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  1. What do you mean by finals run and persevering through the awful situation that they are in? Are you referencing Pioneer? What is going on?
  2. This sucks. For the victims. This sucks. For the BOD. This sucks. For the organization. This sucks. For the activity. This sucks. For the community. This sucks. For the accused. This sucks. This sucks that someone would feel that they can do this to others. This sucks that someone or many people had to go through this heinous act(s). This sucks that adults have to get involved and decide what the next action has to be taken against a peer. This sucks that the drum corps community/activity has to think that actions like this could be extremely detriment
  3. Alright folks! I have a question for you. We are looking at possibly hosting a corps for the DCI MN Regional. I thought that there was a list/rider of what was needed somewhere on the DCI website some time ago. I cannot find it anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? I want to be able to come to the district with full knowledge of what is needed and how to do it. I know that they will ask. Thanks for your help!
  4. What? 51? That stinks. I mean I will always support Pio, ALWAYS! But, man, I'm so sick and tired of them being bottom feeders when it comes to scores. I love the organization. I love what they do and how they do it. I love that they are not all about placement, but more about education and opportunity. I'm not expecting them to come out and be scoring 70s in their first show, but ####. Every year for the past 15 + years, they just stay at the bottom. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist either. Plus, I know those kids are busting their butts, just like every other group. I guess I would
  5. All right! I am not able to this year, but I am going to join an all age corps next season (2016) thankfully with my two youngest kids (trumpet and colorguard). We ahve talked about this for years, but now they have some marching band under their belts and really would like to do a full season with their old man. It has been 7 years since I marched and then it was over 10 years before that. What would recomommed I do to get in playing shape? Are there particular drills, warmups, exercises that you do that always help you? Plus, where would I get the music? I will be 42 at that point. I jus
  6. Alright. I know that there are about 5 corps that are looking at joining DCI this year. I know that they have to go Open Class first. But, how long does the process take and when would those corps usually know by? Plus, what criteria is DCI looking for? I read a while back that alot of it has to do with making sure that they are financially sound and that they have a stable plan in place, so its not just a one and done, hopefully. I am always ready to support more corps and especailly since there is one near me for a change, River City Rhythm, that I am looking forward to my kids marching,
  7. Oh Great Webmaster - Thank you for this vision for the future. I agree with you wholeheartedly about either "do it right or not at all"! I understand about the inconsistencies. I am a youth director at a decent size church and we try our best to get things updated when we do special events/trips, but not everyone lives up to the same standard that a few of us have. Plus, getting that expectation out to some and the understanding of that vision and why it will be beneficial as a whole, can be daunting at best. I do admit that the actual website is a lot better than it used to be. Which a
  8. Thanks for replying about the scores also! I have never quite understood the scoring, nor have I taken the time to figure it out either. I am curious as what the criteria is for the different divisions. So, if a corps got a 70 in World Class what would that be in Open Class and vice versa. Anyways, as I see the corps scores, it looks like they are improving! Way to go Pioneer! Keep it up!
  9. I know that it is hard to update from the road at times, but as a loyal Pio fan, it would be great to see updates from members, pictures, tweets (well, not so much there), but facebook updates, and stuff like that. I know that Phantom does that with some of their members (I'm not saying that you have to copy them), but those of us that love Pio and want to see their progression and journeys, I think would like to be able to kind of live out the adventure with them! As you know, Social Media can be a blessing and a curse, but if used well, it could be amazing to help further the cause, if you
  10. I do wish that Pioneer would update more often on their webpage. I hope that they are headed in the right direction. I was looking at a video from 1997? in Menasha, WI, from the Americanos home show, which is the first show of the season and even though they were huge and Div 2 at the time, they scored a 57.7, I think. So, maybe 15 years later, there could be room for improvement or they are just about where they should be? I don't know. It would be great to hear some more or see some pics of the group, for those of us that want them to be Better Everyday.
  11. Awesome! Thanks Lansing! Good luck and Godspeed!
  12. I have not and will not be able to get to a show this year. My dear Pioneer. I know the show they are doing, and I know it's early, so there aren't many reviews out there yet, but, how is the corps looking? Are the scores about the same, so far, as they have been for the past few years? I saw that someone had said, and I quote, "they look waaaaaaay super young" this year. Also, that they have a huge percussion line that equals the number of horns. I know, as we all do, that numbers for quite a while have been a struggle [disclaimer* - this shall not be allowed to turn into the typical
  13. I thought that I saw somewhere that many members either had WGI or other things going on. I could be wrong. I do hope that their numbers are up from that. No matter what though, I will be cheering them on, whether it be 35 or 135!
  14. So, how's it going? Camp going ok? Is the music finalized yet? I know that U2 is probably out, but is Dropkick in? That would be awesome!
  15. So.....inquiring minds want to know. did you get it?
  16. did camp go? I know that we wont get numbers or anything, but I can hope. I am guessing that there are holes to fill, music is still a work in progress, some vets returned, there is a positive outlook for the year...what am I missing...
  17. Here's the one from 94 1994 Macy's Parade I know that this has been answered before, but who is the big guy with the big cymbals?
  18. Pioneer Announces Its 2012 Program! The theme of the show is “Irish Immigrants: The Hands That Built America” and while not all of the music is final, we are looking at the following: Dvorak, Symphony No. 9 “New World”, music from the movie “Gangs of New York,” music from the movie “Boondock Saints,” a few songs by the Irish rock band U2, Ignaz Moscheles’ “Recollections of Ireland” piano concerto and a few other pieces. The staff and designers are really excited about how the show is beginning to take shape. We should have a sense of the show, a possibly a bit of show music by the first camp
  19. He was already auditioning to be the next lead guard member for the Kilties. he was wearing plaid after all. Go get'em! WWBD!
  20. I wasn't missing the point, I was just curious as to Big Names with corps in general. It would be awesome if Pio were to do that. But, we know that it wont happen. This isn't Fantasy Drum Corps.
  21. Dep - This is awesome! I really didn't know what to expect, but I like it. Good job! Find some other corps tunes and notch them up a level. I am picturing some Bartok ala Star perchance?
  22. Alright, so I am seeing on the Pioneer website that there are some huge things coming for 2012. What does this mean? Is there a code that we have to break to be able to see what is coming? Should I get out my decoder ring from Ovaltine to see where they are going? Inquiring minds want to know.
  23. To the average student, I'm talking high school age or so, do "Big Name" staff additions mean much? I have read a few people put on the Pioneer posts that if Pio were to get the big name staffers, that it would attract students. I don't know if I believe that. Are there names out there that some people might know? Sure. But, personally, I can think of more corps directors names than actually staff members names. When I marched, I didn't think of who my instructors were, but more of the experience to come. The opportunity to be able to march in a beautiful setting that I was enamored with. S