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    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Start like everyone else, at the bottom, do anything, look, listen, learn and never stop, IF you want longevity in this activity. Actually, it is like your 1st job, just because one marches does not mean they can teach, mistakes like this are made often and no different than it's ever been. HS programs can be a start BUT even there often the best is sought after. Patience, like in everything is needed and desire and never think you are beyond learning no matter how long one is doing this. It's the only reason for longevity. Without this most come and go.. Just my opinion as someone who has been around. Another thing, many think they are designers BUT need to know the talent is also a Tech. A good tech is worth their weight in gold and many more and sought after positions there than for designers. Not everyone needs to be the creator BUT the creator needs those who can make it happen.

    Crossmen 2019

    It is the corps,last checked directors, designers, instructors ARE the corps. why would marching members have an input on judging? There are adults who don't get judging even when it's put right in front of them in writing ( clearly ) and you want kids to have an input when their job is learning...

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Agree, A willingness to move forward is a good thing and even though some clearly bad choices have been made, Scouts push hard I believe.

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Nothing wrong with bringing back alumni or people from the past ALTHOUGH bringing back people is 1 thing bringing back the right people is quite a different thing. I've said it a million times knowing ALL the players, to know what works you have to look back as to what doesn't work or has not worked. SOmething stays behind that has pushed good people out.
  5. the tuition doesn't come close to being able to get a corps through a proper tour BUT a corps that walks that fine line as it is and counts on something NOT in hand is a recipe for disaster and it has been for many
  6. Yeah maybe Although when I see these types of things ( WGI did it a lot with so-called education ) it was more of a money maker in the name of " education" but I get ya
  7. I agree, it came up a few times as corps folded time to time. I just think even with the PIO issue. something like this does cross over to other issues, especially on the road. BUT YES it could have it's own thread. I only brought it up here because THEY were still begging for money they should have had I guess
  8. but they do,, for are right there are 1 or 2 in those upper spots that are notorious for it. I know I had the misfortune of dealing with this subject. I also think it should crossover from ALL aspects of the activity. To many have caved to this situation.
  9. and for the most part doesn't or has not worked. It's an honor system no matter what DCI says..same with WGI You can have 100 lists but they are only as good as those who honor them and DON"T take the person without paying the past place. Another good list would be corps also who owe staff
  10. Well I can tell you, in the past I personally have contacted a few of these directors, many will honor the agreement and then there are those who just don't care. The only pleasure at that point is many times the same member does it to them. I would love to see a list but even with that it's always been an honor system and clearly, there have been those in the past lacking honor. It may not seem a big deal to some BUT there have been corps that depend on this ( they shouldn't ) and trust for membership numbers. This shifts to a multitude of problems over the process of the summer and just adds fuel to an already started fire.
  11. AMEN! and what's worse, after a corps or any group, fall or winter goes under or struggles, 1 of 2 things always happens the member who owes suddenly goes to a bigger group, makes it through and suddenly shows up with money in hand A MIRACLE. or the new place for whatever the reason takes them owing money elsewhere.. BAD POLICY and at least 3 of the top 7 have done, some constantly. There are some who offer help to those in need and that's a great thing BUT just as some poor members can be conned by some places who offer and don't deliver there have also been cons on the other end. It might be drifting to the PIO issues BUT I do think many of these things become symptoms of another...of course not abuse, that's a total different thing.
  12. The mere fact that there are people owing after the season( putting issues with management aside ) Is very much a reason corps, bands winter programs go down. ASk those who are no longer around. The double edge sword is because of their take everyone policy, which isn't bad , but it also comes with those who can't afford, maybe don't get how hard it is to do what we do, etc etc., Can't get down the road on a hope and a dream. It's a circle of wanting to fill your corps, give everyone a chance but every time comes back to bite you. These noble but unwise views are and have been people who really have a big heart trying to help and believing all who tell them I will pay ( and don't ) they always believe it will come in. Often they put their own money in to get down the road and before you know it TROUBLE surviving. Fault? still management, even with good intentions

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    and winning doesn't suck accomplishing one's goals, making finals, top 10 etc can also mean winning. Hell, for many it's just making a corps. I do many auditions fall winter and summer and I hear it all.
  14. same here, and it wasn't speculation or gossip it said " THIS IS COMING"
  15. Many people got emails months before anything was made public. this is true