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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all on here...still can't watch 2019 cadet replays but am wishing the best for my favorite corps in 2020..PEACE
  2. Forgive me for what may be obvious to some..If a corps has NO members under 18(generally the ADULT starting point chronologically), would there be a need for the ADULT supervision as given to corps with CHILDREN 14-17..If you still consider 18 year olds less than adult then my question will have been answered...
  3. as for people watching something they may dislike: It's not that unusual!..take the news for instance..as of today there's been a high school shooting in California and New Jersey...dislike it yes..but one can justify watching for obvious reasons..As per band competitions, I agree with a poster that some of them are so "over the top" with props and "corny" choreography that it can become laughable..no disrespect to the bands but corny can be funny...the last reason for watching is the MONEY you may have paid for the full season of marching arts on FLO..you want your money's worth! All the above is IMHO...peace
  4. St.Rocco"s and OLPH were, and still are a mile from each other...Add St. Rita's Brassmen and you had really good representation from Brooklyn minutes from each other
  5. ST. Rocco's (Bklyn) only claim to fame was in 1966 beating Garfield twice...WE kinda looked liked Garfield, so the joke was that the judges made a mistake...unfortunately we folded in 67..Always liked Cadets..still do!
  6. BITD most of us weren't music or dance majors..we were happy just to be able to perform, period..Times have changed(obviously) and the performers, as you have outlined, are reflective of that change..peace
  7. Since marching has been replaced by dance (essentially); what was the process that Martha Graham or Merce Cunningham used in consultation with their costume designers in bringing costume relevance to modern dance..Seems to me that with limited suppliers corps might be afraid to go truly "outside the box" exploring more simplistic alternatives...freedom of movement and show relevance can still be attained without everyone "glitzed up"...As long as the costumes are relevant to the theme, let the music once again be the focal point of the show..Note: I no longer refer to drum corps wear as uniforms...except for Madison last season...All the above is IMHO..peace
  8. BITD, booze was the major drug( yes drug) that we would use while in junior corps...But when I graduated to senior drum corps, every drug, even hallucinogens, was known to travel with certain corps...philosophy being: as long as they showed up to practice or competition clean...no problem..facts!!
  9. Seems like weed has been around drum corps from at least the 60's...If it's legalized federally (for adult consumption) I can imagine the announcer at finals saying " the award for high G.E. goes to.....ME"..lol
  10. yes..but this is regarding Adults on tour in 2019-2020
  11. Louis Armstrong would've gotten back to me immediately..lol