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  1. That is still not a good stat from a competitive standpoint.
  2. Maybe people think it’s not modern enough to represent today’s dci.
  3. I marched in a coed corps in the 80s before marching with the Scouts. I can honestly say that many of the girls that I marched with went on to be fantastic bugle players in other corps such as SCV, Phantom Regiment, Suncoast Sound, Garfield Cadets, etc. So, although I will miss the all male mystique, I will continue to support The Scouts and I think it was a smart move to go coed. And, I honestly believe that it should have been done a lot sooner. Their potential talent base just got a lot larger to draw from by this move. Kudos! MYNWA!
  4. Garfield Cadets never changed their name after allowing girls in the corps. So I don’t think there’s any reason to change the name. Before I marched in Madison in the 80s I came from a coed corps and many of those girls that I marched with went on to be top quality players in other horn lines such as Santa Clara, Phantom regiment, Suncoast Sound, Garfield Cadets, etc.
  5. When I marched Scouts in the 80s there were corps that were only an after thought in our rear view mirror such as The Cavaliers. When that happened I said then that if Madison didn’t change their philosophy of just wanting to be a crowd favorite and more of the activity innovators they would be in trouble. And, the rest has been history.
  6. The only thing in my opinion that I would attempt to do is going forward I would attempt to raise the average age of the corps that is on the field. That is hard to do when you are not a top echelon corps on the field especially when it costs so much too march. But that needs to be a priority. I’d like to see an average age of 19 to 20 on the field like we had in the 80s.
  7. I definitely understand how you feel on that Tesmusic.
  8. I believe the uniform/costume will be one that Scouts’ fans will appreciate along with the musical book this year.
  9. How did you feel the brass volume was handled for this time of the early season live?
  10. The short clip that I saw of the performance yesterday at the capital in Madison made me feel that musical I have not personally felt as excited since probably the 95’ 96’ shows! Which have been two of my favorite years musically of the Scouts.