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  1. So sad but so Ive taught some who thinks 2005 is the old don't know what " Old Days are"....but they
  2. Not sure if it's been said before BUT when the OP asked the question one has to ask how old they may be. I do believe jazz has not gone away but asking the age of someone in this case may be relevant. If you ask some of us, recent may be 5 ,10, 20 or even 30 years ago, ask someone who is 18, 20, 25 or even 30 what recent is ,its not 10 or 20 or more years ago, that's ancient. 20 years ago which is only the year 2000 may be before a poster was born . If it's been said, sorry for posting, It would make my statement I guess recent can be subjective, depending on whom one
  3. Crazy times for sure. SO many mixed messages still. Glad your nephew is on the mend also
  4. Im so glad your son is ok. It's crazy in Florida, as in other places
  5. I wrote yesterday how a teacher friend of mine who works in a state who rushed to open schools ( politically motivated ) and has bad lung damage it appears, now just today I was told of another teacher friend just tested positive, so far not as bad as the other but we will see. By the way, also very involved in our activity. Same state who thought of politics before people and certainly goes beyond just students.
  6. I have a friend ( a teacher ) in a state who was very quick to open ( politically motivated ) and my friend now is very sick with covid, possibly with bad lung damage. Sad
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Yes you are right. I'm hearing from someone who spent 3 weeks in an ICU and now they think there may be long term lung issues. Sad
  8. I have a friend who I just found out a few days ago tested positive and pretty sick. A teacher and pretty sure they go it at school. If schools are going to be open teachers need protection
  9. AMEN! exactly as it was. I thought my mind was going and trying to remember back about I think when I started there was a chisel and stone
  10. The way it was . You Bet. As far as a chance, why not, get better , follow criteria etc etc. we have seen corps jump from the bottom of finals to top 5 ( Boston ) one day to the next ,unlikely just as it was BITD or should have been. There was little reasoning as to why corps would jump or fall many many points, made no sense at all and was nothing more than a different judge and opinion, without reason other than " well I called it as I saw it" Not a good reason then or now. From your other response about the tic and accountability. There was none until criteria was attached and even the
  11. Sure you man remember those dinners in those