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  1. Some color guards that would have been good for this rule: PR 2008 Bluecoats 2007 BD almost any year Crown 2007 Feel free to add any others...
  2. If I didn't live on the other side of the country, I would totally help! (Also, it also doesn't help (from my stand point) that I'm marching. But if I wasn't marching, and I could help, I would! Maybe next season. (I age-out this summer.)) Hope you guys get the help, and good luck this season!
  3. Yes, this is a good point. Last year on tour, we (the corps I marched with) stayed in a Lutheran school in Ohio, I think, and we couldn't not wear shirts while even being on the school grounds. Some of the members did complain a little at first, but there were no problems.
  4. Apparently, Wikipedia, doesn't have information on everything. That's a complete surpirse! But, sad to say, I can't go to the website right now because I'm at work and the site is blocked (just like most of the good websites, like games, etc. are blocked , except for DCP of course ), but I will took a look when I get home, for sure.
  5. Yea, it doesn't seem right that they made a comment on the former employee. As far as I know, all other companies/work places do NOT comment on a former employee in a position when they, the employer, is rehiring in that position.
  6. Yea, I couldn't tell what was worng untell you said something. The 'b' on the shirt does look like the 'v' in the corps logo/name in the upper left.
  7. Welcome! Sad to say, but I have never heard of the Warren Jr. Military Band. Were/Are they any good?
  8. Yea, there was a guy sitting near were I was who had shouted out the same thing. I was at the top, although I don't know if we're talking about the same guy... And then at Semis, when the Cadets were coming out onto the field, some of the other members of the corps I march with were shouting out "Hey Cadets, line my field!" and different variations of it.
  9. Hi! P.S>- I'm a fan of the Bluecoats.
  10. True, but from what I've seen before (both professional and some high schools), those 15 minutes can get kinda brutal. For example; look at Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots. He got hurt within like the first five minutes of their first game in the 2008-2009 season.