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  1. Are they fielding 80 horns?..because in an indoor stadium they should blow the roof off!!
  2. I still love the Cadets , BUT, I can no longer believe the pre season hype ...I guess less info is better than hyperbole
  3. Yes...my least favorite of the 'BIG THREE" is BD..not that it's a poor performance but moreover I feel it to be TOO SAFE AND FORMULAIC..GE aside, the music didn't move me and this observation about music can be made about most of the top tier corps..IMHO..peace
  4. One of the most musically satisfying moments for me last night was the theme from "Chinatown", done by ( I think) Pacific Crest..My favorite corps is going through growing pains so I need to find beauty wherever I can..thank you PC
  5. I was reintroduced to drum corps in 1982 after watching the pbs broadcast (or tape delayed..I forget which)..the drill that the cadets displayed blew me away!!But the thing that really got me hyped was the MUSIC they played..when they make good, cohesive , musical choices I"m fine...it seems that the drill precedes the music (in importance) and because of that the now famous "chopping" of music and licensing issues have made the MUSIC compromised..I was raised on St.Kevins, Skyliners, Hawthorne, Royal Aires, BAC,Blessed Sac and yes the Garfield Cadets..So forgive me for waxing nostalgic, but the MUSIC will always be the reason I support drum corps....Blooooo gets it!!..Cadets can also..IMHO
  6. Ya did good..keep going..it"s getting better every time!
  7. Just saw the Sunday show performance....The best music in years..Keep getting better..peace
  8. Just saw your show...thank you..I loved it...BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. thank you..the word RELATIVE helped slap me back into reality...Peace
  10. please educate..why, when the judges are all trained to use the scoring criteria from DCI sheets, should there be a disparity ? I've been in drum corps as mm and now, a fan, but the subjective difference between coasts has always puzzled me..or from another period in time,..does the east german judge's bias come into play?
  11. How do the west coast scores compare to those in the east and mid west in terms of real competition...I saw a Cavaliers score(recent) that suggests that the Cadets were close..is that real or just the difference in adjudication out west ?
  12. If this is a niche activity, as many have stated..with a select few who are revered as design GODS, then self indulgence seems inevitable...not that they are egocentric to a fault, but rather, when you're in charge it's nice to be the KING/QUEEN!!