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  1. Joe Roche was a mellophone player. I think he played soprano in 83. But definitely mellophone in 84 and 85.
  2. That's Aaron Oppenheimer on the left, not Aaron Goldberg. I don't know any "Goldberg"s that marched Cadets.
  3. 85. We switched that year in the winter for a multiplicity of reasons, not the least of which was to be "different".
  4. Mike, I don't know you, although we do share an alumni associaton with the same corps. But I gotta say; I don't think in all the posts of yours that I have read, I've ever disagreed with anything you've written. I like how you think. I think you're right on the money. Thanks for that.
  5. Well said. All of it. I'm an alum of Cadets, and everything you say about them is correct.
  6. Erie, PA in 1985. The stands were really low and really close as there's no track. We finish the OTL and put our horns, and I was real close to the sideline. The crowd just starts yelling and jumping, and there was this older lady who I focused on because she was right in front of me. She didn't stand up, but she mouthed something like "Oh my God!", covered her face with her hands, and burst into tears. One of those seminal moments in my marching career. That, and the US Open prelims in 85 again, where, before we went on, our staff told us "This crowd goes crazy if you seed the applause. So we're not going to sit together in the stands and act like regular audience members and clap at everything." Well, it worked. The audience screamed and clapped at spots we'd never heard applause before. They went crazy! And that was the first time we beat SCV that year.
  7. George Hopkins was angry about something one night and was dressing down the corps when he said: "... and I don't care if you marched in the Belgian Waffles or the Jo-Gypsy Pidours!" And there it is. The Jo-Gypsy Pidours. Rolls off the tongue. Certainly a fake name, (or is it!?!) but that, my friends, is my favorite drum corps name ever. Ever. "From Spockton, PA, The Jo-Gypsy Pidours!" Fabulous!!
  8. Wait a sec!! There's homosexuals in drum corps!?! No way!! Where? When?! How??!! What a non-subject. Tl;dr. But if any of you did complain about people's sexual preference and having to march with them, remember how foolish you're going to look in 10-15 years. Remember the sentiment "Girls in the hornline? What's drum corps coming too?"
  9. Oh, I'm all over this. First car? '72 Dodge Dart with a slant six. My mother worked with a woman who was a little odd. One day she came in and told my mom "I'm giving my car to God." (whatever THAT means.) My mom's pretty sharp. She said "You know, my son knows God... Why don't you give it to him and when he's done, he can give it to God." The woman said: "I have to ask God." One week later she drops the car off at my house for free. I gave her $20 'cause I felt bad. First thing I noticed was that the car was in great shape! Second thing, the ashtray was crammed full of peach pits and gum. Third, there was a bumper sticker with a pic of a fetus with the phrase "Equal Rights For Unborn Mothers!" on one side of the bumper, and on the other side it had "I Heart Fudge". It was my Fetus/Fudge Car. It was so rock-and-roll that I left the stickers on. I drove that car back and forth from Massachusetts to Garfield NJ for. Couple of years. More and more of the exhaust system would fall off on Route 95 over the years... And did I fix it? That'd be a "No." Instead, I spent some money on a power amp to make my stereo louder to hear over the din. Ahh, the priorities of youth! I'd be lying if I said I didn't occasionally peruse Craigslist looking for a 72 Dodge Dart for sale. I loved that car.
  10. No kidding! Is that true? That's my first drum corps! I didn't know that!
  11. There's not any clip in this thread I don't love! The Mummers, the Accordion band, and the black college band, wow! Outstanding! Just the energy coming off each group. Fantastic!
  12. Hey, these guys are pros. Try to not tell these pros what to do. It's not a Cottage industry. Leave the Provolone.
  13. As feta would have it, they're making this announcement during the "Frankenstorm", which I hear is gonna be a real muenster.