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  1. I understood from your 1st post what you meant or your point.đŸ™‚
  2. On the other hand , How many times have we seen the big announcement of someone leaving only to see them posting a few weeks later. Makes some wonder. With that said voicing an opinion is fine and should be welcomed , the drama of the exit IMO is another. I do find it interesting and chuckled a bit when a long time fan doesn't really go back very far, especially to some . Only one knows what their own personal motives or incentives are and why they feel the need to announce I guess the good ole days could be 40 years ago or
  3. True BUT it would never look like shows from then
  4. People today in our activity rarely hide it...and that's a great thing
  5. YES it can happen ( painted or digital makes a difference ) or just like dew on grass or just grass....Basically what we do has risks all over the place
  6. click on my screen name then send a message.. I will send one to you then you can just answer
  7. There are dance shoes,almost like sneakers, some use where the middle of the sole is literally split for that reason
  8. Well even the footwear dancers would use , which is what many guards wear are not a protective foot wear when projectile objects are being catapulted , but steel toe footwear doesn't seem like a considerationđŸ˜± I have seen many more broken fingers, noses, stitched heads etc
  9. How about just marching. When I see people I marched with the 1st thing most people talk about is the bad knees from all that marching on every surface possible.
  10. lol....Yeah those good old days ….there was a lot of accidenst waiting to happen. Ignorance was quite bliss as they
  11. You were lucky I guess. From what I remember they weren't loved by many who wore them. I guess for the time though options were few until we all looked at what we did with a broader lens. Compared to now, Bucs weren't so comfortable either, now that I think about
  12. Nasty feet, cutting into the tops of legs, hot, and WOW for BITD they sure were expensive I remember a friend of mine after a long parade...a bloody mess, couldn't march a show that night
  13. Guards have gone the barefoot route or flimsy dance foot wear for decades now. Those riding boots also had their issues MANY. Ask some who were tortured by those things. Now outdoor is a little different