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  1. Although this may all be true. You can't slam someone ( anyone ) for the failures and in the next breath not give credit for the successes. Can't have it both ways. Now back to the most important thing, TODAY and the Future Cadets. FHNSAB
  2. Many believe that politics have no place in these threads as well as shows. Personally, I don't care much for political shows myself BUT to think drum corps is not affected by everyday politics is also putting one's head in the sand. We are not immune to politics nor social issues. Yes, we tend to be in a bubble but to believe we are immune would not be correct imo. With that said, as you chose to point out one political party over another in another post is where the subject comes off drum corps and onto a political OPINION and personal bias.
  3. Check ahead for sure. There is also Education nights, history nights , etc etc. Sched's will be out
  4. strong enough....given another week who knows.....but there wasn't another week soooooooooooooo It's not just about 1 thing, even strong talent. There have been many many units all over this activity that did amazing things, even some with less talent collectively
  5. This !!!!! and for ALL Corps...your choice.
  6. If I remember correctly, BD was the one getting a lot of armchair criticism 2011, and more so out on the road on tour..hmmmm Seems this subject could be a thread all itself being it's not just Cadets in silence. After all the thread is 2019 Cadets
  7. One would hope BUT humans are humans aren't they๐Ÿ˜‰