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  1. Correction, good job on bringing back on track. Some friends have received stay-cations.
  2. This has gone so far off the rails...iClose.
  3. Since y’all didn’t get it the first few times, iLock.
  4. Hey Toby, sorry for posting that political comment... I tried to keep it neutral (didn't favor one side or the other), but I totally get the political flavor of my comment, which is why I tried to keep it light.  I will refrain in the future.  🙂

    Thanks for being awesome!

    Btw, April 1985 was a good month!    

  5. While this topic is highly appropriate, let’s keep to how it interferes with drum corps and not delve into the political spectrum
  6. Locked. I had failed to mention to you your threads were moved to the review forums. Next time, please message moderation staff with questions about moderation of topics/posts.
  7. If you can’t stick to what has been reported either by the corps or a reputable news source, we will close the topic.
  8. And as it is more just spam...iClose