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  1. While I agree about the later, I disagree about the former. Fatigue, both mental and physical, is a huge part of the DCI experience. I believe that they make the decision to give their corps time more time off so that they are mentally and emotionally at their best for the grind that is the push to finals.
  2. Do not underestimate this. My son joked that they called themselves the retirement corps. They do their best to program their tour to give members the optimum chance for recovery time. The get more half/full days off than other corps. This pays off the last two weeks of the season with a better rested corps ready to clean the **** out of their show. About the only thing they could do better, and maybe they have in the last few seasons, is improve their nutrition a bit to cut back on the carbs and add more protein. (Just about every drum corps can probably do better at this!) That said, there i
  3. Orange bridges on clearance. Not needed in Arizona since it (almost) never rains.
  4. There is a video on Flo Marching with Scott Chandler breaking down the show from start to finish. In it he said he himself actually found the music watching the National Geographic show while on a plane ride. Goes to show you that you never know where or when or how inspiration will strike.
  5. Flo also has the complete finals - minus the sound - available to watch. I just watched both BD and Bloo on high cam. Fascinating to compare the flow of the two shows. Without the sound to distract you, you see so much. I was surprised by how much movement is going on in the BD show, and by how fast they moved all through the show. The members have to be in the best shape of their lives.
  6. Yes. Everything in how they have staged the members alludes to it. And frankly, do we really think they haven't planned to do so from the very beginning?
  7. Full discloser - son aged out with BD... ... But I'd still pick BD this year. saw the show the first time at their rehearsal before the Rose Bowl show. I was blown away by how moved I was watching a bare bone show a at freaking rehearsal! Still hasn't changed for me. Seeing it now, and not in live in person at the show, it still affects me. And I really love Crown's show too. I think it's the math minor in me that responds to it so well. Bloo just doesn't hit me like that. Part of it could be that I'm not really a Beatles fan. While I enjoy their stuff, it's not a part of my childhood lik
  8. I'm in Phoenix right now and you do not want to be a drum corps trying to rehearse here. Or warm up here. Or just generally be outside here. NO body wants to be outside here. And while we have the doomed stadium, there isn't any buildings connected to it and the sound inside for marching bands is just AWEFUL.
  9. i attended my first show in 2008 so I will go with what I saw live. 2009 SCV - Saw it in Mesa, AZ and my husband and I almost cried when we saw that first time. It was just as powerful to us as we watched online as the season progressed. 2016 Academy - We had poured a lot of ourselves into the corps for 7 years and I think I watched the last half of the show with tears in my eyes from the joy of watching them finally making it to Saturday night. "The Effort is the Prize". 2017 BD - Watching your kid age out will always touch you. "Concord Blue Devils" ... Gave me the shivers the
  10. They had to go a new direction when Michael Townsend left as artistic director for Academy and took a similar position for BAC. Give them credit for letting Lindsey have the creative control she needed to grow into her role as artistic director/program coordinator.
  11. To quote my aged out son, "J. Birney Crum, she don't lie."
  12. The call to do the standstill came from the very top. Mark is a stand up guy and if member safety is an issue, he will always error on the side of caution, even it may be costly to ‘the standings’.
  13. Donating straight to members is amazing. I know my kid could not have marched if he hadn't had donors. And he went above and beyond the normal note to say thank you and to include them in his journey each year. The last two years he marched he had an Instagram page specifically to share his season with them. That said, please remember that member dues/tuition do not come close to covering the cost of putting a corps on the road. (And I'm not talking about the big boys. The little fish have to do major fundraising as well.) So if you feel frustrated by the corps you currently support, but
  14. Somewhat. They give them an idea to interpret and see that they can come up with. Visual is a big part of the audition process. That said, my son aged out in '17 and he's blown away by how well this corps moves.