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  1. Never had a chance to meet Ryan, but he was definitely a fantastic player. His solos were always incredible to listen to! Chris is doing a great job with the high note role! Enjoying this year's show!!!! To the kids reading this - Chuck isn't lying....close DCP and get in a practice room!
  2. I struggled with this myself - took it in the fall of 98 through the spring of 99. That summer I managed to burn the you-know-what out of my skin on more than one occasion, WITH sunscreen. It was totally worth it in the long run, but if he just started taking accutane it might be wise to give it a rest until the fall. Just my two cents. I'd ask the doctor.
  3. Haha - I was waiting for your response Actually that particular shirt fits me nicely, thank you very much.
  4. Before I go forward, please understand that I am really upset right now and am not thinking clearly, but I need to get this off of my chest. DCI is a great activity - I spent six summers performing with two groups and had an amazing experience. BUT NOW, in 2010 I am FED UP. I have real a problem with the way this activity is going and gosh darn it, someone owes me an answer or at least a more than half-hearted explaination... I am upset that the souvenir t-shirts don't come in tall sizes. I'm nearly 6'5'' and can't fit in the t-shirts because I am too tall for the XXL and too small for
  5. Hopeful for a fast recovery as well...it is safe to say everyone in the brotherhood of drum corps feels what you are going through and hopes for the best.
  6. As soon as I saw this thread I knew Taylor would chime in. Dude, there's nothing to worry about...you'll feel awkward at first, but soon enough you'll be clearing out the other corps sharing your housing site with your antics in there.
  7. It was so awful that I decided to do a second season. Then again I just thought that's how drum corps was supposed to be - so it made the remainder of my seasons a breeze.
  8. More than likely, Tarheel Sun as we knew it will never exist again. That is not necessarily a bad thing because there were many, many, MANY layers of bad things that happened during those five seasons on the road. I don't want to go into that here, but I think we all know some of the bad deals that went on. That being said, we have two facebook groups dedicated to the drum corps - one is an alumni group and the other is for a reunion we are planning. If you were a member or instructor of the corps at some point, please join! Tarheel Sun Alumni Group on Facebook Tarheel Sun Reunion Page
  9. My account is private, but you can follow me @roscoebrinks I try to be funny every once in a while :)
  10. I think someone else wrote about it already, but I vividly remember playing "Cup of Life" at all of the winter camps for the 2000 Crossmen season. I actually did not want to move in because I was feeling so terrible about playing Ricky Martin all summer, but I did anyway. At the first corps meeting at Teterboro, Hop told us we weren't playing it and we all went nuts (well, drum corps nuts, so like 3 seconds of hollering followed by silence). :) Good move in my book!
  11. While the 2008 Regiment show was incredible, and the 2005 Cadets were unbelievable, I had to go with the 2002 Cavaliers based purely on the overtones I heard coming from the hornline at Murfreesboro that season.