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  1. I have an old score from "Big Sounds in Motion (1963 or earlier) and I'm trying to get a date for it. The lineup and scores were: Yankee Rebels - 81.90; Archer-Epler - 80.55; Skyliners - 80.50; Amboy Dukes - 72.65; and Gay Blades - 72.25 Can anyone tell me the date and the year so I can insert it into my compilation of scores.?
  2. I'm happy to see that Scout House is finally getting a decent start time. For some time they're been relegated to the early hours - hence some people missing them.
  3. A very minor point, but I believe the American Legion National Champion comes from the Scranton show, not the DCA Finals.
  4. Jeff, you dad is correct. It was standard in both juniors and seniors for the host corps to NOT compete. They'd often go through a judged exhibition, without their score being announced.
  5. I love these 160# stories from you young whippersnappers.... I have a leg that weighs that much.
  6. You're on Tony!! Just remember, you have to bring Donna and Freddie. And... You have to bring work gloves (two acres of flowers need weeding). And if you want to bring Andy and Sharon Lisko along too, that'll be fine. The good news??? We're there during the non-drum corps season, so you guys won't miss a thing.
  7. In looking through old scores (pre-World War II), I keep seeing reference to Houston Post #9 of Philadelphia. I realize that Reilly Raiders came/comes from Corporal F.W. Reilly Post, but does anyone know which corps the Houston Post morphed into - if any?
  8. I guess you're right, Brett. Obviously the information I was given was wrong. It looks like a great show.
  9. Well, Fran, since you've already had your share, I'll take care of John's I'll be in Hyannis right after Annapolis for my brother's birthday. The menu includes gallons of chowder, pounds of lobster rolls, baskets of fried clams, and buckets of steamed clams. I may have a heart attack, but I'm gonna go out happy.
  10. I've seen you and John in action at the Cabbyshack. It's a good thing i won't be there; all the more for the two of you. As for me, it's sushi and little drinks with umbrellas on the lanai (in the shade of the smoke and ash from the volcano).
  11. I just went to the link above and it says that the 2013 lineup will be out "soon." As for Les Dips and Hanover, they're listed on the 2013 lineup that I received. Oh well.... It doesn't matter to me anyway; I'm leaving on November 9 for the sunshine.
  12. Don't know what's happenin' here, but I received the lineup and order of appearance just today. Brassmen aren't listed. The listing and corps writeups I got was Park City, Reilly, Les Dips, Defenders, Intermission, Boston, Hanover, Sac, and Hawthorne. Brassmen will be a great addition, but check with the people in the know, just to be sure.....
  13. The forecast for Kingston for Saturday is a high of 82, with a low of 62 and only partly cloudy. This will probably be the first time this field has been under 120 degrees in the afternoon since the last Ice Age. As for the downpour..... It was great fun... And the audience stayed!!! [ quote name=elphaba01' timestamp='1375276436' post='3298944] "Who'll Stop the H2O": Good observation. Acouple years back the "Show went on" despite a day and all night DELUGE. Have no "Predictions" in my 'Olde Crystal Ball", but the scores will be VERY close, and I don't rule out a TIE. Best of luck to all. Stay DRY!!!!!!! Elphaba WWW
  14. Someone earlier mentioned "Satan's Angels." They were from Bellefontaine, Ohio. Actually not a bad corps at all. Since few people realized they were named after an 8th Air Force bomber group from WW II, the public outcry caused them to change their name to simply "Angels" at some point in the Sixties.
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