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  1. My thanks to N.E. Brigand for filling me in on the competitors prior to my group (Brig Juice). The quality of the performance space was much appreciated! Crowd was enthusiastic, but I would like to have feen a few more butts in the seats. Nice to know that we also had an online audience.
  2. Yes, mesmerizing and driving at the same time!
  3. What I like a bout BK is that the music is more central to their show
  4. Well, definitely not your dad's drum corps! I think they broke some new ground which is hard to do in today's corps world.
  5. Fits their weird theme.
  6. Nice feature on Mandarins with whom I am less familiar.
  7. I wish that Flo would fill some of the dead time between corps with some program notes on the upcoming corps. I feel that I am missing a lot about show intent.
  8. I agree. It was a nice balance especially with the initial old school look.
  9. Interesting that Troopers changed to a retro look
  10. Impressive embouchre and airstream control on the trumpet/flugelhorn soloist
  11. Well, I certainly disagree with that placement. I felt that Cavies show was cutesy and cacophonous while there was so much more style in Bluecoats show which for me was much more entertaining.
  12. I hope so. I think it is a better show !
  13. J Willis I appreciate your viewpoints. Thanks for taking the time to share them.
  14. In an attempt to understand the criteria by which the judges are arriving at their scores, can someone explain or direct me to a discussion of caption determinants. I am old school from the tick days. What I notice is the subjectivity, the increased value of color guard and visual, and percussion being subsumed within the music caption. In regards to the latter, this makes sense to me since due to the equality of percussion and brass in the old days, when most observers were more tuned into the bugle caption, often led to surprising outcomes for the casual observer. Thanks for helping me get current.
  15. Best of luck to your son and SCV! Loved them ever since first seeing them while standing on the ready line with my corps in 1969.