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  1. They have this inconjunction with Music for All Summer Symposium Band Camp week at Ball State so you have about 1800 band kids in attendance and they love it!!
  2. OK, just joined the broadcast but holy cow cannot listen to that! Either the Pioneer had the vocals WAY too loud or just so happens Pioneer set their sound cabinets right under the mics for the broadcast. However, I am curious to find out if those were DCI mics 1 foot a away from the center of the top speaker on Pioneer's cabinets. In that case DCI needs to do a better job mixing the sound. The fewer mics the better IMHO.
  3. Just got home from the show in Indy. I wasn't going to say anything because there is really no point...but...the Cadet's show kind of laid a bomb. Not that it was performed badly, on the contrary - that was some of the best brass sound heard in a couple of years and the drum was fantastic! It is the show. - plain and simple. I am fairly patriotic - I fly the flag on Flag day on July 4th I thought it was kind of neat that a corp was doing a patriotic show. The crowd politely applauded a couple of times but there was not any real excitement in the show except for a couple of loud power chords. Some difficult music performed well for the most part (there was one part that almost got away from them). But the big ramps and stage with an annoying narrator going up down the ramps with some nice music going on in the background is not really an exciting show. Carolina Crown's show did have the excitement and almost the same intensity of the Cadet's sound. They need to tweak the ending - it was a little anti-climatic and at the beginning when the countdown goes to liftoff I don't think I would out the dead beat in there before the sound of the liftoff. Phantom had a decent show with Swan Lake with some nice visuals in uniform changes and the music was good. There is one odd bit with the pit near the beginning that I wasn;t sure how that fit in with the show though! Cavvies look to be stronger this year with a better show than last year and it was entertaining! Troopers are quite the same Troopers from years ago but hopefully they get it back! Oh well it is late - time for bed.
  4. Of course not, the G7 is not going to allow the Scouts to oust a G7 corp so they had to gently begin nudging them out no matter how the Cavs are currently performing.
  5. And Crown performed it well. Though still corny!
  6. Lighten up Francis.....a little bit touchy are we? Some of us were not on "hours ago".
  7. I already had to turn my subwoofer off earlier. Had to turn the sound down for that show too bad because the brass was pretty good. Too much on the amps ruins it all though
  8. Elsa's Prcession played by The Marine Corp Drum and Bugle Corp (the Commandant's Own) is awseome - just ignoire the storyline line behind it though as mentioned above!!! I had that at my wedding (not the Marine Corp although my wife knew the late Col. Truman Crawford) just the music!
  9. Don't give them any more ideas!!! DCI in Sense Surround! ala 1974 Earthquake movie!
  10. I'll be making the 10 minute drive LOS on Friday and Saturday....
  11. Will there be pass out or are we trapped in LOS all day?
  12. We already have shows where the horn line puts their horns down while dancing and doing drill work to the pit and synthesizers so I am sure someone (think Cadets or Crown) will take it further and just have a dozen or so horns with wireless mics and 8 keyboard players and lots of guard. We really shouldn't give GH any more bad ideas!!!
  13. DONT CLICK ON THE FREAKIN TOPIC!!!! THEN YOU WON'T HAVE TO READ IT. IS IT THAT HARD? Yes - I was shouting. Now get out of this topic so I can keep complaining.....