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  1. America's ORIGINAL music always gets trumped by european classical because the impression is that the writing of classical music is SERIOUS ,while Jazz is (just) improvisation with chord changes..fortunately the blue coats have not given in to that observation..BTW I'm a CADETS fan, so this is not a HOMER advocacy
  2. Regarding the issue of scoring the DCI event in August: I don't really care if it's scored or not...just seeing drum corps this year, in any context, would bolster my feelings that perhaps 2022 will be outrageously cool..After all the covid/political machinations of this year, the promise of returning to NORMAL at some point would be more than I could have expected ..So, if there's a show or shows, I'll be there, God willing..peace
  3. it's the same in Brooklyn where mayor D has closed orthodox schools until further notice in some neighborhoods..rioting has taken place in Williamsburg regarding masks and safe distancing..peace
  4. how cavalier(no pun intended) that you feel it perfectly fine to resume normalcy..have members of your family died from covid?..It's great that your genetics have left you and yours virtually immune, but not all of us are so fortunate..NYC suffered a great deal and people who were NOT fat and out of shape or 55+ also died.
  5. I live in the northeast and marched with two integrated corps; one junior, one senior during the 1960's..I remember that certain corps were known to be uninviting to people of color..So when I saw some of these previously EXCLUSIVE corps admitting people of color, I was pleasantly surprised and believed that drum corps had finally grown up...Again this was in the (liberal) northeast...New Jersey to be specific..Geography has never limited racism..and those subject to it recognized it for what it was no matter how ATTRACTIVE the uniform...peace
  6. probably doing a spliff in the Poconos waiting for drum corps rumors to get real juicy!!
  7. I live in Brooklyn and last night was the first night I didn't hear ambulances racing through my neighborhood since late february..Surreal is an understatement...My neighbor is a nurse at one of the most crowded hospitals ..She's spent but every morning she goes into battle, without assurance of masks, gowns ' and gloves....this is America?..pray for those on the front line..Peace
  8. I forgot about Randall's Island...practicing on the pavement at night under the bridge was crazy..great acoustics though
  9. First...Shea Stadium..1964..St. Rocco's..Last..Roosevelt Stadium( jersey city),1970..N.Y. Skyliners Best...Roosevelt Stadium...Worst....Shea Stadium
  10. Any idea as to what music would have been played in 2020, had the season not been cancelled?
  11. Also under reported was the death of McCoy Tyner..one of the greatest jazz pianist of our time and the perfect compliment to John Coltrane ..peace