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  1. Not to mention any director that is able to keep a corps and organization financially running and moving down the road is a way bigger feat than how the corps places.
  2. Ferguson’s been writing the battery at Regiment for 2 years. Also looks like half of the battery staff and all front staff is remaining at Regiment, based on what I’ve heard.
  3. I do find it interesting though that they have added a production designer with some serious entertainment industry credits. Curious to see how he is utilized.
  4. Certainly curious to see how his first summer writing in DCI goes, he’s a fantastic educator for sure! It also looks like Phantom has updated their website with some new additions. Looks like mostly visual changes. http://regiment.org/our-staff/program-staff/
  5. Spirit just announced Matt Filosa as Front Arranger and Electronic designer. It appears he will be staying on at Cadets as well still as sound designer.
  6. Part of me believes that having BDB and SCVC in the 14-20 was a good thing, as it helped to push the envelope in that range. The other part thinks that BDPA and Vanguard organizations are up to something...(Cali circuit? Something that isn’t DCI?)
  7. If their percussion design and Ferguson’s crew stays, I think they’ll still be fine. If it doesn’t, then there’s a whole new can of worms opening.
  8. Who doesn’t want 10 more years of shrimp cocktail?
  9. It will be interesting to see if this is a pickup from another corps, or someone completely unexpected. I’d guess it would be someone coming out of a strong WGI percussion sound design background.
  10. The BD shows of late? The front ensemble completely makes the show. Think of how much of the musical connective tissue is handled up there.
  11. I would say the current music team (Pitts/Ferguson/Brown) could actually do some damage with the right visual/program designer. Some of Regiments music issues seem to be a result of poor staging. It’s just all really a matter of “who” that side of design should be.
  12. I wouldn’t take this panel as an “a team” ever...maybe 2-3 of these individuals will end up on a finals week world class panel. That being said, this is all gonna change when everyone is together in San Antonio, so I’ll just wait until then to see what’s really gonna happen.
  13. Based on the show/rehearsal I saw in Akron, they only have the wireless mics and a couple spot or shotgun mics in a few spots of the show. Nothing that seemed like full brass amplification.