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  1. Tina's intro explains it quite well. Remember, this is from a Wo/Man's World. You know, every now and then I think you might like to hear something from us Nice and easy but there's just one thing You see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy We always do it nice and rough So we're going to take the beginning of this song And do it easy Then we're going to do the finish rough This is the way we do 'Proud Mary' And we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river Listen to the story
  2. stuh

    Here come the GOVIES

    Caution! The John & Tuna show hit the road today. Took off from Patrick's 12:15 after waiting for a couple of burritos from the kitchen, they were off in the big white truck/trailer combo. 12:25, John is back thru the door, forgot his coffee cup. Good byes all around again. 1pm, I'm leaving after having a wonderful lunch of Deli sandwich and PepperJack Tomato Soup. Out the door as the big white truck/trailer combo is just stopping in front of Patrick's. John bails out runs past me, something about luggage is all I can understand. Tuna is now out and opens the side door to trailer. John reappears with suitcases, places them just like a good luggage handler at the airport would, on top of lighter items. Mentioned that they did stop for fuel so they got that out of the way and that they are making progress. I suggested perhaps a checklist might help, but he was already in the drivers seat and they were off again. I wish I would have had the time to wait around and see if they came back again. So c'mon John give us an update on your travels.
  3. 1 Vanguard Cadets 77.250 2 Gold 71.850 3 Louisiana Stars 68.500 4 River City Rhythm 65.550 5 Colt Cadets 60.850 All Age 1 Chops 64.150
  4. stuh

    Mankato, MN - July 2, 2018

    My 2¢ on the Mankato Show. Chops- entertaining and a couple of real screamers in the line. Lots of work to do yet and not really sure why the move to Open Class. They were well under the 65 count. Watched from backfield, helping Govies with pit. Govenaires- hard work the last few days, I was at rehearsal last Saturday and final run was kinda shaky. I know they worked hard in LaCrosse on Sunday and Mankato Monday afternoon and it showed. John is back introducing the numbers, the Xena piece he introduced for the Woman Warriors in the crowd has some pretty crazy odd meters, that are changing every measure 11/8./9/8, and 4/4 and there may be others. The closer a medley of well known Wo/Man hits was introduced as The Closer. Long way to Labor Day for these 2 yet, I expect them both to keep adding bodies and growing the show over the next couple of months. Colt Cadets-sorry rolling equipment back. After hearing the scores at the end of the night, I won't miss them again. RCR-steady as it goes folks. Got back to see the last part of the show, I was impressed with the last couple of minutes, so I'd expect some upward movement as they get comfortable on the field. Intermission- can't believe it's the same drill every year. Genesis- they look like they're having a good time out there, but something just doesn't come across with this show. Loved the "Hook'em Horns" the drums showed. The encore performance was amazingly tight and controlled, just need to get that out on the field. Colts- always a favorite of mine, but dump the field mics. Proof that louder is not better, everything was amplified to a point of pain. As mentioned in an earlier post, the front row is 15 feet from the pit. It was so distracting I couldn't tell you what the show was like. (rant over) Blue Stars- as mentioned in an earlier post they are having fun and very entertaining, the guard is having a blast, the hammer/saber spinning combination has to be a first. A little behind the back over the shoulder finish and they all nailed it. (pun intended) Horn solos and duets have mic'd instruments which blend well with the full ensemble. I would expect them to hang with the group they're currently scoring around, should be a good battle for those last 3-4 spots at finals. DCI Minnesota up next on my schedule, hoping to get a little preview of an MBI Sound Sport program.
  5. Jeff, perfect opportunity to meet John. Golfin' with the Govies, Friday June 15, Four Person Scramble format, shotgun start at noon. Awards and food at Patrick's. Lots of games and individual contests on the course. You can either buy protection or hear the Harassment Ensemble on your backswing. Great time will be had by all, even a few that don't finish.
  6. And this Stu, is yet another different Stu.
  7. stuh

    Minneapolis Musings

    That not a man bun SHE is a #### good drummer
  8. stuh

    I&E Schedule

    Still looking for a post on the I&E schedule. Anyone?
  9. stuh

    Thursday at the Theater

    CInemark in Mankato, MN Sound and video were great til the thunderstorm moved in. Missed 1/2 of Phantom, the Blue Knights and Santa Clara. Signal was back for part of BLue Coats, but missed Crown and first half of Cadets. They gave us a free pass for another show during the first signal loss and then offered our money back and free refills after the second one. Personally, would have rather seen Crown.
  10. C'mon DCA it's a small pdf how long can it take to upload.
  11. I don't get it, Niagra Falls will be there tomorrow.
  12. Colts - They left the monkey in charge of Oz. Seems like music from the Planet of the Apes would be appropriate.