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  1. They've had a couple injuries, but fully expect to field a line of 12. And they're actually not being doubled by synth as much as in the past. I listened to them doing bopped segments in full music ensemble, and while the synth did add in on a long chord, it was at a more balanced range, and not that much the sub bass range. In fact, the staff and players themselves are experimenting with a few players splitting down an octave to that sub bass range. If you get a chance, try and listen for it during warm ups - it's really cool!
  2. Just a clarification for everyone, the Spirit shako is white. I realize there's a consistency across all the images making it look gray, but in person, it's clearly white. However, I'm also puzzled about the "upside down" delta on the shako. I haven't had a chance to talk with anyone about it.
  3. We're excited to be there too. It's a stacked show and we're looking to impress! Looking to be a great year for any corps from the South!
  4. There have been several staff changes at Spirit this year, but most of them are "up-top" changes...administrators and caption heads taking a break/retiring and active day-to-day staff being promoted in their place. That being said, yes, the brass staff is more new than old. Two techs have been retained from the 2013 staff, but there are two new caption heads, Errick Prince and Michael Terry, as well as a large crew of new techs. Personnel wise, several vets are returning, some for their fourth or fifth seasons. The screamer soloist from 2013 is aging out this year, and he's gotten even better and is playing in a more featured setting. Yes, I agree that Andy Putnam and his staff were excellent people and great teachers. I owe a lot of my success back in 2011 and continuing on in my DCA career to them. But this new staff is just as good, if not better. Hornline sounds powerful and is being developed with the right sensibilities for the show this year. Southern, soulful jazz is a major part of the show this year, and I'm reminded positively of the Spirit sound of the 80s from the current hornline.
  5. Let it be noted that everyone on this list left by their own decision as far as I know. Some have been teaching for a very long time and deserve the break. Others have taken on new roles in their professional lives and simply won't be able to be as present as before and have decided to leave rather than disservice the corps with an inconsistent presence. Additionally, minus the brass staff who are new, the people that are stepping up as caption heads are the people who have worked alongside these big list names, and were the real day to day people that the corps members interacted with over the last few years. In the end, I'm just amazed that people think this is the end for Spirit. Sure, there'll be some rubs as is always true for new staffs. But there will be consistency in many of the captions along with some fresh new talent. Not saying Spirit of Atlanta's gonna win DCI. I'm just saying... ... ... ... Spirit of Atlanta's gonna win DCI.
  6. At the risk of coming off as Captain of the Spirit Defense Force, why? Who on this staff is not going to maintain the current rate of improvement relative to everyone else around?
  7. Spirit of Atlanta as of late has required everyone to be dropped off by family/friends at spring training. There have definitely been some arrangements with local alumni, family, and friends for people that need to drive in and don't have anyone to drive their vehicles back.
  8. I used Dinkles for one year in college and hated them. Big, heavy, not flexible at all. Ever since, it's been Vipers, and I've loved them because they are opposite of the Dinkles: sleek, light, and flexible. I've heard similar good things about the System Blue Super Drillmasters. I am intrigued by the Velocity shoes that Crown wore this year. They also appear to be cheaper than both Vipers and Super Drillmasters at most retailers. Might try a pair next season.
  9. Jeff Prosperie's tape for the Cadets at Finals this year is floating around the internet. Definitely not snare focused.
  10. Really Steve? It was hard getting to my 50 yard line seat. Whether it was actually packed or not, I feel that a performer looking up would perceive this to be a sell out. Heck, that's my perception of it, since I didn't actually sit down until after the break, and people may have filled in as time went on. Away from that topic, the venue is great. When I was walking in, I came across some Blue Stars hornline members asking if this was a turf field and being very relieved to find out it was. The place has a modern video board, and we had two cameras on the ground providing multicam. This event might could be a candidate for a Fan Network webcast/video on demand in the future. My seat was in the row next to the top row, and it's basically a drum corps sweet spot as far as being able to read drill forms but also see performers' faces. I'll admit that from fan network, shows like Blue Stars have no thematic effect whatsoever, but live, I finally get what they're doing. So, those of you wondering about the supposed new ending, I can't comment on comparing it to the previous versions, but the ending that I saw made thematic sense to me. *shrug*
  11. Blue Stars performing VERY well. Agree with other reviewers that the middle this is probably most polished. Horns, drums, guard all look very solid. They seem to lose confidence during demanding drill. However, the drill book looks much more attainable than last year. Spirit coming on now. Forgive while I go honk for a bit.
  12. So real talk, I think everybody is good, so don't expect much of a real look as to why some groups are scoring lower/higher than each other. Academy is very entertaining, and the horns sound wonderful. Some visual dirt, foot running and stickouts in forms. I kinda find the program sections hard to follow, but the members sell the heck out of it, if that makes any sense.
  13. I'm here. Limited posting ability. Was watching warm-up. Almost about to start Academy. Place is PACKED.
  14. I want to say I saw an 8PM start. So, something like this? 8:07 - Pioneer 8:24 - Mandarins 8:41 - Jersey Surf 8:58 - Break 9:15 - The Academy 9:32 - Blue Stars 9:49 - Spirit of Atlanta 10:10 - Encore (Spirit) EDIT: Found this same schedule on a comment on the Spirit FB page. Probably accurate.
  15. This will be my first live drum corps of the year. Well, minus my own show in the DCA circuit. Anyway, VERY excited!
  16. Kevin Gamin said this: " There's some kind of reflective material on the rifles which really catches the lights when tossed, very unexpected in a good way." I honestly have no idea how they look from the stands, since I'm performing right behind them. :thumbup:/>
  17. LED lights have made their way to DCA last weekend. I don't have pictures, but Atlanta CV's guard is using lit rifles, making for a very cool effect!
  18. Of course not. Day after Minnesota was another change day. I don't exactly know what the changes were, but the staff is well aware of how things are going and won't let this one pass by.
  19. All, Just want to wish safe travels to everyone, corps and fan alike this weekend. I'm very excited to soon be bussing up with Atlanta CV tonight, and we're looking forward to putting on a great show at Hornell on Saturday!
  20. Real talk, everyone at this show will do the same. Spirit, Crossmen, Colts have great shows this year. Have a blast!
  21. I'm a homer, but I have a good feeling. Thing is, the past two years, our change days really weren't much of change days to begin with and we're mostly rolling into August with the design from June. This year, the design starts off even better than before (and arguably at a very competitive level to other corps), and now we're making changes to push it over the top. Regardless of how it scores, from what I hear from the gym floor, us fans will get a *real* kick out of the new closer!
  22. Never had a problem with him during my Northeast tour. Adds a unique charm that I appreciate as different but equally enjoyable to the Brandt Crockers and Fran Harings. That being said, I'd be interested in seeing what would happen if SCV 2011 were to have done northeast tour.
  23. Funny you say this because the friend I mentioned that joined them marched two years with me in Atlanta CV/CorpsVets. :tongue:/>
  24. VP, VA, and Brass. I'd ideally like to get more years of marching band judging experience, and probably some distance from previous corps affiliations. At this point, I don't think I'm mature enough to get into GE captions and judge design on a deep level.