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  1. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss and sometimes ignorance is just ignorance.😱
  2. Same with Guard MANY MANY years it was talked about. It may not change or may at 1 point. I do teach there also( percussion ) and even had a gold I think the activity may see many changes in the next few years for a number of reasons. Who knows how it will all come out. So many things float around within the activity. All this now will Im very sure impact things although many will want to go back to same ole same ole and just move on.,
  3. I'm very sure it will be. Beats a refund for DCI or worse No refunds, Talk about Pizzin off alot of
  4. Thats true , we didnt but rules are still not changing
  5. We said the same in the guard world at 1 time. Never would happen
  6. Yet DCA will take " Kids ? We always had that, maybe more in the past BITD the top corps took all ages 21 and under, most WC corps today the average age is not the 16 year old. Even WC WGI, if you are under 18 you better be one heck of a performer to get in.
  7. So lower it to 18, a legal adult, might solve some of todays issues I did read recently, I think it was in the digest of education stats, that12 or 13 million students fall under 25 and over 25, years old 7 or 8 million, pretty close and I'm sure quite different from BITD, just sayin. That might be an old stat too. Just happen to see it.
  8. Can do like WGI World class different from Open or A class in WGI. World class no age limit now No age I think would't work in DCI, although the way DC is going one day it might be
  9. Sorry we dont get to tell them when they should be adult. I taught alot in DCA and believe me there are plenty of NON ADULT members there and I don't mean by age. Also in this country 18 is a legal adult, why not lower the age, might stop alot of other issues
  10. well thats your opinion and I'm sure many . DCA is pretty much on a last leg ( sadly ) and also very regional.
  11. I think it's time. The old age limit ( or current in place forever rule ) catered to a member BITD who by 21 was in a career and often married. Today's young person for the most part has little interest in settling down with a marriage and kids. Some , who chose as in the past to put drum corps behind them can do so.
  12. You can look at it that way or it was same ole same ole. Much more diversity today. It was great back then of course for the times BUT tell a kid they are doing the same thing year after year after year today and see what you end up with. I marched as well as taught in those glory days as well as taught in today's world. For me I would have loved to march a show of today YES with all the bells and whistles. Now this also doesn't mean I didn't love what we did BITD or respect it. After all, all the little changes that began to happen, yes even in the 70s and 80s led to what we have today. SO without the past we wouldn't be here today. Also seems that one can look at music is not secondary today. One can look at the past and say " Not much thought into repeating over and over " and much more thought goes into picking the right music today. The difference is IMO is yesterday ( as you said ) music may have been picked on identity and identity could mean ( what's familiar ) and today it is picked on show but I do think what works for a particular corps BASIC style. Back on topic It's not a matter of "IF" the season is cancelled anymore.
  13. Mostly because corps did the same stuff year after year or a version of it Of course it also depends on what decades you speak of