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  1. Louis Armstrong would've gotten back to me immediately..lol
  2. Just to clarify:The adult purchases and then uses in a state where legal..NOT carrying beyond the border of said state for the reasons previously detailed...what say you now?
  3. This was mandatory viewing in college...great laughter ensued!!
  4. This topic may have been discussed but here goes: In states where marijuana and it's by products are SOLD legally, are the adult members of a drum corps in that state on tour prohibited from purchasing and using (with discretion) said product? I ask because I don't know what the alcohol rule is, if any, on tour..thanks for your responses!
  5. I've watched the evolution of drum corps for 60 years and no where does it resemble the military orientation of my marching days...which is great IMO...So, with what seems to be a great artistic aesthetic, why the need for rifles in an activity that has progressed so far..BTW.. this is not a gun vs. no gun issue for me, just an artistic one..I realize that some corps don.t and that a themed show might require them..but the activity has become so grandiose that throwing rifles as opposed to something else seems to me a bit "old fashioned" ironically..I look forward to your educated observations..peace
  6. I agree with your percussion observation..sometimes it felt like they were doing their "own thing"..and often had nothing to do with musicality..LOVED BK's opener for that very reason..peace
  7. Just tried to explain, how musically, in my opinion, Blooo, had the perfect ending to their show in June..was merely expressing my hope that MUSICALLY the Cadets would not sacrifice good music for a GE boost..Bluecoats are one of my favorite corps and arguably could have been DCI champions this year..so that's how they ended up in this discussion ..no shade intended..peace
  8. Ballads are cool and I hope they choose a really compelling piece of music, but for me the music you come on with and exit with is as important if not more so than a great ballad.. IMHO the Bluecoats first ending last season made more sense musically than the obvious GE boosting "hey jude"..so from the first hit on, keep the MUSIC exciting whatever the genre
  9. I know we're talking about overage performers illegally making it to the field of competition ...for whatever reason....But BITD when senior corps were the logical progression for mm's after ageing out the opposite happened with some senior corps, by allowing middle teens to march with men and women..talk about a growing up fast!!!..I don't know if there was a formal minimum age for senior corps but if they needed to fill a hole, age was often overlooked(particularly if you had a beard).Lol..I don't know when all-age drum corps started but there was a time when senior drum corps was the BOMB and aspiring to march there was laudable
  10. A show concept featuring the music of miles davis. john coltrane, chick corea and for all you jersey cats , wayne shorter...progression from be-bop to now..I don't know about the design, just the music...but what a great array of music to choose from..yes?
  11. Congratulations on the staff hires..their street cred established, I look forward to a successful season..HOWEVER after last season's pre season hype ...I'm from Missouri !..Peace
  12. Not that it"s important, but I liked the Bluecoats original closer...seemed to be a very classy way to end..I figured they needed to add more GE as BD got closer, but when I first saw that ending BOW it was cool