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  1. This. My son started his dci career marching the with the local non-finalist and never intending to leave. 5 seasons and 2 corps later, he aged out with 4 finals appearances and one ring. Stuff happens, dreams evolve, kids become adults. He's now a high school band director and uses the different lessons he learned from his three corps in building his program. Heck, he was teaching in a corps this summer and learned something from watching warmups of another corps that he's instituting in his band when they start in 2 days. It wasn't the "slotting" that led to him leaving, it was the opportunity to push himself, and to learn that led to not one, but two corps changes.
  2. Yeah, now I remember. Was hoping my guy got heard his corps' score before he hops on an airplane to come home from his teaching stint on tour.
  3. I'm trying to remember if they wait until the end to announce all of the scores or if they release them in blocks throughout the day.
  4. Every year a "Finalist" corps comes west since finals moved to Indy. It's been a while for Bluecoats, and I don't remember Blue Stars in the last 12 years. It had been a drought for Cavaliers until this year, though they have obligations in Rosemont to throw in the mix. The bad thing is, The West never gets to see a 'mature' version of a show in person. Frankly, I can't see that changing any time soon. There just isn't a venue in the west that I know of like Indy with an NFL stadium and enough covered warm up areas connected to the stadium in case of inclement weather.
  5. If they tried to march tonight, you'd see members going down right and left or they would have to slow down so much that they would be missing marks all over the place. The field drains great, but the grass is still damp. It's stand stills so you can hear the music, or nothing.
  6. Looks like low chance of rain. Day of show rains turn Mile High into the worlds largest slip n/ slide. Anyway, its my personal favorite venue for watching drum corps. Enjoy the show to those lucky enough attend.
  7. Couchmen are gonna be there; try their booth. 😉
  8. Definitely up in the Northwest. I'm a retired track coach and our team was known for big drops in times for our sprinters at end of the season. That was because our sprints coach was very deliberate in how many miles he put in the legs. We all had the same weather to deal with, so the one thing we could control was the work load. Seems to me the same would hold true in drum corps. They have to put in the reps, and the south swing of the tour is coming. The reps they are getting in the pacific northwest have to be taking less of a toll than the reps the corps are getting in the muggy midwest right now. DB (and BK) should have a little bit more left in the tank at the end of the marathon that is tour.
  9. Genesis has a brand-new hornline with only 7 vets. They are also super young. It shows both in how they play and especially in how they move.
  10. I'm curious to see how SCV/Cavs/Academy do tonight. Last night was the first time they haven't spent an average 8 hours on a bus for 5 days making the 2000 mile trek from Riverside to Lisle with a show in Arizona thrown in there. Either you cut floor time or rehearsal time or both on that sprint across the country.
  11. The rules DCI adopted were about having OSHA standards apply to props for rails and such things. I wonder though, if the corps are required to submit anything to anyone in order to police the props being built. It's one thing to require, it's another thing to enforce. I know Academy hired their prop design/build out to a company. First time volunteers have not built them and the first time they've taken two equipment trucks on the road to carry their props. No idea about any other corps. I was watching a soloist for SCV leaning against one to the pillars on the second level of the round cage/props and wondered if there were actually 2 pillars there instead of one. Of course, I also work for a company where safety is a priority and our workers are trained about the hazards of the job, and how to use the correct safety equipment and protocols.
  12. It wasn't as hot as some of the shows on swamp tour. I thought Academy was flat tonight. It just feels like they are holding their horn line back and it's getting lost behind the percussion and electronics much too often in the show. Best part of the evening was the Cavaliers encore. First playing Rainbow for the Warren family in attendance. And then the guys are free to let it out and entertain.
  13. It’s not that bad out here. Of course, I survived 122 so 105 in July with low humidity is a piece of cake.
  14. For those attending, bring something to sit on. The concrete is gonna be warm! And hydrate! They'll be selling water, but still.
  15. My husband and I were talking about The Cavalier's show this afternoon on the way home. It's so great to see them back in the west again. We had hoped it would happen when our son was with them. Anyway, just hearing the buzz about them this weekend just solidifies our opinion that the real benefit of the western swing won't be how they place this year, but will be the widening of the talent pool over the next few years they should get a heck of a lot more young men to audition from the west coast.