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  1. Correction, good job on bringing back on track. Some friends have received stay-cations.
  2. This has gone so far off the rails...iClose.
  3. Since y’all didn’t get it the first few times, iLock.
  4. Hey Toby, sorry for posting that political comment... I tried to keep it neutral (didn't favor one side or the other), but I totally get the political flavor of my comment, which is why I tried to keep it light.  I will refrain in the future.  🙂

    Thanks for being awesome!

    Btw, April 1985 was a good month!    

  5. While this topic is highly appropriate, let’s keep to how it interferes with drum corps and not delve into the political spectrum
  6. Locked. I had failed to mention to you your threads were moved to the review forums. Next time, please message moderation staff with questions about moderation of topics/posts.
  7. If you can’t stick to what has been reported either by the corps or a reputable news source, we will close the topic.
  8. And as it is more just spam...iClose
  9. I'm so glad that it returned to my hometown this year. Even if only for one season. Enjoy the city and if you visit the corps rehearsing in Colfax, hit the museum in town. *nudgenudgewinkwink*
  10. And there is a thread here specifically about the Co-Ed decision by the BoE.