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  1. For the record, I wasn't stating that he was making fun of the injury. I was stating that his comment was in bad taste due to the recent event. But sure, protect one of the bullies of DCP. Cool.
  2. I'm over them all. I'm about to make a thread, air my grievances, and leave DCP. They have pushed me to that point with this tonight.
  3. I meant it's in bad taste after what happened to the guard member last night. Because that's why it was said in the first place, no matter what he says, but they covered it by using the tarp as an excuse.
  4. You may not have, but the majority of the others, including the one who started the whole thing, knew about it and still thought it was a good idea to post it. Now I don't find him very tactful or respectful, but I thought he would know better. Oh well, some people...
  5. Rifle came down and smacked them in the back of their head. Big gash, blood. Had to rush off for medical attention at the end of the show.
  6. The "Whack a Crownie" comments over on the show thread area REALLY pissing me off after what happened last night. Tasteless, classless, and pathetic.
  7. I'm just going to say this, and I'm not tagging any one person, but the "Whack a Crownie" comments are in pretty #### poor taste after what happened to one of their guard members. Shame on all of you. Pathetic.
  8. Crown has too much synth, but Cavies have just the right amount? Lol.
  9. I figured they would for Texas, especially since Matt Harloff changed Avons warmup when they went to San Antonio a few years ago to include The Yellow Rose of Texas.
  10. I clapped at home too...Lol. You just can't help but to! It's like the Friends theme song, you HAVE to clap!
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