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  1. Agreed, I saw so many drops, I hope the talent is there to execute
  2. I do miss having a dramatic ballad. It seems sort of an after thought in this show. Hoping it develops into more.
  3. Yes I was there. Wow, what a sound and the closer is on fire. Show is pretty dirty, specifically the guard. Last year they were cleaner at this point imo.
  4. Happy to see the demand in the guard writing. I hope they can pull it off!
  5. Yes, supposed to make it easier but clearly isn’t.
  6. I figured it out on my own go to am.Ticketmaster.com/cib on your smartphone and log in with your Ticketmaster account credentials. Pretty easy from there.
  7. Does anyone have the directions to retrieve finals tickets? I received an email but when I click to view instructions it says the link has expired. Frustrating!
  8. Heading to San Antonio for the first time after Tony said to be at that show. Can’t wait!
  9. Heard them playing it when I volunteered. Amazing.
  10. Curious as to how Pillar III is the closer. It’s solely percussion based music
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