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  1. Incognito365

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    No Kentucky show?! WHY?! The stadium is normally close to selling out! The one show I get to go to a year and there isn't one this year. GREAT! Just great. Thank you DCI...
  2. I'm gonna venture a guess and say Bluecoats, hence the highlighter yellow?
  3. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Exactly. Makes me feel like someone was just wanting to stir the pot. Lol.
  4. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Has anyone found out about this staff change that will catch everyone "off guard"...?
  5. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    They "caved" because many of the members in 2016 had friends or knew people who lost their lives in the Pulse shooting. The staff AND the members decided that it was the right way to go. I didn't like the change, but I definitely respected it and still do to the point of not bashing them for it every time I get the chance.
  6. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Trust, they can have it. Highlighter yellow doesn't match any of my decor.
  7. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Somebody is full of ####.
  8. Incognito365

    Pioneer What Next?

    Or both since he wants to be a dillweed to the corps members who, if it weren't for them paying their dues, he wouldn't have a job in the first place. #JustSayin
  9. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Go look in the Crown 2018 thread. The video was a Flo video.
  10. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Disagree. The teeter totter had to have added some GE, even if it was minuscule.
  11. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Actually, I said they reminded me of ribcages (ribs would be a type of meat if you didn't know). Big difference, but I guess I can see the confusion.
  12. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Over what? Better throw some of that over your shoulder. I'd hate for you to have bad luck.
  13. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Now now, you're forgetting. Anything you say, Cappy has said it before. Anything you think you know, Cappy knows it better. That's the numero uno rule of DCP. Never forget!
  14. Incognito365

    Carolina Crown 2019

    10th is a bit of a stretch.
  15. Incognito365

    Your 2018 Top 6

    1. Music City 2. Carolina Crown 3. SCV 4. Blue Devils 5. The Cadets 6. Mandarins