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  1. Are we talking finals night, or the average between all three competitions, like the awards are currently given? When did that format start happening?
  2. Wowwwww thanks for telling me about this show. Went and found a video... that is one of the coolest openers I’ve seen. I’d love to see something like that with today’s design capabilities. With the move toward more dance-like colorguards, and the choreography SCV accomplished this year, I fully expect nearly any corps member could pick up more than basic flat work in a season!
  3. Oh yeah, I seem to remember that in, what, 2010? Mad World with the “This is... My Rifle!” section. Certainly made for a cool moment.
  4. I had a dream (the other post reminded me of it haha) of an alternate opening to Crown’s show this year. Instead of having the brass awkwardly dancing around with horns, the entire hornline had flags and were literally sprinting around, mixing all sorts of insanely fast drill with some awesome flag work, all while the tension built with the percussion and electronics. Then they threw the flags away to pick up their horns, and immediately blew everyone’s brain everyone’s brains out with Bruckner. Way better!! At least in my head... haha. But it got me thinking has anyone put the hornline on gu
  5. Well why not change? The same argument that Will Pitts presented (during the season premier broadcast) for getting rid of the helmets could be applied here. Why did they not use helmets? “Well we asked ourselves ‘what is the purpose of the helmets? Or are they just there for the sake of being there’ “. Obviously they decided that the helmets had no purpose. The same could be said about marching technique. I don’t seriously think that vanguard would gain or lose points by switching techniques, why not Phantom??? Heck, even changing techniques halfway through the show could add points for diffic
  6. Scrolling through stuff about SCV... there was discussion about whether or not Pete Weber will or will not return to replace Michael Gaines at Vanguard. Gets me thinking, Vanguard’s drill with Weber was awesome!!!! Imagine if Phantom was able to get him on staff! Thoughts? Is this foreseeable or not likely at all?
  7. Manslaka’s Symphony 4 has some good dark stuff!! Especially around the transition around the 3 minute mark. The first theme reminds me of a sunset, and kinda transitioning into night! Good stuff definitely, if you haven’t listened to it. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=kHwt0qQVpFY
  8. What was the original intent of I&E? Relatively new drum corps fan here, I just wonder what the reasoning for having the contest is! When so much time is dedicated to the corps’ show, why would an individual want to put even more time into perfecting a solo/ensemble piece? That being said, I have seen videos of Crown’s “Creamsicles” (if you haven’t, look it up!) and that was super fun to watch! But I&E definitely seems like something that wouldn’t be encouraged because of the investment of time and possibility of overplaying. (At least coming from a brass guy, working on a solo after h
  9. Are we trying to imply that this is more than just a reference to Morse Code? Because this definitely doesn’t spell BAC. Actually it’s IES... (or IEH if it’s four dots)
  10. I’ve always been curious, what if a corps design team let the mm’s play a larger role in the creation of a show concept? They could do things like have a brainstorming session with campers for possible show concepts/themes, present a number of ideas and vote on it, heck, even have a suggestions box (or email) all season! I feel like this could lead to a design in which the members are more committed to, while the staff is still able to refine it and keep it to a realistic level.
  11. Speaking of closing moments, one of my favorite shots was Phantom’s conductor leading the last chord of City of Light gives me the chills every time I see it. Certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of those types of shots. I think that closeups are awesome for showing the emotions and intensity that can be lost from the high cam.
  12. I don’t know what they’re currently showing for Vanguard, but when they performed here, at the very end of the dance break, one of the mm’s on the side 1 high platform does a fricken backflip!! Just that dance number in general... oh MAN it’s good. Also, if they were able to get a camera INSIDE one of the cubes, maybe at the beginning when they’re all together in the center, or just set GoPros around the field/in the cubes at certain points, they could feature some unique views. (Also they risk the view of the guard changing equipment...) Speaking of cameras inside props, getting a
  13. Heard some rumors that there are big microphone problems again this year regarding the hornline. I didn’t see any mics other than for solos during the tour premier broadcast?! Discuss!!