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  1. In the event it's misting lightly (as it is right now in Bentonville)....what will the corps do? Still perform the full show? Play standstill w/o electronics? Cancel entirely? Luckily we haven't dealt with weather conflicts yet, but I'm curious what the protocol is for spotty rainstorms.
  2. You mean you were responsible with your money? What a novel concept these days.... Those poor students who just had to incur 140k+ in loans to get their underwater-basket-weaving degree that hasn't produced a livable income! If only there were a glut of nanny-staters promising forgiveness for these unavoidable situations!
  3. They're coming to Bentonville, AR in a couple weeks, and we're excited to see them live. But....I haven't been able to find any clips online short of a shaky-cam closer snippet. 1. Has anyone heard the Young Person's ending live? 2. Does it leave you satisfied?
  4. Because everyone's a victim these days. Crown has a female-only brass feature this year....should the male victims, who were barred from this ensemble, cry foul?
  5. Hey, 1984 called.... Use of hackneyed newspeak. Unnecessarily divisive. 15 yard penalty. Repeat 3rd down.
  6. blew us all away. My entire section thought you should have passed Phantom tonight. Golly, what power!
  7. I expected Crown's brass to carry the evening (and they did), but Crossmen....holy Crossmen. There were at least three moments during their show when I found myself powerful, surely this is the end? And. It. Kept. Going. In a good way, of course. What a show, Crossmen. I was not expecting that.
  8. The latest forecast gives us a glimmer of hope! Per "Expect occasional T-Storms to end at 6pm"
  9. Looking forward to a great opening performance tonight in Bentonville! Go Guardians!
  10. Last night I saw the thunderstorms forecast for ~7pm tonight, but that has since been removed....please, pretty rain!
  11. Same!! I'm bringing some buddies who have yet to witness the majesty of DCI live. I hope Crown blows their hair back.
  12. I'm surprised Pioneer is scheduled to perform after Music City and Surf. Don't they, except for the event's host, arrange the World Class corps in ascending order based on score?
  13. I'm a little confused with the performance Academy going next-to-last because they're hosting, or something? I would expect BAC to be after them. Also,Surf after Atlanta?