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  1. @mingusmonk Dude, thanks for all the hip links...love discovering new artists whether they make it to the field or not 😉
  2. Dear Boston corps, Your show is absolutely championship worthy in both design and execution, bravo... Listening to your Concert In The Park performance I was impressed by the flow and variety of the musical book and could easily envision the production coming to life on the field. I was then fortunate to witness your show live in Lexington, SC and you had me completely entranced from start to finish. The showmanship in all sections is jaw-dropping and I appreciate the way the show engages all the senses without overwhelming or assaulting them. The baritone/percussion exchange is quite fresh and exciting; probably my favorite moment in the production. After seeing the Denton broadcast last night , this Bluecoats alum thinks you have the cleanest and most cohesive product on the field this year. Best wishes for the remainder of the season.
  3. To @Cadevilina Crown Wow, thanks for hipping us to this band! 👏 Even if their tunes never make it to the field, it's terrific workout music...got some quality minutes on the treadmill with that entire "Masterpiece Theatre" album.
  4. First show was Drums To Dixie (Cary, NC) in 1984. I'll never forget hearing VK's "Chimes Festival" right off the line...talk about a moment that changed my life. I was supposed to be working concessions for the HS band but I pretty much bagged it and watch completely entranced the rest of the way. I wound up going to finals every year from 1986-2000 (except '98), then Rose Bowl in 2007. Unfortunately it's mostly been local shows ever since...Allentown in '09 & '15 was nice especially since I never got to march there. I got to see CrownBeat this past weekend and despite all the changes in the activity, I still get the same feels as I did way back watching a show live...
  5. Speaking of Devils, my favorite of theirs in the last 10 years is "Dreams and Nighthawks" (2018). Quite fascinated to learn all about the inspiration and focus of the Hopper painting and I thought they brought it to life exquisitely. Gotta hit that art museum in Chicago one of these days. It's hard to quantify all the music I've been exposed to over the years through drum corps, from the Jeremiah Symphony to this year's Brad Mehldau selections by the Bluecoats. Great topic for discussion, btw...
  6. OMG Cadets!!!! i was screaming for y’all like I did back in the 80’s and 90’s. Favorite show of 2022 without a doubt Congrats on a triumphant return to the completive scene and have an amazing summer!
  7. Just posted by the corps...great hi camera angle on this.
  8. I searched and could not find a current thread for this corps...how is that possible? Favorite show of 2019 and check out this clip....(!) (NOTE: This was originally taken from the corps' IG feed, should be ok to post here I would think) Bravo folks, wishing you an incredible summer!! 👏
  9. Very interesting...this is a different story than what I heard back then. I had a good friend who marched the '90 show (same year I marched 'Coats) and can't remember if he told me this or someone else...but the explanation I got was that Marc Sylvester wanted to do an entire show based on Bernstein's "Mass" which would be an in-depth exploration of good vs. evil. Supposedly the BOD was uncomfortable with some aspects of what was proposed, thus the change to the tribute show. I'm not one to post gossip or idle speculation, but this seems long enough ago that I thought it would be germane to the conversation. Funny how in later years, both the "Good vs. Evil" (2011) and full on "Mass" (2017) concepts came to fruition anyway. Eagerly counting down to the start of 2022...
  10. I searched for this and didn't see it. Perhaps you could post a link?
  11. Sorry if I missed this, but I didn't see anything in DCI's recap about this proposal...was it not even voted on?
  12. Blue Stars, glad to see you getting out of the house and exploring different terrain with your usual class and taste...where will you take us next year?
  13. Mandarins, how about a "Crouching Tiger" show next year? If there's one corps that could get people flying it's them...
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