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  1. As the Corps left the tunnel tonight at Prelims, a gong and two microphones were left in the tunnel. I've got screen captures of a woman in a blue shirt (stadium staff) walking off with the items. Please advise Corps staff. Respond, if necessary, to:
  2. Copied from HOF page re: Nick Buoniconti...Tom marched bass with Florida Wave. Tom Griffing When I was 6 He did an autograph signing at Sears at Cutler Ridge Mall. He was running late and as we waited for him I told my mom I was tired and went and sat down at a table nearby. When he arrived the crowd around him moved towards me and parted.”Are you going to sign autographs or am I?” Is what he said to me as I looked up at him. I got up and he sat down and put me on his knee and proceeded to sign autographs for people all while I sat in his lap.I will never forget that day. Rest In Peace Mr. Buoniconti
  3. Shame, shame, shame on NBC. We could have done without Arnold to show the REAL best of California...SCV!!! NBC, you're fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Info re: St Joe's (circa 1954) is on Page 13... "" Page 17 features MY corps...the other St. "Vinnies" and the other Madison!
  5. The computer is fine. My beef is on June 14th there was no friggin' asterisk!
  6. Ah well...there goes the last $99 I'll give DCI!
  7. The Cadets – Clifton High School Blue Devils - New Providence HS 35 Pioneer Dr New Providence, NJ 07974 MAP Carolina Crown - Roxbury High School 1 Bryant Drive Succasanna, NJ 07876 (map) Boston Crusaders – Carl Sandburg Middle School 3439 County Road 516 Old Bridge, NJ 08857 Jersey Surf – No housing info on website 7th Regiment - TBD per website Spartans - No housing info on website Raiders - No housing info on website
  8. Follow BD as they trek eastward on Flight Aware! JetBlue Flight 288 (now somewhere Colorado) US Air Flight 1742/1806 departs LAX at 12 Noon EDT JetBlue Flight 488 departs LAX at 2:35 EDT