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  1. A drop or 2 won't determine a winner, there's too much else involved like design, layering, multi responsibility, etc etc and yes performance quality. The theme itself, if questionable must be clear and obvious whether it be by member reactions or by built in design. With the minimal amount of numbers to work with one can assume one tenth is actually like a point. It's one reason a drop ( not like BITD) won't determine much without all other considerations. Bottom line, BAC's guard with is with no doubt. SOLID SOLID SOLID, the written book has grown and developed over the past several years , and it shows. The members are again without a doubt extremely talented and will do exactly what they need to. If there is some kind of a question about what is or isn't in any program that is on the design team, and they need to address it. You mentioned tosses, for me and just my opinion, everyone at this level can toss higher and higher every year, heck you can see high schoolers toss and catch at a high level these days. What was nice to see is not only can BAC toss great they have created effect not just by tossing but have found many many many other ways to create effect and that shows talent from design to members. Everyone can react to something obvious like a toss but to create effect in multiple ways including strategically planned tossing and not just tossing for the sake of tossing and to wow and audience with multiple ways is well thought out and looks at big the picture. BAC has all of that. Will it prevail? Who knows, are they doing what they are supposed to? YES!
  2. Another year another explanation ................................ a perfect score in any caption doesn't mean perfect, only means the best, given ALL criteria, yes even with a drop. At some point and the talent levels so high numbers become scarce. Again, a yearly topic, can things be subjective? to some degree yes, was it worse during the tick system OH IT SURE WAS!
  3. With all due respect, at one time people attended drum corps shows to view a competition, not be part of the process. Yes, everyone has always written shows to find a moment that they trigger a response form the viewers, and still do. Much of what you say has been part of the activity from the beginning and still is IMO today. Even the corps you yourself marched in ( DCA) wrote for the spectator reaction BUT, and I know this as a fact, wrote to what would gain points as well as studied all the sub captions of a caption to attain those points. They also made changes based on who they thought would be judging at the end of the season. This is and has always been part of the process. Agree, as we both said, it can be both, but rest assure sheets (as corps are a part of making) are a huge part of it. Think about it, why wouldn't it be when they help develop them, that's like fighting yourself if one didn't write to the very process in which they were a part of creating. As far as corps at the bottom. All corps can have their process, their own goals, their own accomplishments and THEY alone can determine what those things are. One at the bottom can certainly be appreciated for what they accomplish and at the same time use sheets as a tool. There is nothing worse than viewing a corps trying to be someone else or something they are not. Good staff can use those sheets and have them work for them and shine at whatever level. I stress good staff and directors who recognize this. By doing this and making your members shine at whatever level will always produce a good product as well as a good experience IMO
  4. When was that? OR why can't it be both. Shows have always not only wrote to sheets (which they help to write) they will change things according to season input from judges
  5. I agree 100% well maybe the last part of your posting is because of the mid part
  6. lol...baffled ######## I think is the definition of the internet. whether one looks for it, believes it, is moved by it or falls prey to it. It's all opinions trying to convince opposing opinions they are right, often fact or truth lies somewhere in the middle. JMO BUT, I would like to believe " everyone" wants the best for SCV , whatever that means for them.
  7. I know...it's insane car insurance also. None of these companies want to be in Fla . Can't wait to get out of here. So disappointing in so many ways.
  8. and its getting worse. Taxes are good for sure BUT everything else has gotten higher. I have homes in the Northeast as well as Fla. I made Fla. a perm. residence because you can homestead there, and taxes can be even less BUT insurance as you said is crazy and let's not talk about Health care among other things. Very different place from several years ago. AS far as Texas, well it's Texas, I'll leave it at that..lol🤐..
  9. Each corps decides how they run things, including this. Circumstances could also dictate how things play out.
  10. Edited : Never mind, I made a prediction ( Which I never do ) Then thought about it, better I don'. Top 5 usually can be anyone's game....Best of luck to Boston !😁
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