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  1. I feel a little sad that not watching PC right now. One month ago , PC was 2 points above BK in Denver. Give credit to the BK staff and kids for the amount of cleaning they accomplished.
  2. Mandarins. This is show design that only comes around every few years.
  3. There's Chief's son again. He's getting too much face time.
  4. Uh oh. Cavies snare lost it a little on back sticking part. Maybe won't win drums today. But it's 2nd out of 3.
  5. The fife and drum guys were really good. I'm sure George Washington appreciated the back sticking back then.
  6. The tuning on those snares is just slightly different than modern snares.
  7. Is Properie the snare on the right? I wish he was back judging. Could always count on him to be fair. When does his son age out?
  8. Some great camera work today. 3 things in same shot.
  9. All 3 had very good, but safe runs. I have to give the edge to Xmen. It's going to be close.
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