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  1. I have a relative in the north east, in his early 40s now in ICU, lung bleeding etc etc. A health care worker BUT outside work supported another way of thinking..Sad
  2. I had this discussion with an ID doctor recently. Having to deal with someone on their 4th covid test in a covid unit I had several opportunities . Anyway, he said we do not know long term effects BUT he did say there could be several. He also said those who are young getting this could see other severe conditions as they age . I said well we all get things aging , he said yes but this could accelerate and complicate things quite a bit. Alot unknown and I'm sure will change as time goes on. This is something that I'm very sure will be talked about and studied for decades to come.
  3. Seat belts have also been know to do damage, the point is wear the darn thing or ticket.For it saves lives. People look to example and as some might think its a sign of weakness one can also look at it as a sign of responsibility, a sign of adult thinking and not some crazy symbol of manhood or macho or a right. Usually those who feel its a sign of weakness especially of manhood ( and I do know a few of them )are just trying to prove they are something they aren't anyway.
  4. I believe I also saw this on TV and the fact of the matter was they did not have proof of HOW and how much people wore masks., Only that they said they did, which what else would they say, " I screwed up and didn't protect myself or others" so now I have it. I actually have a relative in his 40s in another state in ICU now who also is a healthcare worker who said they wore masks all the time...yeah at work only Now I will say I did see it on more than 1 station, I want to make sure I give a chance to all sides of a situation. Of course 1 made more about it than the other and both ha
  5. Someday YES...Ive been in discussions with many who make these decisions for fall winter as well as summer, so I'm way head of ya! and the talk seems to go all around and HOW not so much when it might happen and safety of members, staff, volunteers, etc etc THEY will make these decisions because THEY alone have the burden of this incredible responsibility
  6. Not taking any bait here..If you feel like it pick one yourself. As I said , If I feel the conversation goes somewhere fine. If not, no point. You are looking for an answer that continually changes in cases, outbreaks, information. You nor I are professionals ( if you are I apologize) so there is no answer at the moment BUT I do know reckless behavior, not doing everything possible to not spread it, even the smallest thing will never bring to us what we all seem to want.
  7. and for those who want things to get back....why not do anything and everything to help that happen, even the slightest bit. Clearly all you have to do is turn on the TV lately to see the opposite
  8. Jim: I had this discussion ( argument ) with someone just yesterday. They said , " If you dont feel safe among those who don't wear a mask in public stay home. " I said why should those trying to protect themselves and others, even a little be the ones who stay home, maybe it should be those who don't take any and all precautions. Obviously the argument goes nowhere. I was in a supermarket about 2 weeks ago and saw a man escorted out by 2 employees for not wearing one. Of course it got heated and police took the guy away. Sad
  9. and one can look at it like it's good the science is changing, it means they are learning more, which should be helpful to all Also with all this a few months ago is like a lifetime ago
  10. How can I or you at this point say when. Clearly there is no definitive answer to that especially with numbers rising again. Wouldnt it be nice if we could answer that question...or anyone for that matter
  11. I just recently spent yet another 24 hours outside a covid unit waiting on results of someone, 4th time and YES the ID doctor said the same when I brought up rapid testing
  12. want to compare the stomach virus to a potential deadly spread? If so there's nothing to say and is not a debate here or among directors. YES, I said stomach virus BUT to show how quickly it spreads through a corps. Certainly not as a comparison to covid nor should it be. Not dodging the question at all. I also saw all the outrage over ALL the subjects you just mentioned and rightfully so. I saw all the " shut down that corps " for many of the same reasons again you mentioned. I think if we knew the answer right now as far as what is safe we might be in a different place B
  13. lol...there are some in the past who wouldn't agree with you ( from drum corps not chit chat boards ) lol