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  1. Thanks for posting. I marched in the 1975 Argonauts and it was a treat to hear it again.
  2. They are still running a Drum Corps show. Drums on Fire. It's really the only show close to Portland, unless you want to drive up to Seattle.
  3. Sadly, Drum Corps is almost gone in the northwest. I stopped traveling to Indianapolis, because it is such a boring place to go. I sure wish DCI would move its championships. Including DCI finals as part of a summer vacation is not an option anymore.
  4. The same could be said for instrument manufactures as well.
  5. Since DCI is an international organization by name, is should clarify its international rules, regarding uniform fabrics. If they were to do that, perhaps this rule change would not be needed.
  6. If the corps have a generic uniform, that all corps use, than there will be no uniform advantage. I think the same concept could be used for instruments, as well. If all the corps are using the same brand of instruments, this will also level out the playing field. Imagine how much money could be saved, if the corps could buy all their instruments together in bulk. The same could be done with uniforms. It would also be possible that multiple corps could use the same uniforms, exchanging them between shows.
  7. Just a couple updates to this topic The Color Karma Corp. has been investigated by the justice department. This is not drum corps related. It is related to uniform designs associate with the Hotdog on a Stick restaurant chain, found mostly in malls. The Color Karma Corp. has recently closed its north American operations and no longer has a website Soviet Block Designs *TM is currently under reconstruction. It is rumored that a major accident occurred in their research and development laboratories, but no information has been released. Fans Against Untest
  8. I love SCV's vintage uniforms. I really hate the new digitally designed uniforms. I think they look tacky. Corps no longer have uniforms. They are costumes.
  9. you only say that since you started off page 4. weird, since you have expressed that you are uninterested in the topic. :0
  10. Started in 1974. Marched for six years. Enjoyed every minute of it. Have not agreed with many of the rule changes, but have to admit, I was wrong on a few. I think drum corps shows are better then the every have been. There is nothing more exciting then sitting in good seats at the finals. Although I absolutely hate Indianapolis, I do enjoy the shows. I attended my last DCI final, two years ago. I will not spend the money to travel to Indianapolis. I have only missed two DCI finals, since 74. If they ever decide to move the finals to a different city, I would happily attend. Indianapolis has
  11. Now that corps feel they must change their uniform every year, it has become increasingly expensive. It used to be rare, that a corps changed their uniform design. When a corps entered the field, for the first time that year, you would instantly know who they are. Now you often must wait for the announcer to identify the group, to know. Fans and judges have their favorites. Judges are more likely to have a favorable opinion of corps of which they are already a fan. If everyone has the same uniform, this would make it harder for judges to be influenced by fan loyalty. Obviously, judges would l
  12. 2021 Proposed Rule Change. TITLE OF PROPOSED CHANGE: Uniform Uniformity DESCRIPTION: All competitive drum corps will use the same uniform during competition. Each corps will have their own uniforms, but they will be of the same design. The same style and construction, color and fabric. This includes hats, shako’s or any type of head cover. The same style shoes and socks. The only style and construction differential would be for different sections of the drum corps. Color guard, Percussion and Brass may need special accommodations. These accommodations will only be acceptable, i
  13. I'm more concerned about the guy that was standing on top of the cake, during the Cadets show
  14. I agree with the Cadets placement. They play the hell out of the show and they are great. Last night was my first time seeing the show and I do think that the show concept is not helping them. They are not the only corps in that suffers from a concept that does not translate well. IMO
  15. I have not seen any shows this year. In previous years I have downloaded most of the shows to listen to prior to the championships. This is the first time I will attend without knowing anyones music. Are there any available to download anywhere? Its a lot more fun to watch the shows with a little knowledge of the music.