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  1. They are part of Bakersfield (community) College. Perhaps those numbers are for the entire college music dept. or the entire college? Unlikely they are spending that kind of money or have those kind of assets, with most of those years having about 10 local CA shows.
  2. How about this. Cut the silver medals in half. Give one half to BAC and one half to Bloo. Then give the bronze to Crown. Or, if you don't like that one, how about the way the lottery gives out prize money? If 5 people have the numbers to get the 2nd prize, they still give out the prize money to all the people who had the numbers for the 3rd prize. What are they going to do with the bronze medals that say 2022 on them? Throw them away? Crown had the 3rd highest score, just give them the medals instead of throwing them away.
  3. For the kids who marched Bloo and Pulse last winter, they won WGI and DCI drums within 4 months. Incredible. They'll never forget 2022.
  4. What are the odds with all those sub captions, 2 MA judges and 4 GE judges, that 2 corps tie for the same position, 2 nights in row? Astronomical! What a year!
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