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  1. Easy to prove. Every drum score for every show this season is on FrontEnsemble.com
  2. I never said "always", you did. I'll let the numbers speak for themselves: Thurs the total spread was off by .5 from the predicted spread. Fri the total spread was off by .3 from the predicted spread. Sat the total spread was off by 1.0 from the predicted spread. So all were off by about 1% or less of the total score. So that's about 99% correct. Not sure how that's "thoroughly discredited". These are all publicly published scores. I'm not making them up. The judges created the numbers. I didn't.
  3. Oh it be. The last head to head for Chumley between BD and BC in VA was Atlanta. He had BC up by .1
  4. Data analysis is better when you have more data to see a trend. 3 of those judges never judged both corps in the same show. And the others didn't judge both very much either. When there isn't enough data, it's a "best guess". Best that can be done under these circumstances. It's for fun, to see how close you can get.
  5. Stone last judged them both in Mesquite on 7/22 and had Bluecoats up by .1 That was a while ago, but seems odd that all the other 3 GE judges had BC over BD. That's the problem with this judging system. 1 guy out in left field can throw a championship.
  6. Chumley was part of it. He had a .30 swing from last head to head from BC to BD. That could have also made the difference tonite.
  7. I think Jeff had Mandarins perc right. In 12th, pretty far behind. They never cleaned that snare line.
  8. Looks like what did it for BD were the 3 judges who flip flopped from BC to BD since their last head to head. Stone (GE1), Chumley (VA) and Sturgeon (Guard). I think Stone was the most questionable, because all the other 3 GE judges had BC over BD.
  9. They are whipping through this. Better not blink. The opposite of last night.