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  1. 1 Blue Devils 86.350 2 The Cavaliers 84.850 3 Blue Stars 79.750 4 Crossmen 77.650 5 Madison Scouts 75.700 6 Colts 74.600 7 Pioneer 58.750 8 Phantom Regiment 8.100
  2. Dont blame BD for crowns hit and misses. BD have the most cohesive shows in history with details whether you understand them or not. though their shows seems disjoint at almost every start of the season, gets fleshed out through out the course of the season, completed by finals. Crown is an Awesome corp, I normally love their shows inspite few created choices I may not like, and that includes BD too and many other corps. Crown knows how to rise by finals so lets see how they handle the challenges a head of them and what they face now. All the top six are challenge in different and intense way this year than few years back because they all have great shows and tge competition between themselves are firced. CC, BD, BC, BOC, SCV, CAV
  3. And ?.....................................................................
  4. I get what you mean, maybe for both tempo and build even though it don't bother me, i think it's fine the way it is, but i also think it can improve a little afford with more time as much to sizzle up to a boil (Climax). But i would't say it's rushed, It don't feel rush to me personally, i would rather say give it little more time, it's really enjoyable.
  5. BD Show is really finding it's tune to sing this summer, the show is growing into this unbelievable monster! seriously it's just really being fine tune to perfection each week. the color guard is getting better and better and better, so good, you can feel the chemistry between them even through the stream and youtube videos. I don't care what no one saying! I HAVE NO DOUBT IN THIS SHOW FROM THE START. No matter the hype around many corps about wining gold and who may have better designs than BD this year, fine that's your opinion, but i beg to differ on that note about they having better designs, I wholeheartedly DISAGREE 100%. C corp and B corps do have great designed shows very strong in contention for gold but not better design over BD. It's really come down to Orange and Apples appeal for the fans and judges, It's what you and i preferred in comparing them this year. However it will definitely come down to fine tuning and building out a complete show maxing out as much as possible on the judges sheet, cemented with the best overall performance that will determine who win gold and who are runner ups for silver and bronze. whichever one BD gets i will still feel very proud of this show because it's ####### Stunning! I love it. and i really love the other shows too, the top six this year is really a great big WOW! BC AND SCV i love those shows man, but i bleed BD always!
  6. Just watched their performance from last night and WOW!!!!! Just ####### WOW! This show is ####### stunning!!! and it's not even middle of July yet. GO BLUE DEVILS! AMAZING stuff happening in the show already. talk about the color ####### guard! i just can't help it. excuse my languages.
  7. APPLAUSE FOR THAT.... they get badly criticize for some of the most genius things they do visually, and they not really easy to do but they make it look so easy.
  8. With all that i said giving Scv their rightful congratulations... IMHO I still think BD have a better visual and general effect.. stone me, go a head if you will.
  9. BD have work to do through out this season if they want to keep the championship, But Scv is really bringing it and i'ts really good, i hope they don't lose steam. Both shows are well designed.
  10. Too busy with work to catch up on anything... but i have to say Congrats to Santa Clara Vanguard for this this special show, I love my BD and always thought BD SHOW WAS THE ONE TO BEAT, But i have to ADMIT Scv have the edge this year, while they are equally good in different ways, take nothing away from each corps because they are both amazing! Scv is more hungry for sure and i hope they keep the momentum up with consistency if they want to keep beating BD through out this season and take final's night.. i am surely enjoying the competition, its very good to watch real battles of the corps duke it out. Bd show is spectacularly entertaining and Vanguard is raw in your face awesome, they are both well designed shows, But Scv really bring it and it's Amazing to watch.
  11. BD show is still the show to beat this year, way better design, the more i watch the top tier.
  12. My Gosh! i just watch a clip of Bd performance in Sacramento, it was electrifying! they seem to making their stomp on 2018, putting them FOOT down firmly, I AM IN LOVE with the show. i literally felt chills, and i wasn't getting that blue devils chills i normally get with them, last two shows, but i really JUST felt it from Sacramento. Santa Clara is very good right up their, But i am calling it from now, i am that confident even though it's very very early, THIS IS #19 for Blue Devils they are chasing no one, but one's being chased after!!!!!!!
  13. Lol can i tell you.. Lastnight i was dying of sleep but put up strong battle to finish watch stream on flo.. lol... i never fight so hard in my life.
  14. I keep watching the ending they have in now its Amazing. I cant wait for the middle to be beefed up more, the show so good. I'm happy SCV won last night for two reasons, 1.It's good for scv to break that spell happy for them. 2. This will only light fire under BD tails and that means the fight in them will be ignited through out this season. Take nothing for granted.
  15. Cadets looking and sounding really aswesome, like Wow!!!!
  16. That's wonderful and congrats on completing your first year. keep at it, and hopefully you'll be able to be here a little bit more through this summer.
  17. where have you been ? I agree with you about the uniforms they looking really good, if not the best. you know it's funny when i saw the color scheme used for the uniforms, black and white with accent of colors, i was actually picturing them in black and white when i saw a rehearsal video of them, i actually said to myself based on the show and the what i was watching on the field i get a black and white feel of the uniform would look great! matching the theme, and there when i saw an actual performance in uni there was the black and white. the stripes and color block looked so good. we just haven't gotten a really clear good picture of the uni and that was my disappointment they didn't share any.
  18. Dont Forget Santa Clara Vanguard... That show is just dynamite! unfinished but My Oh My! that horn line, those mellows. Dog fight between SCV and BD this season.
  19. Oh yes...i will join you on that. what do you do drink? what can i bring over ? lol
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