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  1. Agree But it's a fine line being we are taking directives etc etc from a certain place We are affected by the real world but I know here how that becomes something different and can be out of control. A sign of the times
  2. Now thats funny pretty sad, but youre right
  3. Lets also realize that info given by the government is so all over the place. What and who do you believe. A friend who is a leading ID doctor in a state who claimed to be the beacon of light on how to handle this now only to be leading in cases said over a month ago DO NOT believe what you are being told . Well here we are what was said over a month ago now the Gov. is trying to justify their actions.
  4. Drum corps is a very tight community, the who knew what when was a hot topic of conversation when this all happened. Many also received e- mails announcing this was in motion way before it hit the internet. Doesn't matter what I think, ask yourself. Just look at other situations that came up and the who knew what when, the ones who ignored things, and I'm not talking GH, ( not to bring up old topics and litigate everything yet again on line ) As far as being a Narcissistic, that for sure wasn't any secret .
  5. this is true, It will be nearly impossible to control, even with mindful parents
  6. Was going on long before that BUT Again I will say many of those you mention were huge supporters KNOWING who he is. Many close to him just got tossed to the curb and of course didn't like it.. Not opinion, fact
  7. I always question those who feel they are or have to be the self appointed worlds messenger so I understand where you are coming from. Rarely without motive and always with an agenda. The difference I think is they may be looking at him through a different lens than we who know him do. In his favor , not in his favor ? I guess they need to figure that out.
  8. Thank You, I don't wish that experience on anyone. Yes , we have all heard all those talking points, All I will say IF God forbid it gets personal to someone the stats wont mean a thing and I have seen others all of a sudden look at it differently. You are right there are secondary effects and need to be carefully watched. We can always find a reason why to do something OR not do something. I do suppose one can make those choices for themselves and like everything, we live with those choices. I do draw the line with personal choices and rights which we all have, if effects me or others in a negative way. We do have choices and should be allowed them IMO until we infringe or do harm to others. JMO
  9. How's this for generalities , Does it matter? Personally I'm a little sick of hearing stats.especially doubting we get the truth sometimes. Sure they are important BUT for all the statters , Have you sat in front of a Covid unit waiting on results of a loved one? Well I have, twice. Every stat mentioned is a human life period, For those who think our children only have a minimal risk, Is that enough or even a smaller risk worth it? We will sit here and want to cut out a cancer of a bad egg in the activity so there is no risk to not even 1 child, even the smallest yet stats would decide with Covid? Well, the stats of some perv. attacking our child I bet is alot lower and easier to get rid of the monster , hopefully. Also even though we can not protect kids from many things and can not live with fear, with this, which changes daily one has to ask themselves KNOWING there is something deadly or something that could make them very sick. Is not dying the bar we have set with some? One just has to personally ask themselves. If it were God for Bid one of ours personally , can we live with that? One has to ask themselves that because I suppose people will have different feelings. I know it sounds like preaching and maybe it is but all I know is twice I know and saw alot as a loved one went into a Covid unit and me being stopped, it's not a good feeling and so many things go through your head when it happens. For me anyway, I see stats now very different. I know they are or can be important IF honest and not political on any side but I don't see numbers anymore, I see humans .
  10. Of course they won't follow. Just turn on the TV to many circumstances and see who complies and who doesn't, and most are so called adults. Not hard to pick out. Look at where cases are rising and what they were told earlier , now trying to justify
  11. Well lets look at it logically, no accusations just way or another......Many questions were asked quite a bit in depth in the beginning . Answered? maybe maybe not
  12. A profound statement especially in todays climate. Thank You, perspective light bulb! AND VERY TRUE