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  1. PR beat Cavies in 1993 and 1994 if I'm not mistaken
  2. PHANTOM REGIMENT - 2006 - AVE MARIA Hornline plays two ascending phrases without pit or battery before closing into the final wedge. Those releases go on and on forever; you could have heard a pin drop best moment in drum corps ever. thread over.
  3. That same exact thing happened here in Nashville -- in the middle of 94 BD, the screen froze and eventually went blank. A windows start menu popped up (prompting one individual to walk up and press it, recieving laughs and applause from the audience)
  4. The people who marched in that show don't think so, I'm sure.
  5. Because the first time I ever saw it it completely destroyed me and I cried like a baby. It made me want to go out and audition for a drum corps, which I did, a few months later. That's why I like it.
  6. Hey, Ticheli is the BEST composer who EVER wrote for Wind Ensemble ! (that is, if you don't count Karel Husa, Eric Whitacre, Francis Macbeth, Alfred Reed, John Barnes Chance, Aaron Copland, Gustav Holst, Percy Grainger, Paul Hindemith, Ron Nelson, Gordon Jacob, Ralph Vaughn Williams, H. Owen Reed, Vincent Perschetti, William Schumann, Michael Colgrass, Howard Hanson, David Manslanka, Claude T. Smith, Robert Lo Presti, Clifton Williams, Johann de Meji, Michael Daugherty, Philip Spark, Jan Van Der Roost, Jack Stamp, Sir Malcom Arnold, Leonard Bernstein, Donald Hunsberger, Vaclav Nelhybel, Morto
  7. Great, steve. Now I have Mountain Dew all over my monitor. MG
  8. The 1989 Phantom Regiment baritone section was once referred to as sound like a "fleet of Buicks" and the name has been with the section ever since then. MG