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  1. Quick story on Football teams. I have been lucky enough to be part of some band programs on the east and west coast. $$$$$ mostly no object. Once in the north east in October ( cold ) the band was practicing on huge parking lot marked up like a field and thousands of dots , well it was raining a bit and cold and some football players left the field to the parking lot where the band was doing a run through and they stopped for a minute and an arrogant football kid said to a little tiny freshman girl " Are you nuts, why are you doing this" I was near by and heard it, and her answer to the big ole player was " maybe if you worked as hard as us you might win something " I didn't even have to step in. ..it said a lot!...lol Oh Yeah , she might have called him a big ole WUSS to his face......lol
  2. Yes to all your questions...Success breeds success..and $$$$$$$$$$ and often the $ don't come from the school but a great parent organization raising necessary funds
  3. I also have avoided saying this because it can start a whole other topic and controversy, BUT I have thought about just your title " What is wrong with us" to me anyway it is a very profound title and at least for me says a lot about the world today. I find myself asking the same daily for the past several years.
  4. " Figuring out" comes from within . I don't think there are many who look to social media or chat rooms to solve complex issues, especially because most on the outside, as some have expressed, do not know all there is to know to solve. Should people? especially if what they are doing doesn't work , maybe, I'll leave that debate to others hash out. It is always easier to sit on the outside on most subjects and claim to know all there is to know how to solve an issue. I think as you say failure and the activity is true BUT a true way to succeed or solve is put the ego aside and ask the right people for help. Unfortunately, there are also those who claim to have the answers to all the worlds issues and have a high opinion of themselves. The tricky thing is knowing the difference. JMO
  5. Personal opinion: Cadets since 1934 have over come many issues, those public and those not so much. They have survived the separation from the church (by a very Christian and compassionate priest.)..sarcasm alert....lol THEY SURVIVED drum rehearsals in parents basements, no uniforms,etc etc, champions even through hard times, THE SURVIVED, many directors with a heart just stepping up many doing anything they had to THEY SURVIVED, lets not forget the GH saga THEY SURVIVED , when many said they could never get past that and parents wouldn't support them,THEY SURVIVED. If any corps can get past what probably was a very wise decision, although I would rather not see this happen but understand, they will. I would hope no one wants this iconic corps to halt a season for any reason BUT as I said If any corps would survive it would for sure be The Cadets. I do not agree nor believe in several Board members or some who have been in charge especially knowing some BUT know that Cadets are even bigger than those whom have been given the privilege to run this corps. Cadets are and have always been about their members past and present, the stories they share the good times and bad, the old traditions as well as the new ones made. TO THOSE IN CHARGE..... you most likely made a hard but very wise decision to do this and should be commended. It would have been easier to just make it worse , get on the road and watch disaster unfold ( how many times have we seen that) BUT get your #### together! Make it right, move forward, fix what needs to be fixed, don't listen to the noise and focus on what YOU need to do, YOU OWE IT to every person who has ever been part of this legendary Drum Corps. If you can't do it , get out of the way for anyone who can!..Thank You
  6. It's almost like these cable news opinion shows. People actually believe it's news and it's more opinion , bias at that, with an agenda for sure . Anything on the internet , in recent years also on TV one has to take what's being said not always as fact but opinion. Always go to the source.I agree. If one doesn't get answers at the source going on the internet IMO doesn't get answers , one can always find someone who will agree with them factual or not on line. JMO
  7. I hear ya, and that's my point. A true victim has to fight for truth , to be heard or believed but as far as I'm concerned those who actually played like they were the ones running to the rescue were just as guilty and only displayed their faux outrage when when they were shunned and no longer needed.
  8. Im very sure that is true but also know some of these whistle blowers were the same who defended him for a very long time knowing exactly who he was. it's sad for the real victims. I call it faux outrage or outrage of convenience .
  9. You're right but even then ,where information comes from on either side is only as good as those giving it. Not to re- litigate as certain director and his boundary issues , the same people who exposed him ( which was a good thing ) are the same who kissed his butt for decades, in the inner circle, supported and defended, encouraged and stood by his side and it was only when he no longer needed them ( no surprise there ) there were private meetings on how to take him down. One can maybe say , " Well maybe they didn't now " unlikely IMO how do you spend decades , that closely and not know, there's always signs within someones behavior if one chooses to see it. These predators can for sure be very crafty hiding who they are BUT I always say when someone shows themselves as to who they really are BELIEVE THEM., and this particular person always showed who they were. Haven't we always seen those appearing to have all good intentions, claim to have some kind of inside knowledge, shouting from the roof tops. This does not diminish the importance of ANY alleged victim of ANY situation to be heard BUT must be backed by fact. Now a days as others have said it's always shoot first. I hate to whistle blower term as much as I hate the woke word but with that said " whistleblowers should always be heard ALWAYS, be taken seriously ALWAYS, met with compassion and concern ALWAYS ,but ALWAYS be based in fact. Whistleblowers lately has gotten a bad name mainly because many who you see on TV meeting at times with congress have mostly been debunked or found out to be having their own legal issues. Why do they do this ? who knows! but there has been alot of it lately. Even with that , even with fact against them , even debunked there are always those who want to believe it or even have a reason . IMO it's a sign of the times where the legit " Whistleblower" can't be heard or taken seriously because of the other" whistleblower" who does what they do for whatever reason.. Transparency is always a good thing, Shinning a light can always be a good thing, those who shine the light can always make a difference, good or bad, reputable or not so much, the problem becomes , as we have seen on TV ,can we tell the difference. For sure a problem for those doing their best to do the right thing or be heard. A sad view of our times. AS the original poster said in the title "What is wrong with us " says it all about the days we live in. I have my own opinion how it all started but that's another topic not allowed here..lol🙂
  10. It actually can be quite satisfying taking the 50 grand knowing quietly they contributed to something possibly against their own political or social values😁
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