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  1. lnavis


    Ok, from an OLD Timer! They weren't called "tricks" they were equipment work!
  2. lnavis

    State Street Review Reunion

    State Street Practice.
  3. We had a reunion this weekend for the State Street Review. There was someone from each year from 1978 - 1993! We had a great time.
  4. lnavis

    Worst Championships Venue

    There's always construction and never any place to park!
  5. lnavis

    Madison Scouts 2010

    :doh: LOL!
  6. lnavis

    Madison Scouts create new Winterguard

    My questions - 1) Why the location so far away from Madison? 2) How are the Scouts involved in the new Winterguard? Instructors? Financially? Members?
  7. In front of a nursing home. I'm not really sure most of the people knew what was going on.
  8. Don and I were talking the other day about the fact that there aren't many (if any) corps that have one section that scores a lot higher/lower than the other sections in the captions. Are the corps that balanced across sections or is it just a side effect of the style of judging. "Back in the day" the corps would average in a range, say 6th place, but they might have one section that would consistently be in 2nd place.
  9. Let's see...who should I vote for?
  10. lnavis

    some old corps photos

    We think she about 2 1/2 or 3 years old. We got her from a Shar Pei rescue.
  11. lnavis

    some old corps photos

    YES! I love when corps would do things together like this!
  12. lnavis

    some old corps photos

    Don has some with the hornlines.