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  1. Not trying to create turmoil where there isn't any, but in any of the announcements for the DCA Championships moving to Rochester for 2022 and 2023, I didn't see the traditional Labor Day Weekend dates mentioned. Honestly, I didn't hear any dates mentioned. Can someone in the know advise as to whether the dates are being discussed as a possible move away from Labor Day weekend at all? It seems that has been an often discussed change over the years, but it always stays in the Labor Day Weekend dates. Thanks in advance!
  2. The allegations are bad.......but the response from the organization????? Good heavens, that's a terrible response.
  3. I don't think weekend warriors exist as much now. DCA is full of younger talent looking to get experience to do DCI in some cases, or perhaps can't do the time commitment of DCI (so mildly a weekend warrior). I think the survival of the corps will determine DCA's future. The bodies may be there to do DCA, but the corps may not if this keeps up. Corps in good financial standing may be more apt to survive this, but if the number of corps that survive is small, will the need be there?
  4. Did the Allentown double header and was happy to do Semis and Finals in Orlando. Though Carolina Crown ended up ultimately in 12th, corps 13-16 were something to see. Colts were super fun with BS&T, Kiwanis treatment of Evita had some really cool moments. One of my favorite Boston shows of that era, lots of emotion throughout. Academie Musicale in 16th, but I think the guard was 9th at Quarterfinals, and rightfully so. Spirit returning to the Friday show to kick things off was a great start. Magic of Orlando on Friday is one of the all-time great rain hype shows you can see. Tons of rain, tons of hype, hometown crowd, what a treat! Personally liked Cadets more but BD was flawless. Thought Madison did enough to beat Phantom but oh well. Crossmen was a treat. I was starting to grow up a little more intellectually. With that, I loved SCV, and at the moment I wasn't sure I knew why, I just did.
  5. 1991 was my first year seeing drum corps live. Attended Drums at the Meadowlands in late June. Fell in love with Phantom Regiment's show that year, so beautiful! They won a seven corps field over the Cadets, Crossmen, Spirit of Atlanta (one of my all time favorite shows of theirs as I love the movie Glory). Boston, L'Insolite and Dutch Boy were there also. Next show was DCI East in Allentown, the first time I got to see a full corps retreat. Boston started up Conquest (didn't know that at the time), and I couldn't imagine why the audience was going so crazy, but I liked it! I was about to be a Junior in High School, so to say these two shows were life changing would be an understatement.
  6. Article at the top of this thread said the schedule will be released in mid January. Ya know, the PR story that gave so much valuable information.
  7. SO much for the DCA schedule being released by mid January.
  8. Received two replies. One was a stock response from the Crossmen, which was word for word written in an earlier post. The other was a response from Jim Coates with some quotes that lead me to believe the writing is on the wall. "Hopefully as we move through the next stage of our development we will find much of the same as the past has given." "Take care as I hope we still have you as a fan going forward."
  9. I knew DC traffic was pretty bad, but that must be some kind of traffic jam around our nation's capital.
  10. I thought I read that Rogue Hallow Regiment was possibly going to give DCA a whirl this year, they have done Soundsport, and quite successfully might I add.
  11. High school football in Pennsylvania starts the weekend before Labor Day Weekend. Basically, the Friday of Labor Day weekend is typically a PA High Schools second game of the regular season. Conflicts will exist in many weekends, whether it be school or work. I think when you determine the age of the majority of the performers (guessing high school and college age), it might help to determine a better date to use. But alas, that discussion may be for the other dead horse topic currently featured in drum corps planet.
  12. In the northeast, an earlier competitive season start may be difficult. With the largest indoor circuit not ending until the first weekend of May. percussion sections and color guard often fill up later. Not trying to find negative in a positive post, but I think the current start is fine. With that, one though might be that all shows prior to July 4 are similar to the current Wildwood format, commentary with no scores. Encourage corps to attend shows without much stress. I suspect that as long as there are still appearance fees, they'll be fine with this. Truthfully, with the internet age, few people stay for scores anymore anyway, so no biggie if there aren't scores. An earlier championship is something I think needs to be explored. Perhaps the weekend after DCI. I don't think you'd want to compete with DCI, and the week before that would be East in Allentown, which would be a tougher draw than DCI.
  13. Some corps may naturally move up a spot or two or even three with the loss of Oregon Crusaders, Blue Devils B and Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets. Still, there is very stiff competition in that 11-17 grouping. It seems most of that comes from the 11-12 grouping, and it will be interesting to see if even one corps enters finals this year that didn't make it last year.
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