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  1. That one minute twenty four seconds sounded great..particularly the low brass..If this is indicative of the rest of their show, I'm all in...good luck this season!
  2. Mr.Ream..please excuse the spelling error
  3. From the funny and often insightful observations of Mr.Beam to the passionate and often funny musings of Poppycock, I find that drum corps people are as diverse with their opinions as the rest of society...So, as long as the poster respects the intent of this forum, I welcome all the contributions that are DRUM CORPS related..Controversy need not be a bad thing and "HOMERS" are people too..LOL
  4. Thank you Carolina Crown..Seeing you perform rekindled my drum corps "JONES' ..Looking forward to 2022 with great expectation..But please, let's wait til finals for Mr.Rondinaro"s contributions..lol
  5. If I sign up for the year in late july, does that include the full calendar year until late july 2022?..or do I have re-up in the spring of 2022..(Flo Marching)
  6. I can find something every year that pleases me..That said, the years 82 through 93 hold a special place as I was reintroduced to drum corps via public broadcasting with that Garfield show that blew me away!..For the next decade, innovation and performance, both musically and marching, made drum corps exciting..Culminating with the 93 Cadets vs. Star season..IMO..peace
  7. I made a similar observation regarding the increased possibility of injury 2 years ago..With props being moved by non union theatre workers, particularly outdoors, it's almost inevitable that the more elaborate the prop, the higher probability that someone will be injured..But we care about the kids..RIGHT?
  8. I have no problem with props when used appropriately and by appropriately I mean that they enhance the MUSIC production...As the MUSIC becomes more complex I don't want my sensory organs to be overwhelmed by EXPENSIVE, gaudy, props that take my attention away from what should be a cohesive show on a FOOTBALL field..As long as the mm's talents are on full display so be it...If all I talk about after a show is how the props looked (good or bad), maybe the mm's efforts become underappreciated or overhyped..peace
  9. Careful, prudent, protective and personal but most definitely not CRAZY
  10. Are the CADETS appearing in two shows on August 10th?
  11. Didn't know Billy Cobham and I were both Wynn Center P.A.L devotees..Gates ave and Marcy st...Great parade corps...Don't recall them competing on the field..at least not regularly..great article!
  12. Main title from movie "bad day at Black Rock"(Andre Previn) 1955