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  1. And , from what I understand at the moment , many pledges made to PBS did not materialize .
  2. Maybe send a direct message to corps attending Indy. Although DCP can be a good place to ask I would think you may get a better response or hopefully a taker by those corps . Maybe they may even help out by spreading the word faster through their own organizations . Good Luck
  3. Same can be said of fast paced drill, How many were hurt with that..many, yet people love it, want it , want more. Props and change will go back and forth for sure, change will evolve, even the revisited, theme, music and design my come back in an updated form Youre right about the formation of DCI, To make decisions for themselves at a time when the world was changing and leaving behind the constraints of the past, One can look at that as the good or bad of it, as many did. BITD and obviously still today, for some.
  4. I agree that is also a problem BUT I have done these tours a long time. All one has to do is ask an OC corps who they perform to OR the smaller corps early on in a show. The culture of the viewer has to change before anything else does. This is nothing new, what did people call corps who weren't the top Hot dog corps? Now the lot gets more attention than some corps, Sad
  5. You are misunderstanding what I said...Corps should make these decisions for themselves, ( which we agree ) what is wanted, needed or their own budgets. With that said, as I said , supporters can change that...and support means get out of the lot and into shows. No butts in seats doesn't exactly show interest. Saying things on line or support without action doesn't exactly carry a lot of weight. I also believe Jeff may have mentioned. OC corps were and are well aware and many supported decisions. Oh and not much to predict as you said, unless you wanted to make statements and not w
  6. I have said it literally dozens of times so here we go again. "IF " we want OC or the younger smaller corps to get the attention they deserve..I will repeat deserve, then people need to support OC and smaller corps. Stay out of the lots when smaller corps are on, support OC only shows, etc etc. I have done these tours for decades now and it's sad sometimes watching these corps perform to not a soul. Do a few shows attract some people , sure for the most part no. Ask an OC performer. WGI went through this with HS and Independent A class UNTIL WGI realized between entry fees, dues, etc et
  7. Corps like all of the activity form their own groups. DCI, WGI, DCA is not responsible for forming organizations, never were, unless I missed something in the past several decades. " Bad Management, good management, reluctant management " means Corps management and their individual management to move forward or not. AS it was then
  8. DCI's job was never to actually form corps. You did point out the many reasons( and there's more), why things changed so much. Lets not just look at this being a drum corps issue of the time. MANY things took huge hits at the same time. Look at the numbers of Boy Scouts compared to now. Those groups who helped form corps also took hits of their own. Hits took out many church organizations , legions barley exist. etc etc
  9. For many they couldn't or wouldn't change with the world changing, members changing or the vision to move forward. It's not that the 50s or 60s had better management, times and people were much different, It's also not that these people were bad people, to the contrary , They had big and great hearts, worked hard etc etc but few knew how to or didn't desire to admit everything was changing. They didn't get bad all of a sudden in the 70s they just didn't change to move forward, The old ways in many areas of life were changing.
  10. was all about the build up, the frenzy created...oppurtunity...formula? naw maybe not, a plan to grab attention especially if talent backs it, sure been done and often through the years, maybe every year.
  11. Theres only so many slots at the top, to progress it has little to do with talent ( all corps have talent up there )at that point but knocking someone else off. Thats no easy task, the attention grabber, the talked about, the one who pounces on opportunity, gets the chance to possibly change their course. I can agree with do things better to beat anyone ahead of you but often it can be about other things added to that. 2008 comes to mind IMO
  12. real world . I think a corps should have the choice and bad themes as well as bad props should be judged as such. Now if the total production works and enhances a program great BUT to say what is necessary or not is not the choice of anyone but the corps. I remember when all the junk hit the pit many said the same Usually bad props are produced by bad designers or new designers trying to be something they aren;t ...yet. That can also be said of bad or over written guard books, musical selections, drum parts, uniform, show design. It's happened for many decades. A good designer new or
  13. it will " IF" used smartly and directly for specific reason. For the most part just to do for the sake of doing is one thing, to strategically use it for specific reason and focused outcome can be quite different . Something tells me there's a reason. I could agree with you almost completely except I do know many striving for success plan, attack, calculate etc etc If a huge amount is being spent by any this summer, you can bet its with a strategic plan in mind however small, or big