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  1. probably doing a spliff in the Poconos waiting for drum corps rumors to get real juicy!!
  2. I live in Brooklyn and last night was the first night I didn't hear ambulances racing through my neighborhood since late february..Surreal is an understatement...My neighbor is a nurse at one of the most crowded hospitals ..She's spent but every morning she goes into battle, without assurance of masks, gowns ' and gloves....this is America?..pray for those on the front line..Peace
  3. I forgot about Randall's Island...practicing on the pavement at night under the bridge was crazy..great acoustics though
  4. First...Shea Stadium..1964..St. Rocco's..Last..Roosevelt Stadium( jersey city),1970..N.Y. Skyliners Best...Roosevelt Stadium...Worst....Shea Stadium
  5. Any idea as to what music would have been played in 2020, had the season not been cancelled?
  6. Also under reported was the death of McCoy Tyner..one of the greatest jazz pianist of our time and the perfect compliment to John Coltrane ..peace
  7. Theme from the 1964 movie:"The girl with green eyes"
  8. NYC on probable house confinement by end of day..only gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies etc(vital services) will remain open..be safe..peace
  9. For the first time in my 60 year love affair with drum corps, me and my FAMILY including the grands, are going to finals...or at least that's what we planned..hotels,plane tickets etc., all accounted for..if no drum corps I don't know what we'll do, but I guess I better look at alternatives..oh well......Peace
  10. A contributor to this forum mentioned hearing the famous shout out in the 1970's..If any of you still have vinyl you can hear it in the 60's ..particularly recordings of the DREAM in jersey city..peace
  11. BTW..On the east coast the cry was "DAZE ALWAYS READY'..a little combination of Brooklynese and southern twang'' ..lol ..peace
  12. I'm only guessing, but I think it goes back to the early recordings of drum corps where people knew they'd be forever immortalized on wax ..That and an overzealous parent or two..imo..peace
  13. From vinyl to tape to cd to streaming...for all the memories...thank you..R I P