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    Memphis Blues 1980-1982; Madison Scouts 1983-1984; Music City Staff 2010-2011
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    Madison Scouts
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    1995 Madison Scouts
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  1. Hopefully they are carrying an alternate in case that happens.
  2. Who knows The Scouts could be top ten this year in their first year of coed existence.
  3. That is true! We prepared cocktails on the horn bus in 83 & 84 and they were sold for $1 a drink!
  4. I do feel that if this is well planned with the making of the corps going coed it can work for the better of the organization, similar to when the Garfield Cadets went coed decades ago.
  5. I understand that many corps stay in hotels during finals week. I know that BD has done this for years now. I don’t see anything wrong with this at all.
  6. Honestly from my observation on the outside I don’t believe so.
  7. I agree. But, they seriously need to start working on these issues now.
  8. Why should Madison not want to get back to the top as soon as they can?
  9. My hope is with the inclusion of females next year that they raise the average age of the potential incoming members to at least 19 or 19.5 as much as possible.
  10. If within two years the Scouts are no longer in existence I wander sometimes how many people would even care?
  11. I agree. And, the most important issue to resolving the fact of not being able to put a top designed show or to hire top staff is the fact of needing to generate more income based on my understanding of the interview. For any corps to compete as a finalist now takes an enormous amount of money as compared to even a few years ago. Honestly, I really am concerned about the sustainability of the activity at this rate something has to change.
  12. That is still not a good stat from a competitive standpoint.
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