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  1. But it made you who you are. There’s a lot of folks here who love you for that. SUTA brother!
  2. If not Regiment would somebody please do this,
  3. This was totally uncalled for. Try not to confuse yesterday with today. Sounds like you have an axe to grind.
  4. This is not only unfortunate, it’s unconscionable. Why did this get to a second delinquency notice?
  5. I don’t see JD arranging Zamfir’s greatest hits or Andre Rieu’s chart busters.
  6. Change is uncomfortable sometimes. 2023 was exactly what Regiment needed to become competitive again and they NAILED IT!
  7. After reading some of the vitriol that’s been posted here I’m rethinking the civil part of your post. Flame away!
  8. I agree with all your points Harvey. Let’s hope they have a great return rate so they can build on their successes. I’m really impressed how the 2023 edition of Regiment surprised a lot of folks. Exogenesis really spoke to their reinvention. They make this alum very proud.
  9. It’s referred to as staging for a reason. I think Regiment played a lot whilst moving, they just didn’t parlay that movement into “drill” per se. They did a lot of scatter drill which I hope they address in 2024.
  10. Oh, I get satire…when it’s done tastefully. So far it fails the smell test.
  11. Whaaaa? “Staff Merry go Round = staff additions, deletions, changes. Why is this off topic? Or is this a misguided attempt at humor?
  12. I’ll stick with “Don’t listen to me”😁
  13. I suppose corps’ supplied smartphones would be a bit cost prohibitive.
  14. How about John Adams’ Dr. Atomic? Seeing how Oppenheimer is doing at the box office…… The entire corps would need to set off flash bulbs, remember those, at the end of the show for full effect. Saw it performed at Lyric Opera around 2008. It was incredible. https://ahf.nuclearmuseum.org/ahf/history/doctor-atomic/
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