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  1. Wasn't that the year Gene Rayburn said "Etobicoke Oakland Raiders" during the telecast?
  2. Put your Drum Corps patches on your Corps jacket and put your WGI patches on a pretty blouse, leotard or fanny-pak . KIDDING!
  3. No penalty if it was an intentional grounding of the equipment. 1 tenth if it was an "Ooops!" At least that's how I remember it late 70's.
  4. I would pay (dearly) for a good copy of 1980 prelims, specifically the 15th place corps that year. Anyone have it?
  5. Wouldn't it have messed up the (surviving) four bass drummers who had already re-learned the parts, to have him back in the line? and what about the hole in the drill, they would have already filled in that hole and possibly put a shiny black oxford, size 10 up his...
  6. What would be interesting is if someone (anyone?) could come up with a copy of the rules that were in affect for the 1977 season. Was it that difficult to interpret? Sounds like a nice little project for Byline
  7. Late '70's my HS marching band mellophone section, 8 of us were also horn players in 3 Seattle area corps. Local parades we had to march with the band, and would then change into our respective corps uniforms and do the parade again. Retreats, parades, local shows, rides home were always interesting. Fun times for sure!
  8. I have to agree with Liz. As a member of the '07 corps, it was great playing the old tunes and musically we did a decent job, visually the show was a mess. Some of the design choices seriously warranted a "What were they thinking?" possibly even a WTF or two. I bought the dvd from the DCA weekend show which is the end of the season and corps are at their cleanest. I watched it with my sister who covered her eyes during much of it saying she couldn't look at it. Part of me wanted to pop her upside the head for being so brutally honest, yet I could not objectively disagree because it was painful to watch. The guard was awful in every aspect. Musical: 7/10 Visual: 1.5/10
  9. Not very good quality pictures as they are simply video captures from 1980 Allentown, but how many remember Birney Crum with stands in the back and real grass? And of course front stands at capacity, including the upper level.
  10. Yes Mike, you are reading me correct... and I know there was no Fan Network in 1980 but 80 Allentown, and many other years were filmed and DCI does have the video (somewhere in their storage, according to one of their reps) which could be included in the historical section on the FN.... Who wouldn't love to see that? Edit for p.s.. Didn't mean to hijack your thread, Allentown is my favorite venue, hands down
  11. 27th upset BD's undefeated streak there in '80. Why isn't that show on the Fan Network?
  12. ***snip*** Like I said, my opinion. Your opinion is certainly valid, might be taken more seriously if it weren't hiding behind the (popular) wall of anonymity.
  13. I remember this Marksmen show, the first part was done with no audio, much like old school military maneuvers. The only audio you heard was the slapping of the rifles, the wind of the flags and the Captain's commands, I remember the timing was quite impressive. Then "The Show Must Go On" (music of Three Dog Night) During the "fun-house" music segment, the rifles aimed and fired at the flag members, much like the shooting gallery at a carnival. Their Guard Captain, Jill Hudson later became Drum Major for the Imperials in 1980.