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  1. desertrat68

    Project 2021: Reimagining tour

    The Academy is pretty adept now in rehearsing in the the dry Southwest heat - or maybe better said, has learned when to be outside and for how long and when to be inside. They've come a long way in training both staff and members on the signs of heat exhaustion and can head it off before it becomes a problem. They also do their best to relay these messages to the corps coming through the Valley for their home show. I've seen different approaches by different corps when it comes to their one day in AZ. They've even sent folks to visiting corps and told them NOT to rehearse outside when the heats been at its worst in the afternoons. Of course, it varies from year to year depending on how high the blast furnace is turned up. Some corps just make it a laundry day and don't rehearse outside that day. So what we have in Phoenix isn't much different than in Vegas. The real issue with Vegas, though, is housing. Academy has had their issues when they've looked into housing there going from preseason training in Page to Cali. Would love to see a season where the tour route get reversed and endingthe major regionals in SoCal and then Denver before going to Indy, but I just don't see that happening. The west coast really misses out always only seeing the very early versions of shows.
  2. desertrat68

    Blue Devils 2019

    As far as BDB and SVCC staying in California, do not underestimate the burden of moving a corps around on a national tour. We've been involved for years working on this for our local corps and after a while it gets overwhelming. Sending two corps on a national tour, even with two corps management staffs, is daunting. Open Class corps have a much tougher road to hoe getting down the road on a national tour than world class corps, especially finding housing. The big positive is that it should make being in both the open class corps more affordable since they are not paying for a national tour. I suspect we may see both corps venture a little outside of California after next season, but definitely staying in the west - which is still a full day's travel to the nearest out of state shows.
  3. Looked like 30 for Academy from their Facebook page photo.
  4. desertrat68

    2018 Yard Sale Thread

    Super Bad**** nesting aluminum platforms with ramps. Unfortunately, special welding materials not included - but we do have a list of welding shops across the country to repair them if needed. Call SCV-GOLD-'18 for more information.
  5. desertrat68

    The Academy 2018

    "The Effort is the Prize" If I knew how to post the photo from the Academy FaceBook Page, I would. This is what was on the Academy "chalk" board tonight.
  6. desertrat68

    Blue Devils 2018

    I think tonight is the night they do the age-out brass circle right before the full corps rehearsal. Could be wrong.
  7. desertrat68

    40 year dominance

    You left out the RCC drum line and a second Winter Guard Program. (They have a B&C corps level winter guards.) And I know that last year at during spring training they pulled aside their music ed majors in the corps and met with them to better prepare them for the summer System Blue camps. Put all that together and that's a heck of a lot of music involvement beyond the A corps show on the field.
  8. If they weren't clear, you wouldn't be able to see the performers during the 4th production when the board form a box that they struggle to break out of. What they write on them is irrelevant, its the expression of the creativity that is the designer's intent.
  9. desertrat68

    Rome, NY - August 2, 2018

    They cooked breakfast for The Academy today giving the food crew a chance to get some much needed sleep. Rome is my favorite show as a volunteer. They embrace and celebrate the corps that come each year. I fell sorry for anyone who ages out of dci if they never have the chance to experience everything that is the Rome show.
  10. desertrat68

    Rome, NY - August 2, 2018

    They are in very good hands. Great leadership at the top. Not afraid to make changes when needed. The organization’s motto is “Building great people through great performances” and they mean it.
  11. desertrat68

    Blue Devils 2018

    I think the thought flittered through my mind the first time I heard the show that I had heard it first in that movie.
  12. Ugh! This has actually been the roughest year in a while for vehicle/trailer issues for Academy. No show for them tonight so time to catch up to the corps if its something more than a flat tire. Was that this morning or last night?
  13. All the corps had to walk nearly a mile to the stadium. It was easier for the FE's to push their stuff 3/4 of a mile to the stadium than try to get there the way DCI wanted them to go. Add in the heat to the long treks, after swamp tour, and you get tired performers. Should be better next year once the construction is finished and the loading docks are reopened.
  14. Just spoke to my husband who is jumping on tour this week as a volunteer. The logistics of the stadium situation this year are a nightmare. The old stadium may be gone, but the rebuilding of the infrastructure isn't done and its a mess. If some of the corps seemed flat tonight, you shouldn't be too surprised.
  15. Edited to add - yeah, but the Keating's Triumph wouldn't be right without the "oh caption" line.