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  1. Honestly I think the props only worked from field level. Once put in a line, as in the closer, the picture came into view, but from box level you couldn't tell. I think with a different prop design, they could have placed higher, but sadly that (and the guard writing to the underlying melody, because the guard executed what they were given very well) held them back. I feel like this has been the case though two seasons in a row, and I hope this won't be the case going into 2021.
  2. If there's one thing I can always count on (other than their brass), it's their ability to pick and arrange my favorite ballads year in and year out. There hasn't been a corps to take that spot away from Crown since 2002. Personal favorite will always be Wild Horses, though.
  3. M-m-m-Myyyy Coronaaaa (My Sharona) Seriously though, enough bands that were able to compete last fall did 2020 shows. Lets not make this a trend...or shows about overcoming. It's about to get real old, real quick.
  4. They also charge KMEA almost the same price as they do for DCA...but I won't highjack this thread for that conversation.
  5. I've heard whispers of KMEA (Kentucky) possibly trying to do some form of competitive marching band in the spring. No real leads right now, but I know of a few programs who are looking into using this as recruitment opportunity, labeling it as a "recruitment show".
  6. I figured there may be some raw footage of finals floating around or something. If early season Cadets 2000s can be found I'm sure this incident is floating around somewhere. Lol.
  7. KMEA (Kentucky) has stated that they have no ruling over regular season competitions, as these are at the discretion of each individual school. I've also heard that a few directors are looking into starting a circuit for the bands who we're continuing their season. I know the votes we're split among directors for SMBC, but thanks to the Marching Band Committee (and most of their seasons being cancelled already), here we are. I'll keep this post updated.
  8. I competed there as well, in the early 2000s. No word yet. So far bands in my area still have Murfreesboro and MidStates Band Association. I think the travel ban for Ohio will force MSBA to cancel. Murfreesboro depends on whether MTSU continues with in class classes or not. Any word on the US Band circuits? We had thought to look into the Southern States Championships incase our SMBC was cancelled.
  9. Kentucky cancelled their State Marching Band Championships today.
  10. It's not like I didn't watch them via Flo, I just haven't been to Grand Nationals in person since 2015. Other obligations and the such.
  11. 2015 was the last time I attended Grand Nationals, and what a year it was. Hebron with that silky ballad. William Mason with the retelling of West Side Story. Broken Arrow with the Shostakovich/Horse Head show. I LOVED Grand National Finals that year. I can't wait to go back next year.
  12. But that just causes more unbalance! We must be rid of them! Ban all microphones, speakers, crotales, marimbas, vibes, synthesizers, gongs, and concert bass drums! If it can't be marched on the field we must be rid of it! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
  13. For once...I agree with everything you said. Now I feel like I need to contemplate my life and figure out where I took this turn...