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  1. Sorry if I missed this, but I didn't see anything in DCI's recap about this proposal...was it not even voted on?
  2. Blue Stars, glad to see you getting out of the house and exploring different terrain with your usual class and taste...where will you take us next year?
  3. Mandarins, how about a "Crouching Tiger" show next year? If there's one corps that could get people flying it's them...
  4. Phantom, have not loved you like this in awhile...despite the position one of my favorites from you all...keep pushing forward!!
  5. Your description of the Blue Knights show is right on point! Enjoy reading all your witticisms...cheers.
  6. Thanks for that posting... Always loved that move right AFTER the original snake in '86 where the straight line rotates into a block in 4 counts...I know it's basic as hell but it sets up the next musical phrase so perfectly.
  7. Right, but that is after he gets knocked out. They do use the rifle with the sound effect to simulate "the shot"...just think it might be more convincing to see the real thing.
  8. A fantastic night of drum corps viewing...hard to imagine a better non-regional venue than BB&T Stadium, and the weather was just about ideal. I actually went with my dentist(!), who I've known since we graduated from rival high schools the same year. Just some random thoughts... NCA&T - Glad to see these guys performing here, perfect way to start things off. Of particular interest were the 8 or so marching floor toms (at least that's what they sounded like, looked like mini-basses) SPIRIT - Love the big dual flag work in the ballad, interesting musical book, and han
  9. Bloo under the lights 😎 posted from the DrumScorps app
  10. Blue Knights!!! Thank you for playing MUSIC! Completely drawn in from start to finish, goosebumps and tears, just WOW!
  11. The very first show I ever saw at DCI Championships! Little did I know then that I would be marching there 4 years later 😁