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  1. waliman4444

    I think George Hopkins is innocent

    GH's guilt or innocence will ultimately be decided in court...but the subject of sexual impropriety in drum corps by both staff and marchers has been known since I marched in the 60's...the difference, I believe, is the rising understanding that the time has come to respect the minds and bodies of these youth, who put their trust in this activity..also, being a father has made me reflect on what was acceptable then vs. now...I'm actually glad that GH got busted..not because of guilt or innocence, but to bring focus on that swept under the carpet topic of abuse..peace
  2. Saw Bluecoats early in 2018 and fell in love with the show..Apparently, their changes, or lack thereof , didn't impress judges enough to keep them numero uno after mid season
  3. waliman4444

    Music corps should NOT do

    Only if Ethel the tree hanging off of his shoulder, would be given equal billing!
  4. waliman4444

    No Title

    Keith, I understand and as a Dino feel your concern...BUT, as so many on this forum have said, you can't put the yolk back into the egg once it's cracked..So, gather as many tapes, records, films, and CD's that you can and enjoy the legacy left by that era because it will never be the same again..not that now is better(arguable), just different..hope your day goes well..peace
  5. The wealthy corps, with the large staffs and creative programs will probably do whatever is necessary to maintain a competitive edge..If tarps can somehow be made safer and reliable, I can see a major corps implementing tarps under those conditions..BUT IT STILL AIN'T DRUMCORPS...LOL
  6. Thank you..I couldn't have said it better
  7. waliman4444

    Cadets 1984

    Must have been "Putney Swope" hall..that kind of banter would have worked well there''...lol
  8. Cadets 2018 at Allentown..yes?
  9. when you marched in the 65 DREAM and saw the Chicago Royal Airs live in NYC within weeks of each other
  10. waliman4444

    The Cadets 2019

    I've seen the really good H.S. props and I've seen the really bad..so if Cadets go the way of let's say Tarpon Springs, no problem,the vast majority of props I've seen, both in BOA and DCI that work well are the ones constructed well
  11. waliman4444

    The Cadets 2019

    Please! please! please!...if you use props(and I assume you will) make them professionally constructed and non high school looking..thank you
  12. waliman4444

    who leads who?

    actually, it was the 3 ring circus approach that i found fun and amusing...I don't know the adults you elude to ..i would only hope that they have good intentions re; the kids
  13. waliman4444

    who leads who?

    Just watched Tarpon Spring Outdoor Performance Ensemble....music book is not difficult and loud when required.. but #### that show visually is a Mother...those now infamous screens do add a great deal in supporting their theme