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  1. yo people..this is drum corps...all the historic VFW and American legion corps performed shows that almost had to include the patriotic presentation of colors ...We've come along way from starting and ending shows with gun shots to where mm's are expressing themselves in ways that continue to blow me away..Just entertain us.. if a few feathers are ruffled, so be it !!! you can't please everybody
  2. depending on the prism you look through, just about anything can be politicized..just be entertaining and watch how the audience, regardless of political affiliation, either loves the show or pans it..hopefully they love the direction cadets are moving..and I think it was G. Dixon who said something about not performing a "boring" program...I concur..as long as the show is stimulating, a bit avant-garde and performed well, i"ll be okay, regardless of placement..peace
  3. We were the N.Y. Skyliners of the 1960's...so if anyone on here goes back that far, our personality was: play hard, drink hard, fight hard , love hard and always hate the Hawthorne Caballeros
  4. Well I guess it"s time bring this topic to a close for awhile..thanks for your input
  5. Please stay on topic...if it has run it"s course then let it be done..otherwise safety vs. GE innovations(good or bad)
  6. So far, I've seen responses essentially supporting the new prop oriented DCI because of the safety built into said props ..Also seen are people who believe that we might be getting close to an over indulgence with things that aren't horns, drums or flags(rifles) etc..What bad thing would need to happen in order for DCI to consider altering or eliminating the 'Higher and bigger" direction currently under way?
  7. Yes..the verticality factor is the one area that concerns me..I'd hate to see a fail because of poorly designed props, but even more problematic is a slipping off of said prop by a mm due to atmospheric conditions
  8. While watching the collegiate cheerleading competition recently, I was informed that the competition committee made less dangerous the activity by eliminating certain dangerous moves by the competitors..Made me think of SCV and their great acrobat and how nervous I felt seeing him on the platform doing his thing...what say you? Are we getting too dangerous"
  9. GH's guilt or innocence will ultimately be decided in court...but the subject of sexual impropriety in drum corps by both staff and marchers has been known since I marched in the 60's...the difference, I believe, is the rising understanding that the time has come to respect the minds and bodies of these youth, who put their trust in this activity..also, being a father has made me reflect on what was acceptable then vs. now...I'm actually glad that GH got busted..not because of guilt or innocence, but to bring focus on that swept under the carpet topic of abuse..peace