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  1. it also has to do with A TON of people just not getting "music".... people don't care about what they don't understand.
  2. ummm... what? its the BD guard. nuff said. they're THAT good EVERY year. get a clue man.
  3. one thing i can say is... consistency is KEY. Consistency in the entire organization, staff, directors, techs, arrangers, whoever... also in BD's case, it doesn't hurt to have a slew of Hall of Famers on your staff.
  4. The little snippet of Bluecoats show on the retreat broadcasts made me want to go find the show somewhere and watch it. Awesome job Bloooo.
  5. hopefully a thread this scientific doesn't boil down to someone saying the Blue Devils cheated, like in 2007.... HAHAHAHA!!! seriously though, this is a cool read. interesting to see how loud they were getting. Now only if we could get measurements from when all corps used G bugles... Are there any general measurements?
  6. I don't understand why everyone thinks BD was so disrespectful to PR in 2008.... I posted a picture awhile back with a member from BD and a member from PR after scores were announced. No, they weren't fighting or calling each other names. They were hugging. I think some of you on here need a hug too... Lol!!!
  7. BD is also getting Cheese Bagels for night time snack... Unfair advantage?
  8. So whats the deal with everyone posting about how the crowd reacted to BD, supposedly anyways... I thought this was a BD friendly environment?!
  9. I think Albert Lo has been reading too many DCP posts about the Blue Devils music.... puts them in 4th in rep.
  10. BD 97.9 my prediction on pg 14, was off by .2... oh well ON TO SEMIS!! This ain't over folks.
  11. bluecoats.. 96.25... someone screwed up earlier.. lol
  12. the people in my theater were throwing babies after BD was finished. and were silent for all the other corps. weird, huh.
  13. I know what I saw, does that make me smarter than you? lol i kid i kid.