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  1. Fantastic orchestral arrangement of it was used as theme music for the Amazon show Mozart in the Jungle. Available on Spotify.
  2. Playlist updated with everything I've seen available on Spotify. PM me if I missed anything that you can see on Spotify and I'll fix it
  3. And if you look at those specific pieces, SCV used Adagio fantastically and in the High School realm, Broken Arrow's performance of St. Gregory in 2012 was simply transcendent. A corps using the horn calls and vocal parts in Pastoral Symphony like that? Gutsy, but I can imagine the silence in the dome as the audience takes time to process the experience, then leaps to their feet screaming. Chills.
  4. Am I the only one that's begging for more Vaughan Williams? I was looking on CorpsReps, and 75 percent of what's been played by him is English Folk Song Suite, and only two of his symphonies have been touched (1 & 8). I'd adore hearing 3-5 on the field. Also I'd like to hear fantasia on a theme by thomas tallis done again
  5. and why they should have avoided a whole MASS show... Maybe this all just means that corps should be looking into different places for music? Like as much as I may not have cared for the Bloo route last year, they definitely mixed it up with source music and that's not always a bad thing. There's loads of music that either hasn't been done or was never done to anywhere close to its potential, so maybe stop with the retreads?
  6. While on the subject of the Pulitzers, I'd love to see a corps do Julia Wolfe's Anthracite Fields, which won back in 2014. BK could do amazing things with Breaker Boys (Mvmt. 2) and Flowers (Mvmt. 4) Mvmt. 2 Mvmt. 4
  7. I do have issues with the guy from Tresona, but that's nothing to do with moral character, more to do with my issues about everything that company has done to create issues for DCI and BOA (still don't have the option to buy a recording of my senior year marching band show because of them).
  8. I imagine that due to the circumstances they'll at least waive the latter requirement.
  9. I'm definitely liking the fact that Ben Regalado is on the board. Good man, in my experiences with him.
  10. I mean, Cavies did Woodkid a few years back. I wasn't exactly enamored with it but it's not too far from the same vein.
  11. For a really fun game, hit shuffle. I did put down all the suggestions I could find in here. Including threnody for the victims of Hiroshima.