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  1. If you aren't giving you members enough time for a break and eat then there are bigger problems.
  2. If they really cared about SCV then why is every topic they have get closed. They can be telling everyone here things that they find online but not the things that they are currently doing. Do you think if they weren't fixing things DCI would let them compete? Do you think they would hold auditions and announce staff? Do you think they will plan a national tour in today's economy knowing the financial costs? While it's great to see stuff it's also not the whole picture and giving zero input from SCV. Someone at my last company was caught forging financial statements in 2019 and won't see a court room for over a year. This stuff doesn't just immediately clear up and as long as you're working on it and filing paperwork you'll get your extensions. And if you want to parallel it to sports - Harbaugh is being investigated by NCAA for things that happened in 2020 and still is coaching today and still won't hear anything until after this season. So don't try and say they aren't trying to get attention because they are in this the second anything happens creating another topic that will eventually be closed.
  3. Cadets moved on from hop. Crossmen have moved on from like 2 directors that had big public problems. SCV is coming back after all their financial problems. New board with a new director using the same name. If the Glassmen came back would we talk about how poorly it was ran into the ground and worry about a group? The avenue for WGI winds gives the ability to be a weekend only thing with consistent staff and a small ensemble. Don't have to feed the members so you can't get the old nicknames they used to have.
  4. These constant topics make me never want to come back to this site ever again and I've gotten really close to deleting it all. We get it you don't like them and will do anything to make them look bad. It hasnt changed a single thing in the last 40 topics you've made. Can we just give it a rest.
  5. From what I heard they still have an organization running bingo and raising funds while still owning some equipment. Some new person is planning to run the group as a WGI winds group not a corps.
  6. If members have bad experiences it doesn't matter where you place.
  7. Dvds are never happening again because of syncing rights and profits. Groups only need to pay for arranging rights which isn't the hardest process with Tresona. Like you can get Michael Jackson songs for $180 and 6 day approval
  8. Arranging rights are easy to get. I'm looking at what used to be a giant artist in arranging rights and most are within automatic to 40 days.
  9. If someone tries telling you that souvies barely make money I always say $1 is better than $0. 300k could be 25% of your yearly costs so id say that's a win when you could be making $0 sitting out.
  10. Sales are not donations so I assume they can profit on merchandise.
  11. They still get souvie sales existing and if they do parades and such can also make more there. Once they are non profit again they can accept the donations. If the model says they can tour financially and not go bankrupt then it's good to go. I'm sure financial analysis have been ran over and over to make sure it's feasible.
  12. Idk when i missed it but Genesis has Blue Stars co visual caption head and one of the vis staff as drill writer and caption head now. Interesting
  13. Past leadership. Current people didn't do this but they are the ones cleaning up.
  14. People barely go to open class shows ran by DCI. Soundsport/DCA groups have always been able to do DCI shows in Cali. You could just see if DCI will plan more Cali shows later in the season for open class groups if you want to make an open class west coast championship but you lose the top groups that do full tour.
  15. Good. Young up and comer and I hope last seasons experience helps them grow. Alot of great instructors around Craig to grow into that role 👍
  16. And this is why announcing a season before everything was buttoned up was a bad idea.
  17. Watch crossmens shows when he was there. He wrote everything.
  18. As the resident Homer I love this. His expertise in brass and percussion will help mesh what has seemed like two different shows into one. The second he left Crossmen they dropped so this can be great.
  19. Hey Blue Stars are looking for a lead audio engineer
  20. I want to hear a rationale before I say anything against it.
  21. So do they get the same treatment as spirit and Cascades having no performance last year 🤔 I bet that doesn't happen
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