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  1. USMC one again proving that the key of G is big, loud, and beautiful.
  2. Every time I've seen PC live or via Flo, there's always at least 1 contra hole. Does anyone know how many contras they are marching this year? ...sorry, tuba..
  3. You can download the "Flosports" app, login, and stream away:)
  4. Parents all over DCP completely understand this father's sentiment.
  5. At least they're as loud as the g bugles unplugged now.:)
  6. Anyone know what's going on with PC's tuba holes? I saw them at Stanford and they had 6 tubas or so. At the Rose Bowl I think they had 10. It looks like thy only have 7 out tonight.
  7. No more age-out colors on the plume? If they are all potentially returning members...great news for Vanguard.
  8. Excellent Design! Excellent Execution! The Cavies are certainly back. I hope they ride this momentum into next season. Woot!
  9. I've noticed that when Cadets are announced it's "DCI is proud to present....." instead of "Drum Corps International is proud to present..." The latter seems to be the norm for all the other corps. I thought I heard it on the last couple webcasts as well. Anyone know why this might be?
  10. That 16th note full ensemble horn lick was right on point!
  11. Ahhh.. we have a thread...
  12. Are my eyes deceiving? The Madison snares look tilted... I think I've seen someone do it before; is there an advantage to this?
  13. Cascades are tearin' it up. One interesting thing; I notice the whole corps isn't wearing gloves. Might be one of the first corps I've seen not do so. I always thought it was bit easier to play some 16th note licks without them, I wonder if that was a consideration.
  14. Not that this show needs saving but..... IMHO, the last set should look something like the below
  15. Is that whole opening stagecoach vignette not judged? If not, seems kind of a bummer; that's some puuurdy horn playin'.