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  1. Hey there everyone. We're very disappointed about not going to Woodbridge. It's close and they're always great hosts. A few months ago, DCA reached out to all the corps asking if one or two of us could help out the williamsport show and attend. The show was in danger of cancelling due to lack of participation AND they are the hosts of of our 2018 championships. After some discussion with our staff and admin, we decided to answer the call for help, but if C2 would not have signed on with Bush two weeks before we made our decision, we would not have pulled out of Bush's show. So
  2. It's a separate group. We hope to do corporate gigs, firemen parades, Christmas stuff and things like that. This is for people who either can't commit to a full season, need some time practicing before they march in the field Core and/or members who can't march anymore in a competing arena.
  3. Fusion is in Dundalk, Towson, Arbutus, Catonsville, Bel-Aire and Havre De Grace!! Can't wait!!! Core Lite is in Dundalk, Arbutus and Havre De Grace
  4. so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you all
  5. FUSION CORE 2015 BRASS STAFF Fusion is pleased to announce the return of its Brass Staff from our 2014 season along with a few new faces. Fusion Core's Brass staff represents years of instruction, performing, writing and designing from drum Corps across the East Coast as well as Schools within NJ, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We are definitely going to turn some heads this season with another exciting book. Please join the Core in welcoming returning and new brass staff. Chris Bernotas, Brass Arranger Chris Bernotas, Brass Arranger, is an active composer and arranger of concert band music. M
  6. Fusion Core debuts our new website and announces our 2015 Design Team. While Fusion’s website may be new, we are very pleased to announce that our entire team will be returning to continue where we left off for 2015. Fusion’s team is dedicated to providing our members and drum corps community another unforgettable season. You too can be part of this up and coming “Core”. Sign up at www.fusioncorenj.com. Fusion Core 2015 Design Team Robert Watson will be returning as our Production Coordinator, Guard Designer and Caption Head. Team members also include Chris Bernotas, Brass Arranger/Compose
  7. Fusion Core will be making our Design team and staff announcements shortly. We are happy to say our entire team is intact but we are looking for one more key person who will work closely with our brass Caption Head. Preferably someone with a Music Educators degree who also has spent some with drum Corps. Someone who has an affiliation within the NJ schools would be ideal. If you are interested in being part of this growing program, please email fusioncoredirector@gmail.com
  8. Thank you as always Cabs for inviting Fusion. We have such a great weekend overall all the time. It's a GREAT WAY to start the season. Everything was wonderful as usual :o) See you Saturday.
  9. Prayers headed your way Jim. Hope Krista has a quick recovery!
  10. Hey there everyone. It's starting to look like Spring outside and that means that people are starting to come out of hibernation and get back at doing what we all love..........DRUM CORPS. Fusion's last indoor camp weekend is this weekend at Jefferson Middle School in Lake Hopatcong. It seems like this winter went so fast despite all the horrible weather. I can honestly say that this was a great winter for Fusion. We have a few more spots available in the brass and we need one experienced mallet player. The guard will have it's final auditions for the 2014 season April 13th at the Parsippan
  11. Fusion Core has had a very exciting start to the season. We launched our very first campaign to raise funds for a new to us truck. Thanks to the generosity of many of our fellow drum corps friends and family, the campaign was a success. At our last January camp, Allen Buell paid us a visit and much to his surprise, Empire's truck was in the parking lot. The truck is awesome with built in shelves and closets. We also purchased their golf cart and pit cart. We also recently ordered all new boards for our front ensemble. Our front ensemble made amazing strides last year. Under the direction of
  12. Mousey will definately be missed!!! He was definately one of the good guys!!!
  13. Hey Everyone. Now that open house is just around the corner, I want to make sure we are prepared for open house. It's so exciting seeing all the interest forms coming in and the amount of prospective members we have on our Facebook pages. We currently have many people that have said they are attending on the section pages but are not signed up on our event page yet. To ensure that we are fully prepared for the day, it would be very helpful if everyone were to sign up on the Fusion Open House event page that was created. Here is a link to our Facebook interest page: https://www.facebo