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  1. https://www.dci.org/scores/final-scores/2022-drum-corps-at-the-rose-bowl
  2. They were in a small high school stadium last night and they didn’t read well at some points in the show.
  3. A lot of the weapons work is eaten up by the white corps uniform from high cam.
  4. Pac crest has guard uniforms tonight. They were in all black last night.
  5. Yeah. No guard work and standstill for the last bit.
  6. After driving home, I just have to say Crown has something special cooking. With or without the app it’s a very engaging show. (I only really liked one aspect of it). Most people will need multiple reads because there’s so many interesting things happening. CrownGuard blew me away. The new staff did great with their shorten season last year and they haven’t stopped. Brass was the same Harloff brass. The warmup sequence was fantastic. Then the show comes and it keeps hitting you. Ballad got a standing O. Percussion was cooking too. I can’t wait for everyone to see it come Friday in Muncie!
  7. 2 hour drive home to process. I’ll add more when I get home.
  8. First thing I’ll comment on is the fantastic CrownGuard. Wow. So much color on the field.
  9. I’m blown away. The app is cool but you can enjoy it without too. So much to process.
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