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  1. Did Dan do the right thing to shut this down from a legal standpoint? There is no right to free speech in DCI or any other organization or company at an event or even on the premises that they control. Free speech only applies to the government shutting down the speech of citizens. DCI is not the government. DCI can shut down speech at their events any time they want. Was Dan properly doing his job to protect DCI from legal action? Unless the word "allegedly" was was used in the presentation, DCI, the corps, the corps director and/or the member could be sued for defamation. Every media organization knows this and uses the word "allegedly" in reporting on situations like this. Since at this point, there have been no civil or criminal convictions regarding this matter, a person who was "damaged" by this could file a lawsuit and probably win. Even a person in this forum who doesn't use the word "allegedly" could be legally liable. Maybe a person in the Drum Corps community who is a lawyer (I know of 2 former percussion instructors who are lawyers) could expand on this. I'm pretty sure that any lawyer advising DCI would tell them to shut down this type of behavior.
  2. Is the DCI site overloaded? can't get in.
  3. What happened to Dave Gibbs of BD? Retired?
  4. I hear you. It seemed simplistic for Crown's tier. Just not that interesting.
  5. Any bigger and you'll have to knock a wall out.
  6. 3 encore runs on Periscope. 2 Downstairs, 1 upstairs. Excellent audio and video quality on the upstairs and 1 of the downstairs. haven't watched the 3rd one yet
  7. Sometimes the victory concert is better than the finals run. this is one of them. The audience is going ape s.
  8. Zoom in on Indy in the map tab
  9. Victory run now live on Periscope.
  10. The victory run should be on Periscope. At least 7 people have broadcast from the stadium. Zoom in on the Indy map in the app.
  11. Not bad for an off year for BD.
  12. Dan doesn't look good. Something going on with him?
  13. Its was 1 drop from each of two BAC guard members, a few seconds apart, about 10 feet from each other, on the number 2 front sideline.