celebrate real change. Believe me from personal experience shaking the trees here has led to private messages asking me to back off. From these same individuals that keep their heads in the sand about all this and now I am too harsh, go figure.
  10. Its a discussion a debate ideas are kicked around some are discarded, some are just bad ideas. Pictures are drawn for others to provide constructive criticism. Identifying pointing out confusion like your doing now helps us get to the bottom of things, what's right, what's wrong. If by confusing the situation we land on a zero tolerance policy. I am happy, but the objective is to get the correct people those that may never even read our posts, That in reality we are living in the 2an chance mentality world and hurting the activity. That's confusion that hurts. The folks we look up to in this activity that we trust to provide a safe environment for the MMs are confused. I am a nobody that does not harm MMs when I am confused and don't fight to the death to be right. There is more than one way to (I like Cats) do anything. It's a winding road we just need to get to the right place in the end. "Your confused, I 'am confused, He's confused, She's confused we are all confused" something like that from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  11. Thank you BRASSO I was looking for the counter balance. The hard stance of zero tolerance. I agree, that is what the MMs and the parents assume and deserve. The point is we have a zero tolerance rule now at least implied and I hope is spelled out in the health & safety guidelines. One does not need to be an expert on what the new rules are. It's oblivious w/o proper oversight. Zero Tolerance has differed interpretations amongst the powers to be. They are becoming the problem by not thinking a like not banding together. I am all for Zero Tolerance but it needs to be in forced, try to make an example of a corps for violating zero tolerance and your the problem being to harsh, can't win.
  12. We sit on this forum everyday wondering how to provide a safe environment for the MMs. All of us wearing our hearts on our selves hoping for the best. Posting well intended advice that we hope the powers to be notice. What is overlooked is what YEA did to clear Mr. Sean King. He was willing to lay his life out before a third party to prove his integrity and proved the court of public opinion wrong. There is a way to look into someone's back ground. To paint a true picture of trusted realities, true intensions, separate fact from fiction. A coming of age that makes you feel good. If that is to much for a potential staff members to go through then you get what you deserve, but the stakes are to high to just let that be the case. We know that and the corps/dci must have learned something from MR, Sean King.
  13. Everyone deserves a second chance and maybe new by-laws if they come can leave some wiggle room. How they prove themselves, in what environment do they prove themselves? Most of the baggage came from working in a school in the daytime. If new rules do go there? Proving themselves is not jumping on the nightshift with minors and hoping for the best. Common sense says it should be years of proof, doing the right thing. Also dci can have its own qualified guidance counsel that plays a role in hiring these individuals. Right now dci seems the only option left for some to keep working in their profession. Something that is easy to change, close the loopholes, set bars on acceptance and feel good about it..
  14. I think it is already happening, the activity is moving in the right direction. Some corps were just slower than others to catch on to the seriousness of the situation. Dci is still handling some lingering fall out from days past. There may be other corps still behind the eight ball things that surface and deserve some flogging. The corps in question and all corps will be better than before, it will be a new day,
  15. I will should have stopped doing that a long time ago, I had to play defense in football because I couldn't get the plays down, was a heck of a hockey player not much to think about just throw your weight around, had a scholarship but the grades were not there, no surprise.