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  1. wait, no. MMs are there to perform the show. if designers want to throw singing and/or spoken word elements into the show, that's their prerogative, but if they're calling for special skills, their MMs better have them, or the show should rightly feel it in their scores.
  2. not having recaps was a major bum out for me. i like granular detail. what was the reasoning behind the move?
  3. sorta like the show, but really don't need to hear electronic zapping noises. "tesla invented it, let's throw it in!" is really not that clever a design strategy, in my opinion (no matter how cool all things tesla-related are). drums are jammin though. i like rennick's book this season more than last.
  4. drumline's totally jammin. book's incredible.
  5. drumline sounds + appears much stronger than last season. they took a lot of heat, but ended up pretty clean. hope they've a chip on their shoulder this year.
  6. bds' drums are ugly. cadets' drums are gorgeous.
  7. riiiiiight...yeah i'm pretty sure my comments have made it clear i am speaking to the design of this year's show, and not of the effort given by its marching members. additionally, my comment "some alumni are not smiling, nor should they," implicitly acknowledges some alumni ARE smiling. like you. some are, some are not. i hope this clears things up. suta
  8. yeah.....being better than 2009 isn't that impressive to me. it is true the competition is very strong this year. everyone is doing really well. except for phantom. which is my point-- everyone (else) managed to assemble an interesting, competitive show this year. this is the source of my summer bummer. and i'd rather take that lick than pretend it is something better than it really is.
  9. look gang it's a good show. good. regiment should be better than good. 90 is just a number. of course i realize this. of course the students in the corps have nothing at all to be ashamed of. they are killing themselves and are learning things they will never forget as long as they live, as i and anyone who has ever marched any corps at any level did. but the show should be better. the show should be totally radical. it's not. i'm bummed. i am glad regiment is starting to sound like regiment. i am glad the show design has improved over the course of the last few weeks. how about regiment sound like regiment just a bit sooner? and how about making a show that isn't a cl-sterf-ck until the last week in july?
  10. ajlemm, be my guest. to be clear, my frustrations w/r/t regiment's year so far lie with the design team. i think they bungled from the get-go what could have been a superior show. oldbandguy: i do know what it takes to break 90. not all alumni are smiling, nor should they, in my opinion.
  11. my point is that people who say this year's show is wonderful are wrong. oy....forgot about 2009....might've blocked that year from memory, lol.
  12. um....this year's show is still one of regiment's lowest-scoring in longer than a decade. we are barely breaking 90. initial estimates, unfortunately, have not been too far off.
  13. i just wanted to say, not that i don't like 2014, but every time i hear the show i really miss the 2004 scv.