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  1. This is an excellent logo! I love it. I can't wait. I wonder if it'll be a Faust-like musical approach (a variety of composers).
  2. If you want a story on the field, the stakes have to be supremely high. I want to see conflict and drama. I want to see a character need something from the very beginning and then he or she either achieves it or doesn't in the end. And there has to be obstacles in achieving that need throughout. Jeffrey's need in this show was never really clear. He was a kid running around with a gun who happened to stumble upon some soldiers. What may have been cool is if he ended up leading some battle with the soldiers versus...I dunno, some enemy toy or something. Maybe it gets way out of control and his
  3. Oh my gosh, if Julie Taymor ran a drum corps...
  4. You wanna talk GE? How 'bout that slow-mo wave in the stadium? That was awesome.
  5. Does the dome have Wi-Fi? I've just got an iPod Touch.
  6. Okay, full disclosure: I marched Phantom in 04, 06, and the tail end of 07. That running at the end was sustained for quite a while. And the 7/4 section before that was beastly. Not to mention this is at the end of the show. Sure, the beginning of that show with all the flocking was for effect. There was velocity, but it wasn't insanely difficult. Before 07, I don't recall a jazz run in Phantom unless it was 4 to 5. And in those years, there was tough drill--and it wasn't just made to look tough. The "Marguerite's Waltz" section in Faust...ooh man...yeah it was cake for the trumpets, but
  7. Which also sets up the trumpet feature after that quite nicely. I think that's a good change. And the body work even from the Allentown VOD seems pretty effective. I'm just pumped to see it live for the first time. I've been waiting forever for this.
  8. Is that another corps I hear in the background during the Cadets show?
  9. hehe...a little rowdy was a fun and pretty crazy night
  10. I was thinking Phantom, but thanks for reminding me about BD...I should've known.... They played it well too, but when I think of Estancia, I think of Phantom. It's just a natural inclination.
  11. Omaha Review June 22, 2005 It’s fun to be able to write a review again, and my circumstances are kind of interesting—I’ll just say that. Anyway, my vantage point was pretty much dead on the 50 yard line (maybe a little off to side I) and we were fairly high in the stands and so it made to be a great spot to see what should’ve been my second viewing of most of the corps (save Phantom) that night. Unfortunately, two big storm systems decided to collide on the night of the Sioux Empire Spectacular on Monday in Sioux Falls…. This show was a major consolation, however. (and for the record, I’m
  12. I put on my bright yellow volunteer shirt, helped people find their spots (I was a volunteer usher) Clouds rolled in... Thunder boomed--lightning flashed. Brandt Crocker said he'd wait until nine to start the show if he needed to. It "passed" as another storm was brewing. It started to rain harder. Show was canceled. Someone "booed" Thank goodness I've made arrangements to go to Omaha. All the corps will be there plus Phantom. Here's looking to a better review later this week.... ...
  13. Man, a week already! Good luck to everybody no matter which corps you're going for. I'll be taking notes down for my next column for Mid-December...that'll be quite a column (may be hard for a 500 word column...we may need a 4-parter!) Chris, that's good advice about the cramming thing, it won't accomplish much and I think it's a great thing for me to remember (and anyone else). If I can go in there and just play music, it'll be the best audition I could hope for!
  14. Yeah, I've read his articles... in fact, he's marched with some directors at my school Man, auditions are coming up soon! Good luck all!