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  1. Wow, you guys marched corps, know the "news" before it ever hits the stands, know the truth from the fake "news" regardless of personal knowledge of the individual, AND are all doctors or top professionals in the medical field? I can't believe you find time to post on DCP!
  2. I reject this entire thread, because it's absolutely pointless. Just an excuse for someone complain about something.
  3. I think it depends on how competitive the area is as well. Kentucky, Indiana, Ilinois, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas tend to not use stock arrangements. There are some that do, but they tend to be the bands that just perform at halftime and don't compete. These are just the states that I'm familiar with though.
  4. I know here most bands even pay the syncing rights as well.
  5. I can attest that Eastern has their own arrangements drawn up, as do 90% of the bands in my home state. There was one who played Crazy Train in 2019 that made it to the KMEA SMBC "high quality flash drive" as well. Yes flash drive, but thats a whole different discussion.
  6. Eastern high school out of Middletown, Ky had Wicked Games as their ballad in 2018, along with a vocalist. They attended USBands Southern States Championships and the ballad is on their finals video as well.
  7. You're right, it wasn't 3 1/2 hours. It was 4 hours, not including the opener, and no intermission time.
  8. So expressing how you love someone is "unhealthy", "obsessive", and a "dependency". Okay. Someone better wake Shakespear from the grave to tell him the true meaning of love so that he can rewrite his Sonnets. Seems to me someone just wanted an excuse to say they liked Re:Rite of Spring better.
  9. I paid $75 for a concert per ticket last year, and I could spit and hit the lead singer. Pretty sad when concert tickets for a world tour are cheaper than NightBeat.
  10. Now sexist is being thrown out there. Jesus Christ. You do realize that ALL corps at one point or another were ALL male because they were under Boy Scout troops, right? Cavies and Madison were keeping that tradition alive. Get off your soapbox. Good lord.
  11. No, we're commenting on the hypocrisy of your posts, but thank god you decided to stop. I would say while you're ahead, but...
  12. Thats funny considering I went there not a month ago (gay male) with my sister (married to a male), our best friend (engaged to a male), and my nephew to eat. It was FULL with families, and I had the best burger of my life! For those wondering, it was the bacon mac n cheese burger. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ Edited to add: Every single one of these young women that you're claiming to be "objectified" were wearing yoga pants and hoodies, because they are allowed to if they feel the need or are cold.
  13. No no no, can't feel fine with the Rockettes or any of the organizations that was mentioned because why? They don't include men, which by your definition would be discrimination. So now we have walked into the double standards volume of your encyclopedia of bull. This is where I walk away because you can't want things to be equal but it be okay for all female organizations to exclude men. Simple as that. Also, as a gay male, when is the all male version of Hooters opening up?! Someone needs to start this ASAP!
  14. All of this narrows down to what I said that started this whole mess. If there were still all female corps nobody would care about there still being all male corps. If I ever win the lottery I'm going to fund an all female corps to put this theory to the test. That's if DCI still exists at that point, because we all know it's demise is spelled out almost every year. But wait...will that be okay because I'm a male? Want to be sure that I'm being completely PC here.