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  1. The s**t posting commences. I'm gonna take my leave now. Until next season!
  2. Best flight show goes to Flower Mound high school in 2016. Anything else will fail in comparison in my opinion. Lol.
  3. It's just so basic for such an epic moment! Lol. The school I work with has played The Canyon before. One of my favorite pieces on the field.
  4. Once again, she spoke. "Do you love me John?" I always wondered, who's John and why that name? Couldn't have picked a better name, whoever wrote that?!
  5. Okay, lets all act innocent. It's whatever, but don't come at me like I'm the only one who does it. I can count at least 10 other people on here who do it who aren't alumni of the corps. Also, Crown IS my corps, just as the Packers or UK is MY teams.
  6. And you defend them, just like everyone else will defend their favorite. Otherwise this place would be pretty boring.
  7. Who said it was my job? Everyone defends their own corps, so why are you *****ing to me about it? Lol. Someone needs to calm down. 🤣
  8. It was a joke. Figured everyone got that since they reacted to it appropriately. Didn't get the memo?
  9. Like minded people? Thought that was a bit obvious.
  10. I will forever accept the term "Crownie", fan craze or derogatory. If you think that it will offend us, think again. Lol.
  11. As long as their is a voiceover about the green acid, I'm in. Lmao.