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  1. A contributor to this forum mentioned hearing the famous shout out in the 1970's..If any of you still have vinyl you can hear it in the 60's ..particularly recordings of the DREAM in jersey city..peace
  2. BTW..On the east coast the cry was "DAZE ALWAYS READY'..a little combination of Brooklynese and southern twang'' ..lol ..peace
  3. I'm only guessing, but I think it goes back to the early recordings of drum corps where people knew they'd be forever immortalized on wax ..That and an overzealous parent or two..imo..peace
  4. From vinyl to tape to cd to streaming...for all the memories...thank you..R I P
  5. The movie "The Sandpiper" has many interludes of beautiful music...The hit song "The shadow of your smile" came from this movie, as I recall..peace.
  6. Though the poster's remarks were inappropriate. let's not act as if the activity has not become more eroticized over the years..and most of the this has been in the color guard arena..27th's color guard was fully covered as I recall and they were great!..Move forward a few decades and we hear comments about PR's color guard being "sexy" in the early 2000's..comments on this forum!..So is the activity, in it's desire to satisfy the designers, allowing the hyper sexualization of the guard or is this the inevitable end of ART for art's sake?...peace
  7. Patience is truly virtuous....unless you're a drum corps fan ..lol....I'm just pleased that the Cadets appear to be recovering from 3+ years of meandering mediocrity...many on here are knowledgeable about financials, so I leave that area of expertise to them..for me, I just want to see the Cadets represent the tradition east coast drum is famous for...peace
  8. NO more bad juju !! be positive..peace
  9. I guess it's the difference in aesthetics
  10. I won't probably watch this show but I have a great respect for their activity...SAFETY is an issue in their activity as it is in DCI..They've eliminated moves deemed too risky for the performers because of injuries..DCI, with the prop revolution/evolution would do well to also consider "how much is too much?'...IMHO..peace