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  1. They also just picked up Steve Barnhill as a consultant. Looks like some great choices being made from their organization.
  2. bump, realized it's not a model 102 powerbore, just the regular model 100. PM me if you have an offer or need photos!
  3. Hi guys, have a Kanstul Model 100 Soprano up for sale. Just gave the horn a quick polish, slides haven't been lubed for about 5 years, comes with an old ProTec case that is in poor condition, but still zips up. Will be packed securely. Does not come with mouthpiece. Asking $400 obo, + $30 shipping Can take paypal or Venmo feel free to pm me here if you have any questions
  4. van·guard ˈvanˌɡärd/ noun a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. "the experimental spirit of the modernist vanguard" a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas. "the prototype was in the vanguard of technical development" I don't see SCV doing a rehash of shows from past years.
  5. The members of the Front Ensemble held the letters and Rose for the Thank You sign along with the banner in the front of the corps. Check out the Bandfest performance and see the front ensemble members killing it in Scheherazade. As for the size of the drumline, not every member can justify the costs of flights, are in other winter ensembles or couldn't take the time off of work. That being said, all of the members in each section were amazing throughout the week! What an amazing way to kick off SCV's 50th anniversary. This whole performance would not be possible without the support and planning of our volunteers and administration who spent MONTHS preparing uniforms and other items.
  6. I live in Santa Clara, been to the stadium on multiple occasions. It sucks. I was pro-drum corps being in the stadium for a long time, but once I started attending games there, I've changed my mind.
  7. for Spring Training/Move Ins BD is indeed "on their own" for housing. There are a lot of local families who take in the corps members, many are parents or alumni of the corps, a few of the members will rent an apartment for a month or two for move ins. SCV goes up to Weed,CA right by Mt. Shasta for move ins (very beautiful view), then they move down to Tollhouse the week before the first show. BDB and SCVC are housed by local members within the corps.
  8. Just curious, what's the plan (longterm or short term) for you guys? Compete in SDCA? Open Class? Have you started the process of obtaining instruments/equipment? Does the corps have a website yet?
  9. The Vanguard Cadets Brass and Visual Staff will be hosting their annual clinic/workshops on November 16th & 23rd for all local prospective or returning brass players looking to audition for either the Santa Clara Vanguard and/or Vanguard Cadets this December. The schedule for both days is 9-12:00PM visual time, with 12-1:00PM lunch on your own, and the 1-4pm brass. Trumpet players will need to bring their own instruments as none will be provided and it is recommended that other instruments do so as well. We will though have some mellos, baritones, euphoniums and tubas on hand but you will need to bring a mouthpiece (ONLY LARGE BORE mouthpieces for baritone or euphonium). You will also need to bring a music and a water jug. Since you will be marching, proper clothes and shoes for this are essential. Also make sure you've had something to eat that morning. Administration staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding this season. Event Schedule: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16 9:00a – 12:00p Visual Workshop 12:00p – 1:00p Lunch (on your own) 1:00p – 4:00p Brass Workshop
  10. If at all possible, attend the 2 workshops this month! 11/16 and 11/23 at the corps hall. You can get a basic understanding of the marching technique used and a look at what the brass blocks will be like.
  11. Definitely come to the audition camp! What people forget is that most drum corps audition camps are also Clinics! The staff looks for people who are willing to learn and have a great attitude. If the staff sees that you want to learn and they see your potential, who knows what will happen? Yes playing and marching are a main part of this activity. In my past 2 years with the corps, I've seen many members who learned how to march, and learn how to play a brass instrument for the first time.
  12. at Renegades in 2011 (and previous years than when I marched) when the corps had rehearsals in "SF", we lined a field on a parking lot using soap. I've seen Bluecoats use painters tape to make a whole field during finals week.
  13. Not sure of order, but top 3 will include Bluecoats, Blue Devils and Vanguard. BDB will make top 12 world class, open class corps will continue to rise higher into the world class rankings, as they have for the past few years.
  14. If you haven't already, please make a MySCV account on . You can fill out a prospective member questionnaire for both SCV and SCVC. You'll get the most up to date info on audition info (materials, camps, etc. ) as it comes out.