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  1. Ended up at cavies rehearsal today on accident (went to the show site in our uber instead of a different corps housing site of whom I shall not name) and fell in love with the cavaliers. I’ve always liked them but being at their practice was eye opening to how hard they work and how nice of people they are. Had me rooting for them tonight and maybe a cavies fan for the rest of the season/life. Interesting how things work out. Was in line after the show for the necessary whataburger and a cavalier let me go ahead of him. Good kids, good staff. Love to see it. I think they gained a new fan tonig
  2. I DM’d their Instagram and she said she’d post if it was closed and they haven’t as of yet.
  3. I’m headed over there in about 15, any idea if rehearsal is still open to public?
  4. Will anyone be at the mesquite show practice?? Looking to attend