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  1. Many many thanks for sharing your recollections of that magical show as well as the videos, fascinating to see everything that changed. I was fortunate to see you all early season '87 in NC and was so hyped. One thing I'm curious about...it sounds like the sops were taken out of the big statement after the follow-the-leader in part 3 (about 8:55 in the video mentioned here). Is that correct, and just curious as to why? That's the one thing I really missed seeing the final product in Madison. Regardless though, I doubt that there's another production that has affected me so deeply (and continues to do so). Cheers to you, sir.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I also was just successful subscribing monthly on my phone. Using both laptop and tablet only revealed the yearly option. This seems so ridiculous. You would think there would be a price point that would satisfy most of us who only want to subscribe for the DCI season and still provide a reasonable ROI for the company...but what do I know?
  3. The year they played Copland's 3rd they had a terrific shirt that mimicked the old Great Performance album covers...wore that one out after awhile.
  4. Look for @Isabel on Periscope...she did Bluecoats practice run this afternoon
  5. I kinda wonder if Vanguard’s uniforms are intentionally designed to be controversial/casual as their show theme seems to be about challenging the status quo...
  6. Too bad the theater wasn’t serving alcohol… You could play a drinking game and take a shot every time she says “absolutely!”
  7. Thanks to @ThePlanets for this worthwhile trip down memory lane...great outlet for that pre-season anxiety. Long live drum corps!
  8. Afraid I'm a bit partial to my early drum corps viewing years, but here we go... 1st Garfield Cadets 1987 2nd Madison Scouts 1988 (top two could flip any given day) 3rd Cavaliers 2000 So many HM's: Cadets 1984, Cadets 1993, Cavaliers 1992, Bluecoats 2016, Crown 2013, Phantom 1996, Blue Devils 1994
  9. 1st 1987 SCV 2nd 1997 Cadets 3rd 2012 Crown HM 2003 Cavaliers, 1986 SCV
  10. Very good! 1986 was my first year attending finals. While it was a treat to see so many great shows live, all that Brubaker goodness, guard tricks, and the way the music flowed perfectly from beginning to end was just a gas. That slow movement of "Korean Folk Song" and the beautiful evolution/opening up of the drill...well, too bad that kind of thing can't happen nowadays. Ah, nostalgia!
  11. Now it really gets hard... 1st Bluecoats 2015 "Kinetic Noise" 2nd Blue Devils 2006 "Godfather Part Blue" 3rd Cavaliers 1986 HM Phantom 1993, Crown 2016, SCV 2004
  12. Please explain! Is is just frustration waiting for Thursday, or have you seen/heard something?
  13. 1st Madison Scouts 1995 - is there any other? 2nd Madison Scouts 1985 3rd Carolina Crown 2008 HM Bluecoats 2006, Cadets 1988
  14. Nice to see some love for this show. I was also really into it at the time as I was a huge Copland nut. Had a friend who marched that year and said it was not the easiest of summers.