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    1982 finals...Cadets
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  1. YouTube funneled me back to the year 1991 and the DCI finals...I hadn't asked it to but the algorithm got me there anyway...Thank you algorithm!...What a great year for drum corps..My favorite moments came from Star, Cadets, Madison(loved the ballad) Cavies , and Crossman...The Midwest took 1,2,and 3 and I think it was the last time Devils finished 5th...what were your favorites or memories of the 1991 DCI campaign?...Peace
  2. I plead ignorance as to who the award caption pervs are..If it doesn't involve compromising the victims, please enlighten.
  3. Drum corps always increases my music vocabulary and BLOO is so innovative that i cannot wait for another increase..Peace
  4. Just happy to see that there are still 20+ corps in DCI...peace
  5. My corps director got so ###### off at the results of our inspection that he pulled us out of the competition and had the buses take us to another show later that day...It apparently paid more than the first ...The rumor was that the circuit we were a part of thought we had gotten too big for our britches so the only way they could screw us was to do it at inspection(Yankee circuit 1966)...We hadn't lost there in two years at the time and effectively gave away our title...lol..C'est la vie..peace
  6. Yes.. The 25th anniversary of WEST SIDE STORY was exciting while examining more of the WSS repertoire...That crazy ending sequence blew me away and the overall drill was classic Cadets..One of my favorites also
  7. I seem to remember that the person said they had SEXUAL RELATIONS several times..I am not judging , just trying to remember accurately..I made the initial response
  8. For the first time on this forum, I don'i know how to respond...Peace
  9. My only interaction with GH, happened in 2000 at Tower Records, Lincoln Center...I told a friend that I recognized GH and that I was going to say hello and how much I loved the Cadets...Approaching him respectfully, I excused myself and proceeded to tell him that I was a Cadet fan and supporter and that I hoped for a successful season...His response freaked me out!..There was no response! He just kept walking through the soundtracks dept..while looking through me not at me and said nothing..That's all I needed to know about Mr. H...I remained a Cadet fan but reserved a big F you for their director,,Good riddance...peace
  10. My favorite Cadet shows include 1982 through 2015..2018,2022 and 2023...I know that's a huge chunk of time, but I found at least something rewarding during those years that left me satisfied..I didn't always care about placement but as many have said, 1989 and 2015 were close to being winning shows..Peace
  11. Clearly, for all the good drum corps has brought to many on here, there is this disturbing undertow of sickness and sleeze that so many are now revealing having been victims themselves...What that says about the current environment of drum corps, I have no idea...My marching days are long gone...But as there's nothing new under the sun, the lewd behaviors I witnessed in the sixties are still apparently a great concern today..Hopefully these concerns can be put to rest ASAP..Peace
  12. The Cadets(RIP) will ultimately be the organization associated with what goes wrong when sexual abuse/perversion etc. goes unreported and normalized..I can only imagine how lucky some feel today that they've escaped detection in other corps where this behavior was also existent..God bless the child..PEACE
  13. TCM played GODSPELL today and I realized how much I enjoyed the production as well as the music .I know JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR has been used in DCI, most notably by Madison Scouts..Has anyone done a production of GODSPELL?..I think GODSPELL has played second fiddle to JCSS for a long time...I think I now prefer it vs. JCSS ..What say ye DCP folk?
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