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  1. I thought this all started out with the Companies giving the Corps Hornlines and the Corps had two years to come up with the money either out of their budget or by selling the Horns off. If this was the case, it just seems like a lot of pressure to put an organization through. If they didn't make enough from selling off their Horns then they were on the hook to pay Yamaha or whoever. Also, not so sure about the deep pockets in the top 12. About 10 years ago I heard from a pretty good source Phantom Regiment was running at $300,000 dollar deficit. Who knows how the others are operating.
  2. Yes, Sound Sport is the best thing going for All Age Corps located too far away from DCA. Prairie Sound Drum & Bugle Corps of Olathe, KS is going the same direction.
  3. Do you have any G Bugles available?
  4. If you still have the Soprano Available, I'm interested. directorprairiesound@gmail.com
  5. SCV's Alumni demand it. There was just a rumor of getting ride of the Cymbal Line and the Alumni mobilized to save the Cymbal Line.
  6. I LIKE the outdoor Cybbal Lines. They add Visually as much as the Color Guard and add impact and emphasis to the music. Now I don't really see a need to have 4 of each type of mallet instrument especially since they are mic'd now. I was talking to the assistant band director of my Son's Marching Band this weekend and he admitted, having all the electronics and large front ensemble was in part for intimidation purposes. I talked to people from Texas and the wealth of your band program is flaunted by having a rediculously large front ensemble. I see nothing wrong with having a cymbal line.
  7. There should be a Sound Sport Catagory on this web site. Sound Sport appears to be working and there should be a discussion forum on Drum Corps Planet for it and Drum Line Battles.
  8. Yeah, I was hoping there would be a live feed this year but, nope.
  9. Sky Ryder Alumni Sound Sport Team is in the early stages of organizing. For now we want the project to be exclusively Sky Ryder Alumni on 2 valve G Bugles. There will also be a Percussion Section and Color Guard. Performance targets are the Wichita, KS DCI show and Indianapolis DCI finals. If things go crazy, an Oklahoma or Texas appearance may be added. Any Sky Ryder Alumni who are interested and are not on Facebook should get on the Sky Ryder Alumni Facebook site. Why? To get the Alumni excited and involved in supporting a performing Unit once again. A Junior Corps in the future? L
  10. Is anyone keeping track of how many groups have gone through Sound Sport and emerged into a DCI Open Class Corps?
  11. Any Chance of having a Forum for DCI Sound Sport, Drumline Battles and All Age DCI Corps? I ask because it appears Sound Sport is working as an incubator for developing new Junior and All Age Drum Corps. There is also some Alumni Corps Activity in the Sound Sport Arena as well. Thanks.
  12. Looking for King 2 Piston Bugles for a Sky Ryders Alumni Sound Sport Project for 2017. Several Sky Ryder Alumni have expressed interest if we play in King 2 valve G Bugles. Looking for:Sopranos, Mellophones, Flugals, Baritones and Contras. As of now individuals will be responsible to acquiring their own Bugle but this could change if we get some financial support. If you are reading this and would like to sell or rent out your King 2 piston bugle for our cause, let me know. directorprairiesound@gmail.com
  13. Have you considered Crossmen in San Antonio? They are in Texas which would make initial participation easier and less expensive. I'm just assuming their camps are in San Antonio. I transitioned from Alto Sax to Baritone then Baritone Bugle my Senior Year of High School and joined Sky Ryders back in 1985. I just took some lessons with the best Trumpet player in our band, played for a marching band season, went to the Winter camps and made the line. I picked Sky Ryders because they were the closest Open Class Corps. Back then the big boys were called Open Class. I marched for the 1985 Seas
  14. Prairie Sound Drum & Bugle Corps is now forming a Sound Sport Team for the 2017 season. We will stay with 3 valve G Bugles for the time being. Percussion will be playing in a pit percussion section unless we find more people to form a marching battery. Our percussion guys are also wanting to enter Drum Line Battles for 2017. We will be playing a STYXs medley of "Renegade" and "Come Sail Away". Our next Rehearsal is Sunday August 21, 2016 from 1pm tio 4pm @ the National Guard Armory 1601 W. Old 56hwy Olathe, KS 66061. The remainder of our 2016 Rehearsals will be posted to our websit
  15. I watched a band use these mutes a couple of weeks ago and everything went well except one person missed the mute holder on their belt. I watched the mute the rest of the show to see if anyone was going to step on it ot kick it.