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  1. Ever consider if not for todays drum corps there would be nothing? Extinction and insisting the world wasn't changing in many cases was the exact reason many corps fell by the wayside back in the glory days. Ever consider those who survived had insight in every way to preserve the activity? I would love the good ole days sometimes also BUT I would also like to pay 30cents for gas ,again...not gonna happen Also as far as how the mms eat and travel today, We were death traps on the road in many cases. AGAIN the world has changed and maybe we got a little smarter in some ways? I hope so anyway. The good ole days will always be something special to look back on The good ole days are part of who we are today The good ole days should always be respected because if not for those people we wouldn't have a thing today The good ole days are also often about selective memory🙂
  2. Modern Drum Corps? I remember way back in the 70s corps did hand outs into the audience. Cadets and PR come to mind
  3. NO POLITICS....😀lol but don't a lot of people in the activity think we all should have what the elite have? Hasn't there always been that feeling among those not achieving what they think they should? Or even cuts of the pie? HMMMM Not giving opinion just stating IMO the obvious
  4. Now that would be quite boring .talk about killing an activity.Why not play the same music too, same theme,..Corps who win know how to win period, there is never a level playing field..not a thing would change. Why do some think reaching down is the answer verses reaching up. BUT, might be interesting to see what would happen to ticket
  5. Seems the worst of PR parents trusted the Cadets and the history to do just that. I always have to also ask..." Viewed by who? " both sides of that argument can find supporters pro and con
  6. There are actually e mails to back that statement ,,,whoever that poster is Funny though it was some of the same people who kissed the ring for a long time Bottom line...exposure = good....Motive, well That can be many things Always about who knew what when and who did nothing ( or something ) AT THE TIME Victim blaming though is never acceptable IMO
  7. A loaded question in which IMO I can answer 1st hand ( But won't ) the XXXX fly To answer the last part YES different types of difficulty
  8. Often it has nothing to do with money ( although it can ) but can be that other programs within the overall program travels, or competes. Happens sometimes with multiple winter programs.
  9. But just like anything one can turn it off, go for a walk, hit the bathroom, get a hot dog etc just remember it's all just opinion and there can be many ( and should be ) Never think your barking ( not you , in general )will change much or expect it to. For every opinion for or against something people can find just as many opposing " Opinions "
  10. well you do have a choice now don't you. Don't you have the same assessment toward DCI? just asking All of 5 min. to make a judgement..WOW you're pretty good I actually don't totally disagree, some shows in all aspects of our activity can be over produced