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  1. Go Lisa! I think these responses are hallarious! I can hear the jaws hitting the floor from all across the world! Oh, I'll see you at the Frontier open house meeting... I'll get a copy of those DVD's you're going to win then... hee hee! :P
  2. When I heard there was going to be narration, I thought I wouldn't like their show. I watched the videos from Atlanta and really liked it. Not a bunch of props or anything. I did not like '05's speaking, honestly. However, this year's show is exactly right. The 'explanation' of a musician's (read bandnerd's) feelings/choices was magnificent. The 'inside joke' of running rehearsals was brilliant. My only complaint is that the show's ending isn't powerful enough. Tack the '83 closing minute on and you'll have it all.
  3. Eh,? It was kind of 'cute' mid season. Whatever though...
  4. I saw PR's show in Mesquite, TX on July 19th. It was the most emotional, beautiful and powerful show I think I've ever seen. I'm shocked at their scores/placements based on the raw GE factor if nothing else. I haven't seen any caption breakdowns for them yet and how they compare to anyone else. I personally loved the entire show, ending and everything about the show in mid July. I don't want them to change a thing. However, I do want them to do whatever they have to do to improve in the judges eyes and score better - that's the game, cool. I figured they just had such a difficult drill that the cleaning factor was biting them in the backside. Between PR and Cadets, either would be a winner in my book. I haven't seen Cavie's or Bluecoats show other than online and BD's show left me flat.
  5. A new show - Pimp My Drum! Great job. Good choice on the dye and not using a pigment stain.
  6. I'd like to see more consistency in the frame of judges comments. I appreciate their taking difficulty (drill design and non playing aspects) into account however using drill difficulties to affect the score is outside of the realm of their assigned task. A return to a tick system would water arrangements back to middle school book levels to inflate the score. The addition of scoring on difficulty along with the tick system would create way to much controversy. A perfectly clean, no tick high school book and a perfectly clean dci div1 book would be scored the same and striking a balance would not be prudent. Or maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about.
  7. This should be a blast! Many new questions should be answered. How cool could it be to see the same if not better improvement this year than what record breaking improvement was seen from 05 to 06? The world is watching!
  8. try going to the vic firth website www.vicfirth.com and looking for the dci in the lot videos. You'd probably get some good ideas from listening to those lines of atl least what you like.
  9. I'm just sorry to see conditions like what we had be some people's first exposure to DCA, such as WorldGoneMad. I for one do not know all the details of what this person put up with all year but I will miss him, his wife, his boy, his musical instruments and the fun they all brought to our season.
  10. See how my suggestion to the same got shot down in another 'bring all comments and ideas' thread.
  11. OK, next question for ya'll to shoot holes in.... I infered from someone's post in this mish mosh somewhere that the front side of the stands this year is actually the backfield side and at some point the other side of the field will be filled in and larger to actually become the front/concert side. Wrong again?
  12. Well THANK GOODNESS!!! Oh, I think, isn't db logrythmic in progression so higher numbers are multiplied sound volume rather than just degrees? "Why not just make 10 louder?" "But this one goes to eleven."
  13. My wife marched in the Meadowlands with the Iowa Hawkeye Band in 1992 for the kickoff classic and says it's a horrible rumble mess. If you give everybody 15 db earplugs it'll probably work just fine.
  14. The talk about improvements planned for PAETEC and Rochester sound like they aren't going to be ready for a few years. 2007 will be in the same city/park - OK, what will be ready? If talks are going on for moving the host city in 2008 and beyond, how about planning a more central locale? I vote for Arrowhead in KC, or Jerry Jones's new Cowboys stadium in Arlington, TX to be ready for the season and a superbowl in 2009. Perhaps Bloomington, IN or Normal, IL. I'd love to go back to Grand Haven, MI or maybe Indy in the dome. How about Three Rivers in Pittsburg (If it's still standing). RalieghDurham or Charlotte, NC? I guess I'm asking - why so far northeast?